Chapter 80: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Welcome to the Underground Labyrinth

Chapter 79: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: From the Other Side of the Wall

Chapter 81: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: While Waiting for Nubia

Translator: Adam Seacord

Things began to look interesting.

Around the evening, a lord’s knight, accompanied by a few soldier, “visited” the circus, and interviewed the ringleader. After all, they were only after a criminal from a neighboring nation, who we were at war with, to boot. There was no cause to make a big seen.

The main intention for this move was to make a display to the people, and whether or not they would search the tent would depend on the ringleader… And, as expected, in order to keep the soldiers from destroying anything inside the tent, the ringleader mentioned Nubia, who matched the wanted man’s description the most. But Nubia had already slipped away from the circus, and is nowhere to be found. Same for Nem. Everyone in the circus was aware of Nubia’s habit of slipping out on his own, so no one thought anything of it this time.

The knights assumed that Nubia was tipped off in time for him to leave the scene, and notified the guards of the city. As for Nubia’s daughter Nem, they naturally considered the possibility that she might have been the kidnapped girl, but they didn’t feel necessary to rush any further investigation at the time. They settled to take Nem under protective custody, if they were lucky.

Everything up to here had taken place according to Olivia and I’s calculations.

Still, we had no idea how any bounty-greedy adventurers or the personal soldiers of House Lambert would react. If possible, I was hoping that this all took place before they had made their first move… But judging form Layla’s behavior, House Lambert had undoubtedly noticed Nubia. That was why I made a move now.

I had moved to Spider’s Web whiling listening to Sara’s reports through a magical item that transmitted voices. Nubia was also here, and I had Nem under my custody at a separate location. If I only considered the position I was currently in, I was drastically in the lead. However, my win condition was not to capture Nubia, dead nor alive.

And I still had work to do, in order to accomplish my goal.

「Hello, Nubia. What a coincidence.」

「…Elliot. You’re here today.」

「Sure, I was the one who introduced this place to you. I pay a visit from time to time.」

I had only told him that I was about to indulge in the Web’s services, while holding back “Besides, I’m the owner.” I figured that not many men would like to chit-chat with another man after taking a woman. When Nubia briskly started walking away, I called to him:

「By the way, did you hear? There’s a rumor going around that a wanted man from another country has found his way into Abram.」

「…No, I haven’t.」

Nubia reacted like he normally would. I could see that he was very careful not to give away any tell. I didn’t want him to suspect me in any way, for the time being, but I also didn’t want Nubia to be captured by the soldiers.

「I think that, just because he has a bounty on his head on some other country, doesn’t mean that anyone could collect his bounty in this country. But there’s quite a commotion in town. I saw some soldiers head to New Town on my way here. 」

「Hm. Sounds like trouble for an outsider like me.」

「While I’ve been here a little longer than you have, my face is pretty new around here too. We’re both still outsiders… But there were quite a few soldiers walking around New Town. I wouldn’t want to get involved in that.」

Then, I stood up as if to head towards the room in the back. I took a look at what Nubia had on him. Unfortunately, it didn’t look like he had anything that I had lent him. I would have been able to track him if he did.

As Nubia tried to leave, I called to him again, as if an idea just sprung into my head.

「Oh, that’s right. I wasn’t sure whether I should tell you this or not… But your daughter came to my house the other day, looking for you.」

Nubia stopped dead in his tracks. He must have been trying to assess my next move.

「She didn’t tell me much, but it seemed like you are very precious to her. At some point, I think you should give her an answer… Of course, I don’t know your situation. It’s up to you to pull it off in secret, or find another way.」

With that, I went into Spider’s Web, accompanied by Dora, who had come out to call me in. I didn’t need to hear Nubia’s answer here. I wouldn’t show how much I was already involved in their affairs. I didn’t confirm, although I let him imagine, how much Nem knew about his visits to the brothel.

…I assigned Diana to come in contact with Nubia first. I had planned to only reveal that I was the one pulling the strings in the very end of things… if, and only if, nothing unexpected happens.

Nubia gave me a vague response, and returned down into the underground tunnel. As Dora lightly touched me, we went into the manager’s office. Nem was there, who had continuously been trained by Dora and the other girls while watching Nubia in bed the whole time.

She had a gag in her mouth to keep her projecting voice from echoing through the brothel, and her thin top piece had clung to her body with sweat, outlining her slender silhouette. She must have been brought to climax repeatedly over the past few hours, there were numerous beads of sweat on her naked lower body, and by her feet, her nectar and other bodily fluids had created a puddle.

Nem, who looked very young, was being forcibly broken into the sensations of physical ecstasy. By her own request, to boot. Only to charm the man she loves with her body, she was soaking in the techniques of a prostitute as she was forced to watch the subject of her love bed other woman. She appeared to be a terribly immoral art piece, which gave me a slight vertigo.

「Oh, does seeing her bring you to attention, Elliot?」

Dora stroked my penis from over my clothes. She must have realized that I was aroused.

「I was the one who coordinated this, and you are the ones who turned her this way.」

With that, I dropped by pants to expose myself from the waist down. Dora and Shiro, who had been the room, jumped to service my penis, which cemented it in the blink of an eye.

「Nem, did you practice like a good girl?」

I petted her head as I took off her gag.

「El-Elliot…? I practiced, a lot… I want Nubia to feel good inside of me… I don’t want him to do anything with any other woman…」

She must have been on cloud nine. Her immature facial features made it all the more immoral. Technically, if she was living in the countryside, girls of Nem’s age were not too young to marry. Nem was younger than Daria, but not too much. Except, her slender and tiny stature made her look even younger than she actually was.

「Then, show me how you practiced. But, you’re saving your front for Nubia. You understand that you’re going to use your hole in the back?」

「Yes… I cleaned my hole, just like Dora said… I was embarrassed, but now I can fit my finger in there… And, I can even fit a little bit of Dora’s… Pole, that she uses…」

「Nemu-chan’s butt has great potential! She was feeling good with her butt right from the beginning… Put on a little bit of medicine, and yours will fit, too, Master♪」

Shiro jumped in, who might have gotten board of licking the head of my penis.

「I want to lick it, lick it…」

Now that Lily was in her ninth month, Shiro must have been relatively without tasks. It seemed that, when Dora wasn’t around, Shiro was the leading trainer for Nem.

「Dora, Shiro. That’s about enough of your mouths… I don’t want to release it in there.」

「Oh, why not? I’d always want you free of charge, Elliot.」

「Master, you haven’t released it inside of me, lately…」

…I was sure that I bedded her at least once a week. How greedy. It was also true that I had much to do lately, and I had put sleeping with women on the back burner. As for Olivia, who I couldn’t see often, and Chana, who had prioritized her work at the Assassin’s Guild, I had barely even seen recently. I felt kind of lonely when I stopped to think about it.

…Those two, I’ll have to take my time to ravish, sometime soon.

They released my penis, to let it point directly at Nem’s face.

「Nem, can you show me what you’ve practiced for?」

「Mm-hm… Elliot’s pretty big, too…」

「Nubia’s is bigger, I think. I’m not just saying that, but, I’m sure you’ve seen…」

「Elliot’s penis is about average for an adult man. Maybe a little more girth… But it’s a man’s ego to assume that size equals pleasure.」

「I love Master’s penis the most!」

「I don’t like ones that don’t fit in my mouth, and men that barely react to what I’m doing… I’ll do it for the money, but still.」

Wait, um. I didn’t really want any reviews of my thing…

Although, I have to admit that I was a little relieved to hear that it was at least average sized. Nem knelt down with the glossy gaze, and looked up at me penis, then held it in her tiny hands, which didn’t move too smoothly, due to her inexperience. With a little hesitation, she stuck her tongue out a little, and gave the head a lick.

「I taught you how to do this. Slowly go around it… Lick the ridge right there, gently put your lips around it, put it in your mouth…」

Her tongue moves were most likely the product of Shiro’s teachings, but most of the other techniques seem to have come from Dora, the professional. Each woman had a distinctive trait to their service: Dora’s textured tongue, Shiro’s intensely hot tongue and mouth, et cetera… But it seemed like Nem was particularly fond of taking the penis in as deep as she could, rather than licking.

「Ooh, I knew she could use her throat. What a waste… That technique alone could make her pretty popular.」

「Mmm! Mmm!」

Even while she held my penis in her mouth, Nem disdainfully responded to Dora. I got the gist.

「Dora. Nem’s not interested in anyone but Nubia, so that’s only your pipedream.」

Perhaps she was happy that her intentions came across correctly. Nem pushed her face in further, trying to swallow it all the way. I could feel her breathing, and a slight sensation of being sucked in. I wondered if I was about to reach her throat.

「Phew! …I can’t get it too far in this position… I’m sorry, Elliot.」

As soon as she said so, Nem jumped up and wrapped her legs around my head. With acrobatic flourish, Nem’s head was placed perfectly at my groin. Just in case, I held her waist to me so she wouldn’t fall. Nem, while hanging down from me, caught the erected penis in her mouth, and swallowed it. With her tongue, she adjust the angle at which the penis entered the mouth, and drew it further and further into her throat. Nem swallowed it to the very end, and I was hit with the sensation of the head of my penis being squeezed by her tight throat, and an overpowering vacuum.

「Woah, this…!」

Perhaps the fruit of her circus training, Nem lifted her body with only her arm strength, and thrusted her head to and fro.

「She is an acrobat… None of my girls could do this.」

「Nem-chan, you’re amazing…!」

It did feel good, but I was also uneasy about it. However, Nem’s drenched loins were directly in front me, which automatically thrusted back and forth. It seemed like a waste not to do anything with it, so I decided to give it a few licks when it came closer to me.


Her reaction was visceral. Her tight butt shook, and suction increased further at the back of her throat. As my semen curdled, I slobbered away at Nem’s virgin territory, sucking it. Stimulating it.

Her tiny hole opened and closed, as if it was breathing, as Nem’s arousal increased. Her development back there seemed to be in good shape.

Right before I released, I grabbed her waist tightly, and kissed her small but clearly identifiable clitoris. I blasted a flood of semen into the back of Nem’s throat. Nem’s body quaked, and suddenly released all tension after a few seconds. This must not have been her first climax tonight. I supported her body to keep her from crumbling, and laid her down on the floor.

Nem, who had been climaxed repeatedly before she began servicing me, seemed unable to focus her vision. I guessed that her mind was melting a little, too.

「…Semen… Tastes good…」

Nem mumbled in a dreamy state. It looked like she had swallowed most of the semen, apart from a portion that overflowed.

「Well, that’s good to hear. But I think that Nubia’s semen will taste much better to you.」

「Nubia… Oh, Nubia…! I want you. Let me drink your semen… Nubia…!」

Imagining herself in bed with the man she loved, her body desired even more. We had been using aphrodisiacs on her, and it was true that our training was to develop her unripe body into womanhood in a short amount of time. Still, I shuddered a little to think that her devotion to one man could change a virgin into such an immoral being. I presumed that her mother must have undergone a similar change… Perhaps, their blood made them more attracted to monsters.

「Nem. People are looking for Nubia. At this rate, he’ll be captured, killed, or else, he will leave this place alone in order to protect you… You don’t want that to happen, do you?」

「No, I want to be with Nubia. For ever and ever…」

The little girl, with a dollop of semen at the corner of her mouth, still lying on the floor covered in nectar and sweat, answered immediately.

「It may be impossible to continue living as human beings. But, if the human Nem no longer existed, and the human Nubia no longer existed… If both of you became monsters, you might be able to be together. I can help you do that… Do you want to be a monster?」

I knew exactly how Nem would answer. Still, I had to ask. In order to mark a distinction within myself.

「Yes… I want Nubia. I’ll be a monster, Nubia will be a monster, and will be together forever… Do it, please. Turn me, into a monster…!」

「Okay. I will do the best I can to help you turn Nubia into a monster. To help make Nubia yours. In order to do that, I will first violate your anus, turn you into a half-monster… And still as a human, you will be a hostage for Nubia. I will handle it.」


With that, Nem got on all fours, and stuck out her butt. Her tight butt was quivering in anticipation.

「The front is for Nubia… But this is to catch Nubia, and if it’s you, Elliot… It’s okay. Please… Take… My anus…」

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