Chapter 75: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Sleeping with the Serpent

Chapter 74: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: An Idle Ritual

Chapter 76: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: In Elegant Harmony

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Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Sleeping with the Serpent
「Look Master, look, my arm is all healed, look♪」

The next night, I had taken Diana with me to visit Miyabi, who was resting in the depths of the underground waterways. Since I had commanded Astarte and the others to prepare to turn the prostitutes into monsters, they would not be here.

「That deep wound in just a few days… It’s incredible. Of course, my body has become quite resilient as well.」

Diana looked over Miyabi’s body up and down, letting out an unimpressive remark. I felt a little awkward, bringing Diana, whom I had given the power of Arachne to, next to Miyabi, who suffered the trauma of having Arachne killed, but Diana’s matter-of-fact attitude seemed to help bring them together. I had also kept Diana in charge of looking after Miyabi, which seemed to help their relationship somewhat.

Now that I had a reputation in the sunnier parts of town, it was difficult to openly meet with Diana, who was a member of the Assassin’s Guild. I had seen her at Spider’s Web a few times, but who knew when Dora and the other prostitutes would get curious.

So, we had naturally made a habit out of meeting at Miyabi’s lair in the depths of the underground waterways.

「Miyabi, were you a good girl?」

「I sure was, you had commanded me to be at ease until my wound healed, so I even kept from hunting my own prey. I am your slave, so I obey your commands♪」

She smiled with glee as she shook her large, slithering body. All it took was for me to pet her head and touch her cheek for her to start purring.

「Good. I’ll have to give you a treat for being such a good girl.」

Miyabi’s face flushed red in an instance, and she began to spoke nervously. I knew it was about time, but had been hesitating to initiate in consideration of Miyabi’s psychological trauma.

「Master. You have defeated me, and saved my life. Therefore, I have sworn to give all of myself to you. So… Well… Please, make me yours, Master.」

Diana looked like she wanted to make a remark, but I could tell she was holding herself back. I was a little aroused by Miyabi’s confession as well and wanted to tease her a little, so I decided to give Diana a little show.

「Make you mine? You’re already mine. What do you want me to do? You have to explain it to me better than that.」

I declared with a smirk, rather than keeping a straight face. Since Miyabi was still young, she may not know what to do unless I let her know clearly that I was only teasing.

「Y-You’re mean… U-Um… Like a couple, do in bed…」

When she got that much out, Miyabi looked a little scared.

「D-Do… Do you dislike my snake-like body, master? Yes, mean people have called me useless, they’ve called me a monster, and sleeping with me would only cause pain, so maybe I can’t make Master feel good like Diana and the other girls can…」

Her nervousness grew, and she must have been flashbacking to her previous sexual experiences, which clearly made her lose her confidence as well. She appeared to be on the verge of tears, and I found it quite cute.

「It’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong, Miyabi. Those humans were the bad ones. But, because this is my first time sleeping with you, I want you tell me what feels good, and where on your body you’ve had penises put in to.」

「Wha!? I-I-I-I have to tell of such shameful things…?」

「Miyabi, you’re Master’s slave, aren’t you? Master has made me do some things, too, you know.」

Diana chimed in to support… Well, more to just join in on the fun of teasing Miyabi. There wasn’t a reason to stop her, so I continued the conversation.

「All you’ve experienced before were violent men forcing themselves on you, right? But today, you want me to feel good, don’t you?」

「Th-That’s right… In order to become the wife of Master, the future king of monsters, I will have to pleasure Master in bed, as well…」

How cute.

「Then, I want to pleasure you the same way, just like I pleasure Diana and Daria.」

「Ah… Wah… M-Master, pleasure, me…?」

「Master is very mean once he gets into it. I beg and beg for mercy, and he won’t stop. Even when I can’t think anymore, and drooling all over the place while I climax, he pounds and pounds…」

Diana started whispering fact and fiction. It was fun to watch Miyabi’s complexion flush from red to white and back again, but I felt the need to throw a surprise at Diana, too.

「In that case, Diana will show you how it’s done.」

「What? Me?」

「Really? Diana, we have different bodies, but I’ll take away as much as I can♪」

Hearing Miyabi say this, I knew it would be difficult for Diana to reject this proposition. Besides, I had asked Diana to perform a few tasks, and I need to ask her a few things.

「If I must… I was just thinking that I want Master to make me erupt with pleasure… Please ravish me until I cry, Master.」


To make for better visibility, Diana weaves a web cornered to the wall, to weave a hammock-like contraption.

「I thought I could make it, but we’ve tried having sex on something like this…」

Even at its lowest point, the hammock hung as high as my waist. She must have used less-adhesive web other than where the hammock touched the wall; I found it quite bouncy and comfortable when I climbed atop it.

「Right, for the circus, is this web something you can mass-produce.」

I asked Diana as I strip away my clothes.

「It depends on my physical condition, but not too much of it. It would be different if you created more Arachne monsters for the sole purpose of producing this substance…」

「Well, I don’t need that much of it… Phew, a spider’s web isn’t too stable, is it?」

「…Then, I’ll come to you.」

She gave me a little push, and I flopped belly-up on the web. Once I was down, I noticed that the web had some adhesiveness to it, and although it wasn’t strong enough to completely bind me, I was caught in my position lying down. It wasn’t much of an issue since I could see that Diana didn’t intend to harm me, but I was perfectly defenseless.

「Hee hee, you’re always teasing me, Master, allow me to show you how it feels.」

「Go easy on me, Diana. I still have to sleep with Miyabi.」

I have made girls service me before, but being forced to be serviced upon was a first. My clothes were also stuck to the web, so Diana only opened the front of my clothes, then laid her head onto my chest, and ran her tongue onto my nipple.

「Even men feel pleasure here.」

「I-I did not know… I will remember…」

I was shaping up to really become Miyabi’s study aid. Before I knew it, my lower body was also exposed, and Diana’s slender fingers were stroking my penis.

「Oh, you don’t mind being on the bottom, Master?」

「Well, as long as I know I’m safe.」

I said so, but I observed Diana’s face closely. She was definitely aroused: while her eyes were slightly watered, she also had a teasing gleam in them.

…Being toyed for too long would kind of diminish my power here… I’ll have to turn the table at some point.

「Diana, I appreciate you wanting to make me feel good, but won’t you show us how Miyabi can feel good, too? Don’t you want to know, Miyabi?」

「Wha… I only want Master to feel good, I… Well, I… Yes, I would like it if it didn’t hurt, but felt good, but…」

This response is pretty much what I had expected, since I doubted Miyabi would ever contradict me.

「So, Diana. I want you to teach Miyabi how you feel good.」

「…Not fair, Master.」

Diana whined, looking just a bit disdainful. But, seeing that her eyes were gleaming brighter than before, she really seemed to have a strong tendency towards masochism.

「Tell us what makes you feel good, and ask me to do what turns you on. Then, tell Miyabi how it feels at all times. Oh, and I can’t move a muscle thanks to this web, so keep that in mind. 」

I can be pretty demanding… Well, I made it a mean command on purpose to please Diana, who likes to be demanded.

「Y-Yes, Master… You’re really… Devious.」


「Ah… Ahh… When I, play… With my bean, like this… What comes later… Later, it’s so much… Deeper…」

Nearly half an hour had passed, and although I was being teased to death here, Diana occasionally serviced me with her tongue while she instructed where her pleasure centers were, and she pleasured herself. Although Miyabi’s anatomy differed from hers, it seemed that the structures of their genitalia were similar, judging from Miyabi’s bright-red face as she listened to Diana toying with herself.

「Miyabi, you try it too. Have you played with yourself before?」

「Wha..!? N-N-No Master, never no no no!?」

Miyabi rushed into denial, then immediately looked like she was gauging to see if her answer pleased me. For a lamia, she sure acted like a puppy.

「I suppose that’s good. Miyabi, for me, won’t you train your body to be more sensitive?」

「Yes! Anything for you, Master… Wait, you mean…」

Miyabi trailed off, as my words sank in.

「He means, you have to masturbate in front of Master, just like me.」

「D-Diana… That, that… Mmmrr… It is for Master, to become a bride worthy of Master…」

Miyabi extended her snake-like body, and spread a slightly protruding part of her body, where it could be called her lower hips or her lower abdomen. Just like a woman’s thighs, two thick bunches of muscles parted to reveal Miyabi’s genitalia.

「No… It’s wet…? No, I wet myself in front of Master…」

「No, Miyabi. Were you really captured and ravished by humans?」

Diana had a point. And, Miyabi’s response was also quite unusual.

「Wha…? But, um… When that happened, they just put some weird medicine on me, and chained me up, and… It just hurt…」

She must have been very young. In Miyabi’s case, she had no kin around, and her mother had died, so she was ravished without any knowledge of sex, and now she was here. I doubted that she knew much about what sexual activities were.

「It’s all right. Master is mean and he teases, but he’ll make you feel good… Ahh!?」
She cried, because I had pulled Diana’s waist toward me with my arm that I had secretly released form the web’s binding. I knew that Diana was itching for a way out of this tease, just like I was. Diana’s vagina, after masturbating for nearly half an hour and climaxing a few times, was all primed for the deed. It easily welcomed my penis. I wasn’t sure if Diana was always happy with this, but she reacted much better when I went inside of her when she’s not ready.

…Maybe she usually makes a conscious effort to keep her reactions down-scaled.

「Master… Out-Out of a blue… You’re so mean…」

「I thought your master was mean and teasing. Wouldn’t you expect this from a master like that?」

Just a little game between a master and his servant to confirm our relationship. Diana’s eyes thinned for a moment, then shook. Her vagina suddenly writhed, and pulsated as if to milk my penis.

「I… Was… Already… I… Can’t… Hold… It…!」

Before I could grasp the situation, Diana, who had worked herself up, climaxed all by herself. To top it off, she fainted in bliss before I could hear the results of her reconnaissance I had tasked her with.

…Jee, what do you expect me to do now?

「What to do now?」

I sat up from on the spider-web bed which had become less adhesive, to notice Miyabi attached to my back. I could feel her higher body temperature and the shape of her blossoming breasts over my shirt, along with her rapid heartbeat and panting.

「U-Um, Master… I, don’t… Think Master’s penis is… Satisfied… I, well… Please pour your seed into me…」


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