Chapter 83: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Nubia and Nem

Chapter 82: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Eyes of a Bat

Chapter 84: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Twining

Translator: Adam Seacord


Nubia’s voice echoed. He must have entered the room.

「Nubia… You’re here, Nubia…!」

Bursting with anticipation, Nem called for him.

「Welcome, Nubia. Nem is right here.」

Nubia’s eyes saw me sitting on a chair, and Nem sitting on my lap with her anus being penetrated.

「Bastard! What have you done to Nem!?」

With that howl, a battle axe flew from Nubia’s head, and accurate flew above Nem’s head into my forehead, which caused the glass to shatter with a cacophony.


Nubia stopped in his tracks.
Now I know that Nubia is a ask-questions-later type, I need to talk to him before he makes another move.

「Nem is not a woman, yet. She kept her virginity, to give it to you.」

「Nubia… It’s not, Elliot’s fault… I asked him to do it.」

My words made him hesitate, and Nem’s stopped in contemplation. I had to stop him before he could do anything else.

「Nubia, I’m sure you’re already aware, but look to your left. You only broke a mirror.」

Even as I acted all cool, I was getting cold sweats by witnessing Nubia’s decisiveness and accuracy. I had anticipated the possibility that Nubia would be enraged, so I had prepared a mirror in this L-shaped room, with dim lighting. …Although I didn’t expect him to throw a battle axe (not a knife or a hand axe) out of the blue. What’s more, he was absolutely certain that he would not hit Nem by mistake. He would never have risked it otherwise.

「Nubia, you see Nem as a woman. Still, you’re trying to treat her as your daughter.」

Nubia glares at me, as if he was trying to kill me with it.

「…That’s, not…」

「Then why did you get so angry just now.」

That was my proof. Whether it was true or not, didn’t matter. If I could get him to acknowledge, or convince himself, that his eruption of rage was because of his feelings for Nem, it would do.
Besides… I doubt that I’m wrong.

「Nubia, you were enraged thinking that I had ravished Nem. You might have been worried that she was killed or hurt, but your wrath had nothing to do with that.」

Nubia was silent.

「You thought I had taken Nem from you. You always thought that, while she was a nuisance from time to time, that she would always be with you, right? You thought that promise was broken… Either by her or by me, and that’s why you were enraged.」

「Nubia, really…? You were thinking of me, like that?」

「No, I… I would never…」

His words contradicted his painful expression.

…One more push.

「Then, you wouldn’t mind? I’ll make sure that she’s safe and comfortable. You can run away to wherever you’d like… Nem, I’m coming in your butt again.」

「No… Again!? I want Nubia, I want Nubia’s next…! Aaah! My tummy’s… Hot…」

A final push of semen into Nem’s colon. I had already told Nem beforehand to not look away from Nubia’s face. He saw a woman who was about to climax, and a little girl who wasn’t allowed that release. Holding Nem’s tiny waist, I pulled out my penis from her anus.

「Now, Nubia. Her vagina is still unused. If you don’t want it, I’ll be happy to use it for myself?」

I prodded him, if he could really live that scenario. Shiro had come out of the back, and gently stood Nem up on her feet before beginning to clean my penis. Shiro’s eyes had already turned into a female in heat, but I couldn’t’ take her just yet. I held her head back gently to tell her to stay.

「Nem, beg him. Tell Nubia that he’s not your father. That you want him to make you a woman.」

「Elliot, what have you done to Nem!?」

Nubia’s wrath was tamed by Nem:

「…No, Nubia. I asked him to do this.」

「That’s right, it was a request. Nubia, it all started when I showed you to Spider’s Web.」

Nubia’s expression froze.

「Nubia, don’t sleep with anyone else! I didn’t even like it when it was mommy, I hate it when you sleep with other woman!」

As she began to cry in her excitement, I held her shoulders and pulled her to me.

「Nem had told me that she wanted you for herself, and for me to stay out of the way. So, I asked for your story… Of course, I’m a criminal. I wouldn’t simply grant her wishes, but I drew up a bargain.」

「…What bargain could that possibly be…!?」

「You and Nem will be a couple. And, I will make sure that you’re safe. In exchange… I need you both to give up your humanity.」

Nubia was in shock. I could see that he understood, from instinct and experience, and from the glimpse of Miyabi in the underground waterways.

「Have you heard of the Man Eating dungeon in the mining village of Grendle? That’s where I’m from.」

Nubia seemed to grasp the gist of the situation from just that information.

「You’re the master, of that dungeon…? The dungeon of Grendle was taken down by this city’s army…」

「What if they were in on it? You know this story. Olivia, who was the commander of the Grendle invasion army and now heir to Earl Abram once spent some of her time at that village with me.」


Even thought Nubia wasn’t there in person, it had been know to Gordon, the ringleader of the circus, that Olivy and I had known each other.

「Olivia is always under threat of assassination, and my rut in life is to be prosecuted as a monster. So, we decided to control this city from above and below ground. And, Nubia. The men who are after you are enemies to Olivia. That’s why I extended a saving… Well, a meddling hand to you two.」

I couldn’t say that I was saving them. This was a bargain… More like a blackmail, from an irreversibly dominant position.

「Still, all that is from my perspective… And if Nem hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have messed with you two. So, this is only an invitation. You have to decide whether to accept it or not. …You’re not in pursuit for the moment. We have some time.」


「Nem. Now, you have to talk to Nubia.」

With that, I freed Nem. She only wore a thin silk garment on her upper body, while her lower body was completely naked. With tiny beads of sweat floating on her skin, the beautiful, immoral, songbird approached the dark giant. Nubia, whose body was three or four times larger than Nem’s, took a slight step back every time his tiny daughter took one forward.

「Nem… I’m your…」

「I know.」

Nem interrupted him. I could imagine that this conversation had been attempted numerous times.

「When Mommy tried to kill me, and I killed Mommy… Nubia, you protected me, but you didn’t take me, because I was just a kid. But it’s been two years.」

For two years, Nem had contained her agonizing desire without ever fulfilling.

「I’m not a kid any more. I’ve masturbated in bed thinking about you.」

There was no way that Nubia, who must have always been on edge as a mercenary and a man on the run, did not notice Nem’s habit.

「Did you know? Did you not know? That I masturbated over and over again calling your name. …That I had dodge every man in the circus who tried to sleep with me.」

Many women in the circus would sell their bodies at the towns they traveled to as a side business. Nem was just old enough to get started on that.

「I know it’s not normal. If anyone calls me crazy, I have to agree. Both Mommy and I loved you so much that we tried to kill each other… I killed her. How could I possibly be a human after all that!!」

Nem was crying. I couldn’t tell if they were tears of sadness, desire, or some other visceral emotion.

「…Nubia. Your penis got hard looking at me. I thought that you would finally take me, and you would finally make me a woman. But, you went to Elliot’s, and then to the place with the women…」

I see. Nubia had come to me because he was on the brink. He had been looking for a place to releases his ever-growing desire for Nem, who was becoming more beautiful by the day.

「Nem, I…!」

「…Nubia, it would be difficult for you to make it out of this town, now. I don’t know why they’re after you, when your bounty is from another country, but the nobles who oppose Olivia are madly trying to apprehend you.」

This was all true. I had a few guesses as to why, but it was more truthful and convenient for me to say that I didn’t know why.

「Nem had grown into a beautiful woman, which made it difficult for you to keep it in. That’s why you came to me, so you could have prostitutes who could pass as Nem’s age. …I’m sorry, but Nem has seen you in action a few times already. She’s seen you take a prostitute while calling Nem’s name. So, you have no more secrets to keep.」

「Nubia… Um, I asked Elliot, so I could practice making you feel good… And the ladies at the Spider’s Web taught me so I could feel good, too.」

「Nem…? What, are you…?」

Nubia spoke softly. He realized that the girl in front of him, whom he thought he had known everything about, now had a side unknown to him, and that side was stripped bare and presented to him.

「I made a deal with Elliot. That I would become a monster if I could have you, Nubia. So Elliot helped me. But if you don’t want me, it’s okay… I’ll ask Elliot so at least you could escape… He’ll turn me into a monster, and I’ll have him break me, so I won’t be me anymore. Then, I won’t miss you, Nubia…」

Nem missed the checkmate.
Why give him a way out? Why give him a choice to walk away?
…Perhaps because they were, in some small way, still father and daughter. I couldn’t even be disappointed. I could only watch.

…Nem covered her face with her hands, and bawled in front of Nubia. If she could have done this as a performance, I wouldn’t have been worried. Expect, I didn’t think she was acting. Even as she loved Nubia as a man, Nem couldn’t erase the father he had been. …Just as Nubia tried to protect his daughter from his own desire.
This is where it ends.
It seemed that I didn’t have enough power to manipulate people’s hearts, just yet.

「…Elliot, tell me this.」

Looking down at Nem in tears, Nubia mumbled.

「Sure, there’s nothing to hide anymore. I’ll tell you anything I can.」

「…If I become a monster, can I protect Nem?」

…How should I answer this? Ah, I can’t play anymore games.

「It’s well known that Nem is your daughter. Unless it’s clear that you are dead, Nem may be pursued. At the very least, she will need a new name and face. And… What I had in mind was to turn you both into monsters, and have you two live here, in the underground waterways that will one day become my dungeon, as my monsters.」

I didn’t know how their appearance would change, at this time. It was very likely that they wouldn’t be able to go out into town during the day. It would be impossible for them to continue living as humans. But, they could live together.

I explained all of that, and Nubia crouched down to pet Nem’s head.

「…I couldn’t stop my woman, and my daughter, whom I both loved, from trying to kill each other.」

Nem, her face soaked with tears, looked up.

「…I was told that I was born of a mother who was ravished by a monster. My mother died when I was young, and I have no idea who my father is. I don’t know if she was really taken by a monster, and it’s very likely that they just described my mother being ravished by an enemy soldier that way. Since I was sold back and forth as a slave since I was a kid, I never thought that I could ever experience normal love. So, even though we’re not related by blood, I wanted to protect my daughter…」

I remained silent, waiting for him to continue. This was Nubia’s confession. While I was definitely not a priest-like man, I was the only one there other than Shiro and Nem.

「But, I can’t. Yes, this girl is my daughter. Falling in love with her father, and wanting his body… She’s insane. Just… Like, me…」

Nubia had been agony between his desire to take his daughter and his need to protect her. Even though the world had caught up to them, and even though Nem had wished it, I was the one who took down Nubia’s rationality.

「Nubia, I heard your confession. I’m just a godless monster. So, as a mere human. As a mere monster, I forgive you. …Take your daughter. As you desire, and as your daughter desires.」

Nem looked up at Nubia. Seeing her, Nubia finally smiled.

「Oh, I’m a terrible father. For so long… I never wanted anyone else to have you. I’ve wanted to ravish you, make you cry… I’ve wanted you to bare my child!」

「Nubia… Give me your baby, Nubia…! Take me, make me a woman, mark me! Mark me so I will always be yours!」

And so, the father and daughter unrelated by blood, were now intertwined. A consummation without god’s blessing was about to begin. With me, a monster, as a witness.


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