Chapter 68: Front Face, Back Face: Questioning

Chapter 67: Front Face, Back Face: Pulling Strings (Part 2)

Chapter 69: Front Face, Back Face: Layla’s Shield

Translator: Adam Seacord

I doubt that Dora even understood why she unconsciously began to service my penis. She must have known that I had done something to her, but it was likely that she thought the cause to be some mysterious aphrodisiac.

「Monster… Monster, what…?」

Her strong-willed expression had changed to that of slight fear, and forcibly drawn out lust.

Oh, poor Dora. Look what has happened to you, all because I became your boss.

「Dora, do you enjoy prostitution?」

So, let me turn you into a monster, at least with a gentle touch.

I controlled her frightening heart a little. That being said, I did not possess any skill to accurately control others’ minds. All I did was send a pleasure signal once in a while. Still, fear is easily distracted. Dora should not feel too much terror, as long as she could see her life is not in danger, and she didn’t understand what becoming a monster, meant.

I released the two girls from my hands, and command Astarte to look after Lily and Shiro, and Daria to prepare light spirits for all of us. Including Diana, who was keeping watch above under my command.

I pulled up the chair I had put aside, and sat down on it. Dora sat up on the bed. Shiro and Lily had finally woken up from their unconscious spout on the other end of the bed. Astarte was handing them their close as Daria came down with a cup of mead for everyone on a tray. She tried to give Dora her mead, but Astarte snatched that glass, and poured it from her mouth to Dora’s.

…Astarte, you’re quite fond of her, aren’t you?

After watching Astarte play with Dora for a while, we gathered around her to talk. Turning her into a monster is a given. Still, turning her into a monster when she’s willing –or at least, accepting– would be much easier on me than turning her by force. Some magical powers had flowed back from the two girls I had just ravished, so I wasn’t exactly running on empty. Still, after a full day of work I was quite exhausted, and forcing Dora into a monster (with her mind in-tact) would take a lot of work in order to make her obey without breaking her. Perhaps it would take about as long as it did when I turned Sara into a monster; that would be a little taxing. So, I wanted to know more about her first to see if, at least, our desires were not completely conflicting with each other.

「Do I enjoy it…? What do you…」

Dora seemed to have caught her breath after gulping down the wine from the wooden goblet handed to her; she managed to squeak out some words.

「Just think of it as a light-hearted survey from the boss. Whether you enjoy it or not, I know you do a good job of it.」

「Wait, what about the “turning into monster” thing?」


「I thought that might stick with you. It’s just like it sounds, have you seen Lily and Shiro?」

Lily and Shiro reacted to that. They came up behind Dora and hugged her from both sides.

「Thank you for protecting me, Dora♪」

「Thank you for saving Lily♪」

While I wasn’t looking, Lily’s and Shiro’s bodies had undergone some more minor changes. Their body shape hadn’t changed, but Lily’s fur color and facial structure were similar to Shiro’s… And it seemed like Shiro’s face had changed to become more similar with Lily’s. The dog ears springing out of her hair remained, but the light hairs on the end of her limbs were hidden, and her claws were gone… Actually, I understood that she could hide her claws now. The dog-like features on her face had substantially subsided, and both girls now only had a dog-like exuberance to them. Their external features seemed to have shrunk down after being shared among them.

「Lily… Is that you? And you, you’re the dog-girl, Shiro…?」

While Dora was surprised by Lily’s transformation, she also seemed to notice changes in Shiro as well. She had a competent attention for details.

「This round was a little unorthodox, but I can turn people into monsters, like this. Even though I say monsters, they are never like the boar-men and walking corpses that appear in the wastelands. Most of my monsters are more human-like. Although I don’t know what kind of monster you would turn in to, to tell you the truth.」

Diana is a spider-like monster, but that was cause in part by throwing at her the magical powers I took from Arachna. Daria, who only ever followed others, became a golem, and Shiro, who wore a slave’s collar, had turned into a war dog. The men of Red Bird, who spent their days robbing and killing like beasts, turned into boar-men. Astarte had once said that, as long as don’t force them to turn, everyone will turn into a monster that reflects their true self. Sara, who had experience handling magical powers, became a succubus, but she may be an exception…

I wondered if, before she was a monster, if Astarte was a witch. Or was she forced to turn into a succubus by my father, who apparently could turn his subjects in any way he pleased.

「That’s what you mean… By monster. Astarte, Diana, and this servant girl too…?」

「That’s right. I didn’t turn Astarte into a monster, but as for everyone else, I slept with them to turn them into a monster. Just like I’m about to do to you. I would feel bad if I had scared you. I wanted to explain it first. 」

Dora squinted her eyes, and they wondered slightly downward and to the side. She seemed to be weighing her options. She may have had some help, but she still had admirable guts.

「I don’t have the option to say no… Do I?」

「I’m afraid not. But, if you have any questions, I’ll answer them. Just because you turn into a monster, it doesn’t mean you die. You won’t be human anymore, but you’ll simply start living as a monster… You just gain a few extra skills.」

I didn’t lie. But I didn’t need to explain everything to her, either. She would still be under my command (as she is now), so I didn’t feel the need to reiterate that.


「It depends on what kind of monster you become, but… Well, your body will be somewhat stronger than when you were human. It won’t go as far as healing old scars, but they usually won’t hurt anymore. 」

From what I’ve heard from Diana and Shiro, this was very likely.

「Of course it just depends, but I haven’t seen anyone gain magical powers. If you could use magic to begin with, the your magical powers and reserve will… Well, that may be too complicated to get in to.」

「Oh, I’m a little disappointed. Using magic seems pretty cool, I saw that the Lord’s son who came back the other day had hired one. Adventuring is such a rough line of work. How wonderful it would be to work at the castle, just like that.」

I almost broke out in laughter after her unexpected response.

Sara has sure gained a reputation for herself here.

「And, well…」

Dora continued, a little embarrassed.

「What is it?」

「You said scars won’t hurt anymore…Well」

Unlike before, she spoke very shyly. Astarte and Daria let out a little breath beside me.

Do they know anything?

「Small wounds will heal immediately, and you should get a higher tolerance for pain… What is?」

Dora blushed all over, not with desire this time.

What’s going on?

「Master, she means…」

「Master Elliot, she has a concern regarding her occupation.」

Daria and Astarte spoke. Their tone clearly conveyed sympathy for Dora.

「Dora, are you ill? If your occupation’s concerned, does that mean you have a sexually transmitted disease?」

Sexually transmitted diseases may not heal by turning into a monster. Besides, it wasn’t unusual for a prostitute to carry a sexually transmitted disease, but it was devastating. Syphilis could endanger her life, not to mention transmit to a customer.

「Well, I, of course I’ve taken precautions against that, but, well… Ugh…」

Dora rushed to deny any sexually transmitted disease.

Then what could be so embarrassing.

「Master, I don’t think you’ve realized, but I feel sorry if I let her say it herself.」

Daria moved forward, and snatched Dora’s feet to flip her over. Daria, a flesh golem, was much stronger than she looked. Dora flipped over without any resistance, and was pinned down, baring her naked butt to me.

「Oh, no, stop, please!」

「We’ve already seen it plenty of times while we’ve played with you, and Master is about to play with every last bit of your body before he takes you dominates you. No secrets.」

Daria seemed a little more teasing than usual. I followed Daria’s eyes to find… In the center of Dora’s tight small butt, in the chrysanthemum-like…


「No, no… D-Don’t look…」

「Oh… Sorry. I finally get it.」

A tiny piece of flesh peaked out very discretely from Dora’s anus. I had never seen one so clearly before, but I knew about it. She had a hemorrhoid.


「Urgh… I know your my boss, but to be stripped and bare my… How embarrassing, what a day…」

Dora whined tearfully. Even as she did, now that the most embarrassing part was over, she seemed to be getting over it already. I held back my laughter the best I could, but even I couldn’t keep a straight face.

「Uh huh, right. Due to your occupation, I see…」

Daria was looking over at Dora very sympathetically. As a golem, Daria did not have a wide range of facial expressions, but after spending a long time with her, I could guess at what she was thinking.

「You wouldn’t understand, Master, but it’s very… difficult.」

「You have experience with this, Daria?」

「Before you turned me into a monster, everyone in the village was using me… Some used my other hole very roughly. Mine wasn’t like this, but I would get cuts, and bleed… It’s difficult.」

I finally understood why she had to have her anus warmed up for a long time before using.

Wait a minute.

「Daria, we did anal after I’ve turned you into a monster, but you seemed fine then. Do you hide your pain? 」

「No, that’s not it. When… You turned me into a monster, my wound healed along with the one on my back… And, well. When you did it to me, Master, you took time to prepare me, and you were gentle…」

「Oh, that’s right. Same with me. When I became a monster, both of my holes were all wounded, but they healed up pretty quickly♪」

Shiro chimed in.

I didn’t realize. That’s a surprising side effect.

「Will it really… Hey, uh… Elliot, was it? You turn me into a monster, and this’ll heal…?」

Dora stared at me glimmering eyes, unlike before. The fact that her hope for healing her hemorrhoid overcame her fear of losing her humanity, made me realize how resilient humans can be. In any case, my first impression of her as a strong-willed, powerful motherly type was pretty easily disproven once I got to know her a little. Sure, she may have needed to be tough to protect her girls at the brothel, but something told me that this, child-like, salt-of-the-earth personality was Dora’s true colors.

「I can’t guarantee anything, but it’s happened before. You can probably keep your hopes up… I doubt I need to do this anymore, but Dora, will you…」

「Yes, of couse, I’ll be a monster. You take me, and I become a monster, right!?」

She had no second thought. I didn’t even have time to finish asking my question.

「Wow, I didn’t expect this… You can be yourself around Master Elliot, too, can’t you?」

Mumbled Astarte, with a grin. I felt bad for Diana waiting upstairs, but it was time to begin.

「In that case, everyone. It’s Dora’s welcoming party. Make her cum as many times as you can so she can become a monster more easily… And be careful not to touch her thing on her bottom.」



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