Chapter 78: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: From the Other Side of the Wall

Chapter 77: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Wanted

Chapter 79: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: From the Other Side of the Wall

Translator: Adam Seacord

「…I feel obligated to stop you. But, you’re quite determined, aren’t you?」

I had left Daria with closing the shop, and I was walking through the underground waterways with Nem. The candlelight flickered in the underground pathways, illuminating Nem’s nerve-racked face.

「Mm-hm. I made up my mind. I don’t want anyone to take Nubia from me…」

Nem was making a lot of mistakes. Like lusting after her father, walking around alone at night, and divulging her secret to me, a near-stranger. Abram was a relatively safe city, but crime was still a frequent occurrence in the red-light district as well as the outer limits of New Town, where the residents were poorer. A young girl walking around alone at the dead of night was basically begging to be attacked.

Sure, where my shop was in Old Town was a safer area, even for one of Abram’s inner neighborhood… But after all, Nem had divulged her forbidden conundrum to a monster.

「Mommy was the same… She didn’t want to lose Nubia, so she tried to kill me.」

Along the way to Spider’s Web, I was able to extract a lot of information from Nem. She had loved her father Nubia, not as his daughter, but as a woman. Well, in technically, Nubia was never her father. Nem’s mother had also loved Nubia, and fearing that her man’s gaze would shift to her daughter who grew more beautiful day after day, she became jealous. The difference between her story and the parable was that Nubia was neither of their husband nor father, but a gladiator who had been purchased.

Nem had barely ever seen her real father, perhaps because he had abandoned her along with his wife. I recalled what Olivia had said. I didn’t have much knowledge about our neighboring nations, but those kinds of things didn’t seem uncommon for a big-name noble. Apparently, that’s what a political marriage is.

But Nubia wasn’t a noble, but a slave. What did he feel about the woman that treated him well, and trusted him? What did he think of her daughter? Maybe he respected her. Maybe he loved her. Maybe he just used to her. Only he would ever know the truth, but be that as it may, the wife and daughter ended up loving the same man.

「Mommy looked so scary. I begged her to stop, and she wouldn’t stop. Nubia saved me, but Mommy was dead, somehow… So Nubia and I ran away.」

There was no anguish in her tone. She must have run out of tears along the way. What emotions could she possibly have had toward her mother who tried to kill her? It seemed to me, that some hidden darkness swirled deep down in that little girl’s heart.

…Could I take advantage of it?

I would be lying if I said that the thought didn’t cross my mind. At the depths of this little girl’s heart, she contains distorted love, just like the song.

Using this girl, I could make my Nubia my personal soldier…

Then, I shook away the thought that flashed in my head. I still didn’t know what my best course of action was. But, that thought continued to kindle in my gut.

After arriving to Spider’s Web and greeting Dora, we headed to the manager’s office in the basement.

「Oh, Master Elliot. Who’s this girl…?」

「I’ll explain things later, Astarte. Can I use the Water, please?」

I requested that Astarte, who had been doing some paper work, to prepare the water tray. In anticipation of some rowdy customers, I had eyes on all the rooms.

「Nem, It’s not too late to turn around. You can leave without witnessing your father in bed, and I recommend you do that. Once you cross this line, you won’t be able to go back… Are you sure?」

Astarte seemed to grasp the gist of the situation. Without saying a word, she watched Nem curiously. Nem’s response was exactly as I had expected. Her expression, which I couldn’t see before as she was behind, showed an eerily gentle smile.

「I already can’t go back. I don’t want to go back… Because, if Mommy didn’t try to kill me, I would have killed Mommy. I know it…」

Dethatched form the world, but she carries darkness within in her.
Then, I won’t hesitate anymore.

「Nem… I’ll grant you your wish.」

I gave Astarte a look, and also sent my thoughts to Dora. At a short distance like this, I had gained the ability to transmit general thoughts. Astarte brought forth a small container full of liquid, and presented it to Nem.

「You should drink this. You’ll need it.」

Without a doubt in her mind, Nem drank it. What Astarte normally took was wine mixed with water and juice, so Nem didn’t have any issues with it. If Astarte got my message correctly, she would have mixed in some aphrodisiacs in there as well.

「Elliot, where’s Nubia? I want to see him.」

「One second. Nubia’s room is… Here.」

I concentrated to control the Water. Footage appeared on the water, in only half the time it used to take me back in the mining village. Lucky, Nubia was with a prostitute whom I had already turned into a monster. She was a particularly small and thin girl… Like Nem. Nubia was sitting his large body down on the bed, and was penetrating the girl, who sat on his lap his facing him. I wondered how many rounds had preceded this one, as I noticed the foaming semen and nectar where they connected.


Nem slightly crunched her face, undoubtedly in jealousy.

「Why? Why here…? You can have me?」

Her expressions flashed through anger, despair, and sadness.

…She could use another push.

I opened the wire set in the room, designed to amplify the sound of the room but silence any sound from our end.

I sent a signal to the prostitute… Although, since she didn’t even know she had turned into a monster, it was more of a hypnosis, where she wouldn’t even know why she would take any action.

We could hear her voice. The prostitute wrapped her arms around Nubia’s neck, and whispered in his ears:

「…Give it to me, Daddy.」

That was effective. Although Nubia seemed to halt for a moment in surprise, that line clearly jacked up his arousal. He jumped up, still penetrating the girl, and laid her flat down on the bed, and thrusted right back into her from behind.

「Ahh… No… It’s, bigger…!」

「Gruh… You… Felt… Nem… Aghh, Nem… Nem!!」

Just as I thought.

Nubia was famished. He was trying to love Nem as a father, even without any bond of blood. That’s why he had come to release that uncontrollable lust… But Nem never saw Nubia as anything but a man from the start.

「Nubia… I knew it, Nubia, you…」

Nem seemed to be filled with joy and lust. Dora entered the room quietly, just as planned.

「Nem, I know you want Nubia to have you. But, as long as you’re Nubia’s daughter, and as long as you both wish to abide by our society’s morals, that’s not possible.」

This was half of a lie. Since Nubia and Nem are not related by blood, they could marry without issue, and would most likely not be accused of incest.

I stood next to Nem, still staring at the water, and continued:

「Still, you said you wanted to consummate with Nubia. In that case, you’ll have to escape the morals of human society… I can help you do that, but you two may not become human anymore. Do you want to proceed.」

I repeatedly demanded reassurance. While Nem’s heart was gradually departing that of a human’s, dealing with Nubia would take some more time. My arsenal could be much improved, if I could turn Nubia into a monster under my control. Still, if I turn an unwilling person into a monster, I can’t have them my control. Nem was my pawn to besiege Nubia.

That’s why I had to understand Nem’s wishes, then guide her to corrupt Nubia in a way where he would end up in my hands. My first step was to give her aphrodisiacs and show Nubia in bed to decrease her rationality… But either way, Nubia was ready to leave Nem behind. Perhaps Nem didn’t have any other option to begin with.

Without turning around, Nem said:

「I, just, need Nubia and no one else. I already left the morals of humans behind. Because… Mommy tried to kill me, and I killed Mommy. I’m… Not a human, anymore.」

A teardrop fell into the water and rippled the image. The teardrop had traveled down an intricate smile.

That was when I finally realized that Nem was never broken from the beginning. I think it’s true that she killed her mother, and that she loved the same man as her mother did. But, after almost being killed by her mother and then killing her, she couldn’t just continue her life as if nothing had happened. Her conscious was crushing her, and all she could do was trust Nubia with everything she had… Her hope, love, and everything else, in order to survive.

I could tell that she was quivering. An urge to comfort her flashes in my mind, but I repress it.

That’s what Astarte and Dora are here for.

I could risk that even a smidge of Nem’s feeling to be vectored towards me. I was about to mend Nem into a deadly arrow. A distorted arrow that only sees Nubia, and flies straight towards him. …I kept telling myself that this would become a glimmer of peace in both of their minds.

「Nem. You’ve never slept with Nubia?」

「…No. He cuddles me, but never has me like a woman. I tried to tempt him over and over.」

「Has any man ever had you?」

「No. I’m not interested in anyone else, and when anyone keeps making moves, I have Nubia chase him away.」

「…I see. Then, your first should be reserved for Nubia.」

As I said so, Astarte and Dora grabbed Nem into a hold. I take the gag from Dora into Nem’s mouth to keep her voice down. Nem attempted to jerk away in reflex, but the aphrodisiac had significantly slowed her down.


Nem seemed to finally realize how careless she had been all night.

「Nem, I’m not going to take your virginity. But, in order to make Nubia yours, you need to go through some hardships. One of them, is learning a woman’s pleasure and how to pleasure a man… You want Nubia to bed you like he is that prostitute, don’t you?」

Her terror only lasted mere seconds. She glanced at Nubia through the water, then back at me before giving a definitive nod.

「We’re at a brothel… Where prostitutes work. From now on, every time Nubia comes here, you’ll sneak into here, and have these two ladies explore your body. I won’t take your virginity… But I’ll be developing your back door.」

After that, I left her to Astarte and Dora.

「Hee hee, I’m all about training the young ones. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got, too.」

「Oh, I’m not too impressive, you’ll find out. …Master Elliot? How many visits to polish her up?」

「I don’t think we have too much time… I would like her anus to be available by next time.」

I knew I was asking for a lot. Still, I had no idea when any bounty hunters would make a move after Nubia.

I exited the office, and closed the door. I could hear (what was most likely) Nem’s sweet, muffled voice leaking from the other side.

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