Chapter 76: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: In Elegant Harmony

Chapter 75: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Sleeping with the Serpent

Chapter 77: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Wanted

Translator: Adam Seacord

A slender, textured tongue twirled around my penis. While her techniques were underdeveloped, seeing Miyabi’s face as she tried her best to, albeit clumsily, pleasure me, satiated my desires on multiple psychological levels. One was my desire to control, and another may have simply been joy to be the receiving end of her efforts.

「Master… Does it.. Feel… Good..?」

I was still on the spider-web bed that Diana had created. Since I was inside Diana until a moment ago, and our intercourse was cut short before I could ejaculate, my penis was already grown and hard.

The length of Miyabi’s tongue was satisfactory, considering that she’s a snake monster, but her mouth itself was small. Time and time again, she would adorn a determined expression and attempt to put the head into her mouth, but was forced to give up.

「Miyabi, I don’t mind you servicing me, but are you ready?」


She looked up at me, confused. Her immature face blushed in rouge, which signaled her understanding of my implication.

「Um, I…」

She released her tongue, and lifted herself up shyly to bring her body towards my face.

「Before, they would… Put a weird medicine here…」

Her hand indicated where her groin would be if she were a human. In between the two bunches of muscles (which I assumed worked like thighs). What was left there, was a branding of a holy insignia. As I watched, a portion of body that was hidden, tucked in between the muscles, was revealed. Perhaps because they were tucked into her body, smaller and softer scales adorned that portion of her… And in the center, there was a tiny crack from which a few drops of nectar leaked.

Seeing the branding, Miyabi looked for a moment as if she was about to cry. Since she was a slave to strangers, Miyabi had low self-esteem. Most likely, she remembered her days as a slave, and was confused by her current situation, and lost her confidence.

「I’ll overwrite this stupid mark.」

That’s all I said, as I wrapped my right arm around Miyabi and pulled her towards me. Her genitalia was thrusted in front of my face, and perhaps from the sensation of my breath, it twitched.

Lightly biting the branding, I continued by running my tongue down her crack. I had brought what could be served as lube, but first, I wanted to check how much Miyabi’s body had matured as a woman.

Also, even though I knew Miyabi had been ravished by humans before, I had to see if a lamia’s anatomy allowed for sex with a human being. I would feel bad if I hurt her, and that would make me no different from those ravishers.

「M-Master… Um, what, are you… You’re, licking my… No, it tickles… Something’s, coming, ah, ahhh…」

I couldn’t use my right hand that was holding her to me, but I used my left fingers to slowly warm up Miyabi’s genitalia, and spread it open. The opening was smooth with few folds, but the inside of her vagina was lightly hued and very tight. Although she wasn’t a virgin, I had to work to fit my finger in there.

After being ravished as a child, she barely had any sexual encounters, so it was only natural that she wasn’t used to any of this. The upside was that she wasn’t in pain, but aroused, although I had trouble determining how to pleasure her, with her anatomy that differed from a human.

It felt like the inside of her vagina was similar to that of a human woman, but the walls seemed to be more resilient. …Perhaps because she would lay eggs.

I also couldn’t find anything that resembled a human clitoris. She might have one, but discovering it would require some time.

「Miyabi, tell me how you feel.」

I’ll have her say it out oud.

It was better if I got conclusive answers, but if I asked her as part of the game, I could learn a lot while maintaining her arousal.

「Right n-now… Master’s fingers, are where a penis would go… It’s wiggling, it’s gentle… It doesn’t hurt, it feels warm…」

It seemed that her sensual sensitivity hadn’t been recognized, either. I figured she could benefit from some aid.

「Good. That warmth is going to feel very good. But you’re still a little girl, so it might take a while until that comes.」

「All I want is for Master to feel good…」

That was sweet, but I couldn’t settle for that. In order to make Miyabi mine from the bottom of her heart, I needed her to bend to my will with every fiber of her body.

If I can’t make monsters my subjects without turning them from humans, I can’t accomplish my goal.

「Are you up, Diana? Could you give me the bottle with the blue label from my bag, please. I think you’ll figure out what’s inside it.」

In the corner of my eye, I saw Diana look up. Looking a little guilty, Diana rummaged through my bag without even putting clothes on. Even keeping in mind that we were in a hidden room in the depths of the underground waterways, she had begun to expose her body to me without much thought.


「Oh this… Is Chana’s.」

She giggled, and loosened the lid a little before tossing the bottle to me. I caught it and opened it with my left end to extract the clear slime from inside of it, and stuffed it inside of Miyabi’s vagina.


…A slime lotion that also increases pleasure sensations, used by the poisoner Chana. She had originally been using it on the anuses of her slave boys, but I tested on Chana that it can be used on women, too. I thought this could help Miyabi feel good. Except, I had brought too much slime for Miyabi’s already tiny vagina. So, I poured the leftover slime over my own body, and pulled down Miyabi’s upper body to hold her close. From Miyabi’s (although not too voluminous) developed-according-to-her-age breasts, where a snake’s underbelly would be, up until her face, she had soft skin instead of any snake scales. I rubbed the location there, on her smooth, bellybutton-less lower abdomen, in her armpits, by rubbing my body against hers, and gently massaged her breasts from under them.

「Ah, Ahh… Master, I… I want to please you…」

She seemed desperate to service me, as she scrambled to take control, but our difference in experience left her without a chance, just like I would still have no chance while in bed with Dora. I pinched Miyabi’s chin, and pulled her face to me to steal her lips. At first, it was only our lips touching, but I ran my tongue over her lips over and over again, until they gently parted to allow my tongue to slip in. Miyabi’s long tongue, while in shock at first, began to passionately respond to my kisses.

I continued kissing her eyelids, her neck line, her collar bone, the tip of her nose… Lightly at times and prolonged at others, I relentlessly crawled around her body with my tongue and lips. At the same time, my hand was petting her waist, squeeze around her genitalia and play with it. Before I knew it, Miyabi was leaning on me with the majority of her weight, and I noticed that the spider web bed was getting lose to the floor.

Miyabi was getting close to losing control of her body from arousal. I figured it was about time.

「Miyabi, what are you to me?」

I separated our faces at a little distance, and asked her. While I did, I shifted my lower body in preparation. Miyabi, who looked disappointed that my kisses had been interrupted, caught her thoughts and said:

「I am Master’s slave. Master’s toy. Do with me as you please. Use me to feel goo…!」

Right before she could finish her sentence, toward the end of her exhale, I stabbed my penis into Miyabi’s lubed up vagina. After I had pushed through the muscular vagina’s strong resistance, a comfortably warm, writing sensation rushed my penis.

「Hahh, ahh, ahhhhhh… Inside… Me… Master, Master’s, inside my belly… It’s hot, it’s too hot, Master…!」

Miyabi had a big reaction to the sudden insertion. Losing control, her snake-like lower body whipped around to flatten the spider web, and wrap around me. If she had constricted me completely, it would be difficult for me to move. Before she got to that point, I grabbed Miyabi’s shoulders to stabilize her torso, and thrusted my groin forward.

「Ahhh! …Master, it’s hot… It only hurt before…」

Her waist bounced. Her vagina writhed in tiny compartments as if to swallow my penis all the way in. Miyabi’s tail had wrapped around me, but whipped back and forth from time to time. Diana watched this from her refugee on the ceiling, entertained.

Miyabi had destroyed the spider web and bed as she lost control, but there were layers of hey and blankets as her bed to begin with, so neither of us were on the stone floor. Rolling and alternating being on top and bottom, I restlessly pounded my penis into Miyabi’s vagina.

「Master, Master, Master… Ahh, ahhh, it’s coming, coming, something’s coming…!?」

As I was holding Miyabi’s upper body down, and hovering over her to continue thrusting, Miyabi’s back suddenly jolted into an arch.

I can’t hold it anymore, either…!

「Miyabi, take my semen…!」

「Give it to me, Master, Master, Master…!!」

Splash splash splash…

I thought I had heard my own ejaculation. At that moment, I felt a rock-like bump in Miyabi’s lower abdomen. My magic flowed into her with my seed, and flushed the bump away… Before I could realize what that was, I let my desire overrun me as I released all of my seed and magical powers into Miyabi’s body to overwrite it.

The semen I had stored up, including the load I didn’t get to release into Diana, released into Miyabi’s vagina all at once. When I ejaculated, Miyabi looked nervous, and held on to my shoulders. I pull her to me forcefully, and with our chests touching, I continued to ejaculate for a long time.


「Mas…ter… Now… I’m… Master’s… Wo…man…」

After taking in all of my semen, Miyabi’s entire body relaxed, and slowly fell forward. I held her to keep her from hitting her head, and lowered her onto a blanket, to see that her lower body had released itself from around me.

I pulled my penis from her vagina that still angulated as if to suck it back in, and the massive amount of semen that could no longer fit in her vagina poured out and splashed that floor.

I finally understood what that bump was that I had felt. The branding of the holy insignia on Miyabi’s lower abdomen slowly disfigured as I watched, and changed its shape. The left half turned into spider-web design, and the right half completed the circle, with a small point at an angle at the top of it. Her branding had been overwritten to a different insignia.

I understood it completely. This was my mark. Taking the powers of a spider, and hiding my face, I was “in-between” with only one horn. It was unmistakable. I hadn’t put any thought into it, but I couldn’t think of a better mark to represent me.

I wasn’t sure how I was doing as a monster, but I had earned my very own insignia.


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