Chapter 67: Front Face, Back Face: Pulling Strings (Part 2)

Chapter 67: Front Face, Back Face: Pulling Strings (Part 1)

Chapter 68: Front Face, Back Face: Questioning

Translator: Adam Seacord

After a short break, I went back to them. Perhaps they were still feeling the aftershock of the powerful orgasm from earlier. Their bodies were extremely sensitive to the sensation of pleasure, and they aggressively tangled their bodies against mine.

I could already see the flow of magical powers. There was no need to rush.

Once in a while, it would be nice to take it slow.

「Ah… Master, more…」

「Ahhh… Mast… more…」

As I slowly enter Lily, I gently caressed Shiro’s groin with my empty hand. Enjoying the sensation of Shiro’s big and soft breasts along with Lily’s small but plump breasts, we kissed from time to time, and tangled our tongues together.

「Hrah… Ahhh…」

Juice dripped from our connection, and every time I took my penis in and out, small bubbles foamed around it. I gradually increased her pleasure, and maintained her at a near-climax state for a long time.

I was concerned that I would fail if I did otherwise. I had to plant Shiro’s personality from within Shiro… within Charlotte to Lily’s broken soul, as a support for Lily’s soul to heal. Most likely, Lily’s body could not withstand that if she remained a human. Worst case scenario, there could be an adverse effect on Charlotte, about to lose a part of Shiro’s personality. There was no other way than to turn them both into monsters at the same time.

「Lily, what are you doing now? 」

「Ahh! Ah, hah…! Making lov… with… Master…」

「Lily, you’re feeling good, being loved by Master, aren’t you? Oh, you’re so cute… Let yourself go. Let’s become Master’s naughty dogs together…?」

Lily’s response to our questions were becoming more and more intelligible. There still seemed to be the effect of connecting with Shiro lingering. Maintaining this for a long time surely would have allowed her to naturally find her words again, but we didn’t have that much time.


「Shiro, Lily, melt together.」

I reinserted the magical thread into their ears, and tried to access their souls by force. I carefully plucked part of Shiro’s soul from Charlotte’s, and attempted to plant it to Lily.

「Wh-What, no, Master, scared, I’m scared, I’m scared…!?」

To my eyes, about half of Shiro’s soul had begun to move through my arm to the other side… Towards Lily. For Shiro, it must have been a sensation of something falling out. She called out to me, nervously.

Is it impossible to bring Charlotte’s personality back?

In any case, it was difficult to return her soul back now. I slowly moved Shiro’s personality to Lily, and overlapped it with Lily’s personality.

「Agh, it’s coming… coming… in… scared, scare..d…」

Suddenly, Lily sounded nervous too. I hadn’t expected this rejection… Was it impossible after all, to cut and paste personalities? Shiro’s personality and Lily’s personality did not melt together where they met, but made dissonance instead. Charlotte’s personality was quivering, as if in pain from having Shiro’s personality torn from her. Synchronizing their consciousness was easy, but melding their personalities is putting a heavy toll on them.

What to do… What to do…?

I contemplated for a few seconds, but there was only so much I could do. At this rate, both Charlotte and Lily could be scared somehow from the heavy toll on them. Worst case, Shiro’s soul may be broken like Lily’s. I had to avoid that at all costs.



I had an idea. When overlapping Shiro’s personality, I had no problem doing so on Charlotte’s personality, because Shiro’s personality and memories were created from Charlotte’s personality in the first place.

Lily was not Charlotte. That maybe why she was unable to accept Shiro’s personality. Then, while I continue to synchronize Shiro and Lily, I could throw Charlotte’s personality in there…

As soon as I thought of it, I was doing it. Shiro’s and Lily’s eyes simultaneously turned into their heads, while drool and weak cries pour out of their mouths. I was about to force Charlotte’s and Lily’s personalities together, and mash them up. Instead of providing the Shiro’s stable personality as a brace for each of them, I would force Shiro’s personality, whom they now shared, to both of them, and make them share Charlotte’s and Lily’s personality in order to stabilize Shiro’s personality. Charlotte and Lily would either sleep or dissipate, and there would be two women left with Shiro’s personality.

That was my choice.

「Both of you, hate me if you will. Charlotte and Lily will no longer exists, and both of you will become someone similar to Shiro, different from either personality from before. Then…」

I laid the two limp girls, face down, on the bed on top of each other, and sent in the thread of magical powers into their ears. While I violated their minds, I inserted myself into their vaginas.

Charlotte’s small butt on the bottom, and Lily’s, slightly bigger, soft butt on top.

「Char…Char… Lily’s coming, Lily’s coming…」

「Lily, I see Lily… Lily’s broken… Charlotte’s breaking…」

Feverish, they mumbled on. Their nerves were heightened close to their limits from the pressure of pleasure and personality-merging. In a separate location from their hearts, deep inside the chest, I could clearly sense something… Perhaps their souls themselves, no one could tell… but something that epitomizes that person.

Charlotte’s monstrous soul, already branded by my magic. Lily’s still human soul, and in Lily’s lower abdomen, one that belonged to the unborn child shimmered faintly.

「I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Take it!!」

「Cum, Cum! Again…」

「Cum… I’m cumming, cumming…!」

First, I came inside Lily. Without lingering long enough to watch my semen deliver magical powers into her uterus, I immediately yanked my penis out, inserted it into Shiro, and blasted a second round of semen.

I felt a sensation of my waist being sucked away, twice, and I could barely sense that the two girl in sync had received double the climax, a few seconds apart. While our bodies touched, I could feel my magic seeping into their bodies, branding them with the insignia of my monster.

Shiro, no, Charlotte will become more than a dog; a more powerful, loyal monster. Lily will obey Charlotte, and serve me as a member of her subordinates. That was what I had pictured.

What I had trouble deciding, was what to do with the unborn life inside of Lily. Albeit slowly, Lily’s belly was growing, so there was life growing inside of her, undoubtedly. Drenched in my thick magical powers, that lifeform was branded by me before it was even born. Although we were not related by blood, this tiny life was my monster already.

Mustering my strength, I pull out my penis. I moved Lily, now unconscious, off of Charlotte (also unconscious) and laid them down on the bed, face up. Some changes were already taking place.


As for Lily, even though her body size did not change much, her hair was approaching the white of Shiro’s monster-form. Thin white hair grew on her limbs, and her nails protruded. Shiro’s doglike features also changed a little, sharpening her claws and fangs. She seemed to be getting closer to a wolf.

Once I had create the two, well three, monster, I drank water straight out of the pitcher to catch my breath, exhausted and elated. The main objective had been completed, but there was still more to do. While this room was sound-proofed pretty well, anyone from the room above could look in.

Astarte and Daria must have been showing our endeavor to Dora. Since Dora trusted Astarte, she most likely saw me change them into monsters, without noticing the thread. …Nor the aphrodisiac and paralyzer mixed into her drink.


At that point, the door opened. Astarte entered with a rejuvenated expression, and told me:

「We are ready for you, Master Elliot.」

「…You went through all the trouble, it would be rude of me not to dig in.」

Dora must have heard me. She walked in, carrying Dora. It looked like Astarte and Daria had climaxed Dora numerous times already. She was stripped from the waist down, and several strands of juice dripped down her thighs.

「She was adorable. She has a very sensitive body, becoming of a brothel keep. ♪」

Astarte smiled, and petted Dora’s cheek, then lightly pinched her nipple from over her garment. Dora, laid down on the bed, looked up at me and gasped as color flushed from her face.

…Oh, so you understand what’s about to happen to you.

「Dora, I am your boss. And as you just witnessed, I’m not a normal human being.」

I gently combed Dora’s hair, and touch her ear. I send in the magical thread, attempting to invade her heart.  While I felt a stronger resistance, Dora, drowning in pleasure, could not keep it up for long, and let my thread through.

「What’s… You’re not doing anything, but it’s … Good! 」

Mid-sentence, Dora lifted her chin and started cleaning my penis. Since she was lying on the bed, I tilted my body to make it easier for her to service me. Of course, I was controlling Dora to do so. Once I had made it in, I now knew that I could control them this much.

「Master Elliot… You’ve discovered a new technique?」

Astarte whispered. She must have noticed that I had my hand in Dora’s behavior. I neither confirmed nor denied it. Judging from her phrasing, Astarte may be able to vaguely sense the thread, but she definitely could not see it. It was better to keep this hidden for the future.

While I was busy considering Astarte’s remark, I had forgotten to control Dora. However, her switch might have clicked again, she continued service my penis with her tongue, her eyes out of focus.

「Maser. Dora-san has reached climax three times or so from our services, but, um. She hasn’t received a male penis yet. 」

Daria reported, business-like at first but unable to conceal her desires towards the end. I held Astarte’s and Daria’s waist in each hand, and stole their lips, one after another.

「Not bad, you two. I’ll have you to myself later… But first, you. Life is unfair. Your time comes, even if you haven’t done a single bad deed. So you… Dora the human will cease to exist today. I’m going to turn you into a monster, and make you mind. You will still be Dora, and your life won’t change too suddenly. Still, there will be some changes. You will become a monster, and create more monsters for my sake. Even if it takes time, I plan to change the women at the brothel too. I’ll leave you in charge of that. They were the ones you wanted to protect. 」

Dora’s expression conveyed fear, regret, and a smidge of lust.

「It won’t be all that bad. I’ll try my best so you can feel that way. But, regardless of your will, I will make you mine. That, you can’t do anything about…! 」

My sperm burst in Dora’s mouth, on her face and hair, and stuck to her as if to brand her.

「Welcome to the spider’s web. Starting today, this is your home.」


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