Chapter 74: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: An Idle Ritual

Chapter 73: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Wearing a Mask

Chapter 75: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Sleeping with the Serpent

Translator: Adam Seacord

Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: An Idle Ritual
「Master Elliot, in a place like this…」

Contrary to her words, Astarte obeyed me. We weren’t in the Spider’s Web, only in my Old-Town shop. The only one left in the house was Daria, who was doing inventory of the store, now that it was closed, so she wasn’t with us… Not that I had anything to hide to her.

「Then, you can keep your clothes on. But you’ll make it a little easier for me, won’t you?」

I purposefully presented Astarte with the choice.

Where do you want it, Astarte?

「Make sure to keep your voice down. I don’t mind Daria hearing us, but I don’t want the neighbors to hear and be starred in their gossip.」

This was a game I played with Astarte, and it served to reestablish our relationship of master and subject. I commanded, and Astarte obeyed. The relationship was only based on a verbal agreement, and this was an idle ritual to confirm that we both understood and played our part. Of course, no matter how many times we would play this game, we would never truly understand what the other was thinking.

Still, I had left Astarte completely in charge of managing the brothel, so it had been a while since I had last spent significant time with her… Or slept with her.

Slowly, and still clothed, Astarte pulled up her skirt, exposing her toned legs and rear. Under her nun-like attire, a thin pair of black, silk tights was hidden.

Why does that look so immoral?

Since Astarte could cast hallucination magic, she could alter her perceived appearance to a certain degree. If she kept her appearance as the travelling poet when she last visited Abram, a few people may recognize her. So, recently she had been disguising herself as a nun, just like the time we first met. She wore simple clothes that portrayed a conservative figure, but her lingerie were always of higher quality, probably as much as those that Olivia wore. This was a distinguishing trait between her and Daria, who used to a country girl, or Sara and Shiro, who used to be adventurers.

I had remembered the time when I had asked Olivia’s advice on what clothes to give Sara to wear in court, Sara ended up feeling a little uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time wearing the silk lingerie. …Which I found adorable, and couldn’t help but dirty the lingerie on the spot. I believe Olivia had lost all hope in me, at that point.

I stopped thinking, and slowly glided my and on Astarte’s butt, which had been patiently waiting for me.

「You can be more rough with me…」

「Once in a while, we should experiment with something different. Dora has taught us some things…」

I got as close as I can to Astarte, still turning her back on me, and sniffed her hair. A slight scent of the sun, along with a hint of perfume. While petting her butt with one hand, and lightly pinch her hair with the other.


Twirling my finger in her hair, I guided Astarte’s face toward me. She got turned around, and while she quivered to maintain her balance, I stole a kiss. During a few light pecks on the lips, I continued to slowly stroke and squeeze her butt, without going near her loins. When she had begun to falter and loser her balance, I turned her around, so we would be face-to-face.

Astarte’s eyes had become slightly red. Her hallucination spell must be close to coming down from her excitement and comfort. There were a few times before when I had observed her red eyes before the rest of her true appearance.

「Mm… You’re experimenting with me?」

「You don’t like it?」

「Well, I am your subject… You can use me as you please, but…」

「What is it?」

While our eyes remained locked I noticed that Astarte’s slender fingers were trying to loosen my pants.

「I don’t like to be teased.」


「…Master, the storage has been organ-ahh…!」

Daria, who had come up from the basement, swallowed her words. What she saw was Astarte, with her back turned and half-naked, and me, who was almost completely naked. We were each reaching for the other’s genitalia, careful not to touch our bodies, and continued to slowly pet one another.

While avoiding as much physical contact was possible, we were trying to aim for only the other to climax. This was a game that Dora had taught us, originally meant to buy time when on the clock with a customer, but it also came in handy to slowly tease each other.

Of course, our conditions were fair, so going against Astarte the succubus had me feeling backed up against a corner. Nectar dripped from in between Astarte’s legs, moistening my fingertips, but my penis was fully ready for combat, getting close to spilling juice from the tip.

「Hello, Daria. Perfect timing.」

「I’m a little embarrassed that you’ve caught us like this…」

Back in the dungeon, she wouldn’t care if we were caught stark naked, but petting each other while standing in a house must have been a different story. Astarte looked at Daria, a little embarrassed.

「No, Master had me the day before yesterday, so please don’t worry about me…」

Particularly in these kinds of situations, Daria would say something a little off the mark. While she was a golem, she could certainly read the room. This led me to believe that these comments were intentional.

「No, that’s not what I meant…」

Overlapping Astarte’s explanation, I asked Daria for a favor.

「Daria, could you hold up Astarte’s ankles, like you’re helping a baby pee?」

「Wait, that would-」

「Yes, Master.」

Daria never showed any hesitation to obey my commands. Especially when I was in a mischievous mood. Before Astarte could catch her breath, Daria slipped her arms under Astarte’s legs, and lifted her by her thighs.

「…Astarte-san, you’re very aroused. I can smell your heat.」

「What are you talking about, Daria…」

Daria’s physical strength (she was a golem) was impressive. She lifted up Astarte without a hitch, and held her in the air, making sure her head did not hit the ceiling. Astarte’s cute bellybutton, along with her neatly trimmed, and nectar-soaked hair were presented right below my nose.

As if to plow through a shrub, I slowly moved my finger. Thanks to Daria’s assistance, Astarte’s loins were pressed up and forward, making her easy exploration. I dug up her large clitoris hidden under a layer of skin, and gently pressed around it. Without touching her vagina, I gently pinched all around it to warm her up. Although, she seemed to be already warm, as she gradually let out sweet cries from her pursed lips.

「Huh… Ahh… Master Elliot, please… Let me down…」

Her hands were free, but waving her arms around while Daria held her up would only falter her balance, so Astarte remained a puppet to my bidding.

「Not yet. I hear men are not appreciated when they rush into it.」

「Dora… Talks… Too, much…!」

I turned my fingertips down, and pressing my palm against her clitoris, I guided my fingers to the entrance of her vagina. With my ring and pointer finger, I slowly held it open. I thought I heard a slimy sound when I did. I gradually dip my middle finger in the nectar-filled vagina. I feel the warm slime around my finger, as I feel a gentle resistance towards the entrance.

From this position, although my arm was twisted upside down, I was standing up straight facing Astarte, so I could clearly see her face, along with Daria’s, who stared at my fingers over Astarte’s shoulder.

「Does it turn you on, Daria?」

「…! Yes…I know you’re not touching me, but I feel like you are, Master…」

「I’ll give you a turn later, so could you hold her up a while longer? Just like that, and kiss Astarte up and down her neck, please.」

They reacted simultaneously:

「Wha- More than…」

「Yes, Master.」

Daria slid her tongue from the back to the front of Astarte’s neck, making sticky kisses along the way. I noticed that Astarte’s vagina began to gently tighten on my ginger. I gently forced my finger in, joined by the other fingers that held her vagina open.

「Ahh…! P-Please, N-No…More, Master Elliot… It’s been so long, I can’t hold it…」

Astarte’s tone became sweeter and sweeter. At the peak of her excitement, I slip my fingers back out.

「Ah, don’t…」


Daria let out the same response.

「Don’t? You prefer my fingers to this?」

In actuality, my penis was about to burst from excitement. I couldn’t wait to put it inside Astarte. Even her vagina, which usually was on the dry side, was thoroughly soaked, ready for insertion.

「No… I prefer that…」

「What’s ‘that’, Astarte? You have to be more clear.」

「Master’s Elliot’s, penis…」

「Daria, could you hear that?」

「…N-No. I couldn’t hear her, Master.」

Astarte blushed bright in embarrassment.

I don’t think I’ve seen her like this since our first night in Abram.

「Maybe you should rephrase. Tell me in words that I can understand.」

「You really are… Mean… Your penis, your rod, your meat stick, your co- anything you want me to call it, please… Master Elliot, stick your huge thing inside of me. 」

「You’re raising your voice, Astarte. The neighbors might have heard.」

「You were very loud, Astarte-san…」


With her eyes beginning to water, just when she finished exhaling, I shoved it inside of her without warning. Slurp, it went in instantaneously as soon as the head made it passed the gate.


Astarte moaned, her breath cycle disturbed.

「All the way in… At once… Master, you’re wonderful…」

Daria watched with a glazed look on her face.

All the way in, I keep it there and enjoy the soft tightening inside. The truth was that I felt myself about to explode first if I moved too quickly, but I kept that hidden and caught my breath. I decided to let my mind travel a bit to help me cool down, and made a declaration regarding Astarte. I thought it might help me gaze into her true feelings.

「Astarte, I made a decision. We’ll split Spider’s Web in two. But before we do, I’m going to turn all the girls there into monsters.」

「Wha…? But… Half of them… Are st-ahhh…!?」

She must have been surprised by this, her hips jolted, along with her pulsation around my penis. I nearly ejaculated. To keep her hips and butt from moving, I inserted my arms between Astarte’s legs and Daria’s arms and firmly grabbed a hold of Astarte’s butt, and slammed my waist against hers.

「That’s right. I’ll protect my employees. In order to do that, I’m going to turn all of them into monsters under my control. I already have a method in mind, and no one’s appearance will change, as before. Beginning with those prostitutes, I will make a sort of dungeon in this city with my mark on it. Astarte, I want you… To gather up all of the girls, and give them aphrodisiacs without being noticed. You can have Dora and the others help you, okay?」

Instead of thrusting my hips back and forth, I used my glutes to pulse my penis in, while keeping it still. With our hips still attached, I slowly gyrated my penis. Remembering some sex pointers from Dora, I tried them out, albeit a little clumsy still.

「Y-Yes…! I will, help prepare to…Turn the girls… Into monsters… Ahh, Yes… Yes, please… Harder, harder, Master…!」

As soon as she said so, I stopped all movement.


「Stay… What’s my thing doing? What do you feel?」

Without moving, I tried twitching my penis lightly. I noticed that Astarte’s nectar had dripped down to my thighs, and even formed a small puddle by my feet.

「It’s twitching… It’s knocking up… Um, inside… Of me…」

「I’m about to ejaculate. I’m getting ready to flood you with my semen. It’s been a while.」

「Y-You don’t have to say it like that…」

These words weren’t profound by any means, but Astarte blushed like a virgin girl. Despite her being an experienced and immoral incubus, she showed this kind of reaction now and again.

「Master… I-I’m sorry… I can’t…」

I look up to Daria, and she’s about to lose her balance. I didn’t know why, but I knew that she would fall face forward with Astarte.

「Daria, let her go.」

As I said so, I pulled Astarte’s body towards me, switching her weight from Daria to me.

「Th…Thank, you…」

A comfortable pull of gravity caused my penis to penetrate deeper into Astarte.

Sure, they were in a slightly uncomfortable position. But Daria should have the strength to hold up Astarte without a problem…

Before my thought could wonder any farther, I felt Astarte gasp.
「Ah… Ahh…!」

Her inside began to pulsate in staccato, indicating her imminent climax.

The neighbor can’t miss it is she screams.

I covered her lips with mine to keep her voice down. I slithered in my tongue. Astarte sucked it in as if to swallow it, and she wrapped herself around me with her hands and her freed legs.



Still holding up Astarte, my semen shot up inside her vagina, breaking free from my last strand of restraint. Once wasn’t enough: semen spewed straight up like a fountain, twice, thrice, gushing everything against Astarte’s vagina.

From Astarte’s loins, enough nectar had leaked out to mistake that she had lost control of her bladder. Semen that could not possibly fit into her vagina back-drifted, and spilt on the floor. I couldn’t stand any longer, so I slowly sat down on the floor, and let go of Astarte, who has panting, and looked as if she had lost all thoughts. Her eyes were completely red, and although I still couldn’t see her wings, her tailed had shown itself. I could see that most of the hallucination spell had been broken.

After catching my breath for a moment, I approached Daria, who had lost her strength and fell to the floor. Her apron was soaked. I knew that Astarte was the one who wetted it, but… I figured out the story looking at Daria’s expression. I slipped in my hand under her skirt to assess the situation.

「Daria, did you climax a little?」

「…I, um… I’m sorry, Master…」

「You couldn’t wait, could you? Naughty girl.」

I lifted Daria’s head from the floor a little, and stuck my waist in front of her. My penis, dirtied with semen and nectar, gleans before her eyes.

「Could you clean this for me, Daria? It’s your turn.」


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