Chapter 81: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: While Waiting for Nubia

Chapter 80: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Welcome to the Underground Labyrinth

Chapter 82: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Eyes of a Bat

Translator: Adam Seacord

There was something backwards about ravishing the anus of a virgin. For better or worse, I’m not homosexual, and I was sure that, whether the other hole had been used or not, it wouldn’t make a difference to the sensation in the back, but I couldn’t help but be a bit off-put. However, it may have all stemmed from the twisted fact that, the girl whose anal virgin I was about take had another man that she loved, and I was doing this all to help cupid their perverted attraction.

Slowly, careful not to hurt it, I poised my penis against Nem’s anus, and gradually pushed it in.

「It feels… Strange… My butt… Is getting pushed open…」

I used plenty of Chana’s slime, in addition to the medicine the prostitutes use, for lubrication. Although Dora and the others had trained her, I didn’t want to put too much pressure on Nem’s sexually inexperienced body. Although it had been expanded before with fingers and toys, her first penis seemed to make an impression.

There was a strong resistance, but the head of my penis finally made its way in after several minute.

「It’s so… So wide, there’s, something big, inside my butt…」

Since she had never been with a man before, this was also her first time taking in a penis with anything but her lips and throat. Nem’s body still refused the visceral sensation of intrusion. Still, Nem’s body, which had been forced into heat from the outside, steadily accepted the pleasure into her. She was tense at first, but as I petted her cute nipple, back, and her unclaimed virgin gate, she gradually relaxed.

Once the head of the penis had entered, the rest was relatively smooth. Slowly, and holding myself back, I thrusted the rest into Nem’s stomach. Nem stood on her toes, and her body either tried to withstand the intrusion or escape from it.

「I’m going to move slowly, Nem. Accept the pleasure, so you can feel good. Nubia’s will be much, much bigger.」

He wasn’t even there yet, but I mentioned the name she desires to fan her flame of passion. Her love for Nubia, although still underdeveloped, was repressed for over a year, disguised as a love for a father, and honed Nem’s lust into a point, almost to the point of overload.

「Nubia… Nubia will have me… Soon!?」

That was all it took to cause Nem’s colon to gyrate. I guessed that her vagina must have tightened in a jolt. Although young, Nem’s passion was already tantamount to that of a ripe woman. Her soprano voice bounced immorally. I thrust to the rhythm of the song.

「Ahh… Ahhh! Hahh… Aahhh…!」

An immoral birdsong, chirping in joy of the sexual bliss she had finally began to understand. In breathy staccato, she confessed her pleasurable sensations.

「It’s… Where I poop… By Elliot’s penis, in, and, out… Why does it feel good…!?」

「It’s all right, Nem. It’s a sign of a woman to feel pleasure from a man in your mouth, butt, and of course your vagina. So keep taking in that pleasure.」

As she held Nem’s body to keep her from falling, Dora occasionally pecked her lips, ran her tongue down her neck, or rubbed her nipples to provide continuous stimulation. Shiro seemed to be bored with just assisting. She was lapping my penis as it penetrated Nem’s rear to occasionally stimulate the junction while looking up at me.

「I’ll throw you a bone later, Shiro, so stay… Nem, I’m going to pour a lot of semen into your stomach, now. You’re going to bed with Nubia with that still in your stomach.」

Nem was oblivious to my hidden intensions. Still her hopeful future of sleeping with Nubia must have been shining too brightly in front of her eyes.

Nem’s back quaked, and Dora let me know that her climax was approaching. I acknowledged my magical power curdling along with semen, and cemented my mental image.

I tapped into the mantle of magic in my lower abdomen, stretched out a part of it, and brought it up to the hand that I had been holding Nem’s waist with. I weaved my magic like a spider. Picturing my fingertip as a pen, I ran it across Nem’s white skin as if it were a piece of parchment.

I pictured it. I was drawing the appearance I wanted to give Nem, and a mirrored image of a magical circle. With the branding pointed in toward Nem, and the branding pointed out from her, Nem, still maintaining her human body, had already become my tool.

But I was only half way through. Holding both arms above Nem’s small head, I invaded her with the thinly woven web. I stalked my way into Num’s heart to tie down a particular function. I did increase her sensitivity so she could feel more pleasure, but I wasn’t sure if it would be harder on Nem.


「Here I come, Nem. Keep my semen inside your stomach…!」

「Yay, come… Come! Somethings coming, again!!」

After another ten seconds or so, I reached my limit. My semen gushed out into Nem’s stomach, as her entire body twitched rapidly… Until a sudden calmness came.

「My stomach is full, and warm… It’s warm… I was about to, what, what what what…!?」

Nem was confused by the change to her body. She looked surprised that, although she had learned to climax through masturbation and her training with Dora, that she was unable to climax this time.

「I made it so you can’t climax, Nem. The next time you come will be when Nubia takes you. So, until that time comes, even if your body is subjected to an insane amount of pleasure, you won’t be able to climax… I hope Nubia comes here soon.」

According to my estimations, I poured plenty of magical power into Nem to change her into a monster. But, that wasn’t enough. Until the right time, I couldn’t have Nem turn into a monster.

「N-Nooo… I can’t, Elliot, my butt, I can’t…」

I ordered Dora to clothe Nem, and Shiro to prepare my clothes to prepare to make a move.

「I don’t know the details, here. Are you making Nem a monster and one of us?」

Dora asked. I wasn’t surprised that she would be curious, since I hadn’t explained anything in detail to her.

「That’s half of it. But, as you know, Nem’s head over heels for her father, Nubia. …Like father, like daughter… Well, I plan to make both halves of the happy couple my monster.」

Well, if that’s what Nubia wants.

I mumbled under my breath.

Then, with Shiro and Nem, I went into the underground waterways. I already had a location in mind. All that was left to do was call up Nubia.




I had notified Daria, who I had left in charge of the shop in Old Town, to close the store early that day. I had also told Layla that Nubia had been visiting the store (I was sponsoring Nubia’s adventuring work after all, I had to let her know), which led me to expect Layla or other people working for House Lambert to come to the shop.

Just in case, although there were not too many to begin with, I had moved all dangerous items in the shop to the Assassin’s Guild. The hidden passage to the underground waterways were blocked with wine barrels and fully stocked shelves.

I heard from Sara, who had returned home, that Daria had successfully made it there for refugee. As back up, I had kept Astarte on standby on the streets. If I were to find myself in a situation where I required assistance from Miyabi in the underground waterways, I would be in a pretty tough shape to accomplish this night’s objective.

I had the Assassin’s Guild members “looking for the wanted man” near the exit of the waterways, making sure that Nubia would notice them. When Nubia would return to the underground waterways to avoid contact with them, I would have Diana approach him.

Up to this point was Phase One of my plan.

「Master, who is the set up?」

When Lily wasn’t around, Shiro would beg for my attention as before. Even though she now had two people to depend on, she must have not have been getting much attention from Lily, whose child was almost due.

「Yeah, that should be fine. Then, could you turn down the lights, and take a look from the entrance?」

「…I want to, come…. But I can’t come…♪」

As I listened to Shiro, I was sitting on the couch in the basement as I continued to ravish Nem’s rear.

After moving to this location and taking a short meal break, I had immediately began going at Nem, and had ejaculated twice into her colon already. Nem, who had at this point, had (by my count) three orgasms forcibly cancelled, seemed to have lost some of her comprehension, and was now only calling Nubia’s name and complaining about her lack of ecstasy.

「I checked from there, and everything looks good… I’m jealous of you, Nem-chan. You took so many loads from Master…」

Shiro returned, and looked at Nem with envy.

「…But her she’s brought back down right before she climaxes. You don’t mind that, Shiro?」

After showing a flash of distaste to the thought of it, Shiro said:

「Oh, but if you’re teasing me Master, I wouldn’t mind that at all!」

With a slightly aroused expression.

「Once Nubia arrives, it’ll be your turn, Shiro. So, until then… Urgh!」

「Ahhhhh…. Ahh, I want to come… But I can’t, I can’t!」

A cocktail of semen and mucus was pouring out of Nem’s anus. Even her ever-so-slightly vegetated vagina was all sticky with her nectar.

A little while after unloading my fourth round of semen into Nem’s colon, Diana successfully came in contact with Nubia.

She told me that she successfully passed the audio-transmitting item to Nubia.


「It took longer than I expected.」

I was speaking to Diana through the transmitter. The techniques that I had first learned to protect myself, the transmission of sound and visuals, were still very useful to me. With my increased magical powers, I could transmit audio from nearly any point of the city to another.

「There are already soldiers looking for Nubia in addition to the Assassin’s Guild members, so it took me awhile to contact him without being spotted.」

The situation was going down as I had feared. I was lucky to salvage it, but if I waited one more day, I wouldn’t have been able to save Nubia.

「Did Nubia say anything when he took the item from you?」

「Not particularly. I only told him that Nem-san is safe.」

I don’t blame you, Diana, but you’re quite a gambler.

That could have easily made a scene by Nubia trying to capture Diana.

「I see. Diana, check the status aboveground inconspicuously, then go ahead and round up the guild members and go home. I’ll navigate Nubia to the rondevu.」

「Speaking of above ground… Coincidentally, I spotted the housekeeper of House Lambert on her carriage, on the move.」

Bam. My heart started racing.

「House Lambert’s on the move. Who do you mean by housekeeper?」

「The current head of House Lambert employs a senior butler of about the same age, but it is rumored that the next-in-line, Lord Lubreo, has a woman of noble-birth as a lover-slash-housekeeper. While her family is low in rank, she is very familiar with the shadowy business in the city. 」

…How do you know all this?

Diana answers before I could ask that question:

「I heard her voice when I passed her. I wouldn’t mistake her for anyone else… That woman was one of the knaves working for House Lambert who requested the assassination of Lady Olivia.」

It finally made sense. My mind almost began jumping to conclusions, but I held back.

「Diana, is she still connected to the Assassin’s Guild?」

「Since the Arachne that was used to contact them had died, we have had no means of communication. However, now we can contact them.」

「I see. Don’t contact them yet. But, look into this housekeeper. But, if she’s on the move… Maybe House Lambert isn’t holding punches in the darker side of town, either…?」

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