Chapter 84: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Twining

Chapter 83: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Nubia and Nem

Chapter 85: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Horns and Wings

Translator: Adam Seacord


As a baby bird pecks at its feed, Nem’s lips rained down kisses onto Nubia’s face. Nubia arms, which had been wandering in the air, finally clasped Nem’s waist. Now that they had started, I had to start preparing my end.

「Master… I don’t have to wait anymore?」

Shiro came up from behind me. She lifted her skirt (shortened for mobility), and flashed her soaked loins. She must have been at the limit of anticipation. I had left dry to only watch the sex for this moment. I had to have her at the same state as Nem. So, I figured she deserved her treat now.

「Not anymore… We’re about to begin. But, I’ve gotten quite tired. Can you bring me a hot drink, please?」

「Master, you’re a meanie…」

Even as she said so, her eyes were gleaming with excitement for being taken by me, as she retreated to the back. While she did, I called to Diana and Astarte to check on my situation. The row boat flowed down the river, and although those in pursuit of Nubia have noticed it, it made it past their clutches. Since that was the case, I didn’t need to give it a Viking funeral to needlessly arouse any suspicion. If the housekeeper of House Lambert (who was most likely a witch) sent another familiar, they might have uncovered my trick, but I was ready to cross the bridge when I came to it. Except, seeing how I dressed up the boat, they would most likely think that the boat was a distraction, and that Nubia had already escaped from Abram at the same time. They would rush to cover the exits and gates of the city, and I doubted that they would consider the possibility of him remaining in the city. So, I considered us safe for at least the day.

I lit the incense (which I was told can be an aphrodisiac) that they used at Spider’s Web, and placed in the alcove in the room. I hoped that it would encourage at least some excitement in this bare room.

「Here we go♪」

Shiro came in with a warm wet towel and sweetened tea on a tray. She placed the tea set on the sideboard by the chair, and began cleaning my penis with the towel without saying a word. I had ejaculated several times already, but although my stamina was low, I had plenty of magical powers left. I was thankful that I had changed the prostitutes at Spiders Web into monsters to funnel magical powers to me gradually. I figured that, soon, my magical power daily influx would be greater than the time I had my dungeon in the mining village.

「Shiro, can you help me drink the tea, please?」

I teased her with this command. Shiro understood, and smiled. After she finished her cleaning, Shiro stood up and held tea in her mouth, then brought her face close to mine as I still sat on the chair. Our lips touched, and the sweet and warm tea poured into my mouth from hers. As soon as I had swallowed the tea, she inserted her tongue. Shiro, although she enjoys servicing me with it, would not instigate a tongue kiss unless I did. However, perhaps from her overwhelming excitement, she seemed quite assertive that day. I reached my hand out to explore the underside of her skirt, to find it already moist and warm.

I felt almost as much warmth from there as I did from the tea. Shiro’s thick nectar slobbered my fingers. I purposefully did not insert my fingers but put on some pressure and petted around her vagina.

「Master, don’t tease me… Please…」

「Please, what? You want me to treat you like that?」

I gazed over at Nem and Nubia, still kissing and petting each other. Shiro, perhaps in protest, lowered her position in silence to run her tongue along my neck, chest, nipple, and stomach before gulping down my penis after her dam of anticipation broke. I was sure that Nubia and Nem could hear us, too. The whole point of taking Shiro near them was to stimulate them, after all.

「Nem… Take mine.」

Finally, Nubia instigated. Nem’s eye gleaned in joy, before unbelting Nubia’s attire and releasing his onyx penis rearing up to the brink of explosion.

「This… Is Nubia’s…」

Her small hands grasped the stem, and Nem sniffed it, and gazed upon it as if it was a priceless artifact. With her patience long gone, she tried to swallow it hole, but Nubia’s penis was too big for Nem’s petite lips to cup all at once.

「Oh… Nem, you’re… You’re mine. You. Are. Mine!」

Nubia grabbed Nem’s small head and rocked it back and forth rather forcibly. She must have wanted to gasp for air, but Nem wrapped her arms around Nubia’s waist, trying to take him deeper and deeper down her throat. However, swallowing Nubia’s curled-up penis from below wasn’t the best way to go about it.

「Nubia, lift Nem up. Like an acrobatic act, her head down.」

「…What… Oh.」

Seeing that Nubia understood, Nem shifted herself on her own. She released her lips, then hooked her legs around Nubia’s neck. She showcased her soaked loins under Nubia’s nose as she hung from Nubia and cupped the penis from above.

「You’re… Looking at my soaking… Nubia…!」

She seemed to be already aroused from the act alone, and further stimulated by describing it out loud. Nem blushed, and put the penis in her mouth. This time, it seemed to have slid down her throat smoothly.

「So, deep… Woah!」

Nubia groans at the pleasure of Nem’s throat tightening on his penis. Nubia tried to bury his face in between Nem’s legs, but their difference in body size prevented his mouth from reaching her in their current position. He bent his waist slightly to put a little distance between their bodies. Nem’s flexible spine arched, and by Nubia crooning his neck down from this position, he was finally able to kiss her loins.

Although Nem’s genitals were trained by Dora and the other girls at Spider’s Web, not a man’s tongue has touched it before, let alone penetrated. She was now being pleasured by the tongue of her loving beau. That fact alone melted Nem’s mind to mush. Nem’s eyes were blurred, and she concentrated on servicing his penis. Nubia began to tremor. He seemed like he was about to ejaculate.

「Nem… Nem!!」

Nubia jolted, and came to a halt before his waist jerked forcefully. A massive load of semen floods down Nem’s throat into her stomach. Some overflowed out of the gaps in her lips and tiny nostrils. Slowly, Nem’s lower body arched back down on the floor. Her hips dropped, and her head dislodged from his penis.

「Cough… Nubia… You gave, me… So much…」

「N-Nem. Are you all right? You’re not choking?」

「I’m great. I was surprised a little… Did I make you feel good, Nubia?」

Nem turned to Nubia, who nervously observed his daughter, and sat up on the floor before slowly spreading her legs.

「Um… I… Saved, this. For you. They trained me so you can feel good. So you can pour everything inside of me. So…」

Nem spread her tiny crevice with her fingers. I thought I had heard a wet slosh even at a distance.

「I want you, to take my virginity, Nubia.」

Nubia inched his way down on his knees. He placed his rod against her, and slowly plowed deep within.

「Ah…! It’s coming in! You’re coming in! Nubia… Daddy, my Nubia, you’re coming inside of me…!」

「You’re not my daughter anymore! You’re… You’re my, woman! Nem!」

「Yes! I’m your woman… Nubia, take me…!」

When my stamina began to replenish, and my penis began to rise again, Shiro released it from her mouth.

「…I’m a little envious of Nem-chan…! Her first time with the man she loves…」

Shiro mumbled, glancing at Nem and Nubia. While there was some jealousy in her tone, I thought that I saw an older sister enjoying the growth of her little sibling. Shiro’s first was a rape, after being poisoned and overdosed on aphrodisiacs while her friends were slaughtered. Compared to that devastation, Nem’s first time, albeit in a dingy underground waterway, must seem like a springtime daydream.

Without realizing, I had petted Shiro’s head and lightly pecked at her earlobe. Perhaps she saw pity in my eyes. Shiro turned to me, and smiled slightly.

「But, I’m happy now. I got to meet you, Master, and Sara, Daria, and Astarte-san. And I got to see Lily again… And Lily and I are matching monsters.」

「You’re my monster, Shiro. That will never change. So, I need your help in performing a villainous deed, again. First… I’m going to take you until you go crazy with ecstasy.」

I stood up from my chair to pull Shiro, who had stood up after me, to steal a kiss aain. Her hands wandered in the air for a moment, but eventually wrapped around me. After enjoying the sensation of Shiro’s body covered in soft fur, I laid her on the ground. She ended up mirrored from Nem, where their heads could touch. Hearing the steamy voices from above her head, she also spread her legs to invite me in. Her tails fluttered lightly in anticipation for what was about to come.

「Um, Master. I can’t wait any longer…!」


The room was simple, with random pieces of wood strewn on the stone floor and covered with cloth. In that room, which did not even hold a bed, two couples continued to intertwine.

「Nubia… Nubia…! Give it to me, give me your semen, all of it!」

「Master…! Pound me, harder, harder…!」

In Nubia’s eyes, only Nem existed. He had already had a woman at the brothel before coming here, and he had already ejaculated down Nem’s throat, so I doubted that he would be climaxing soon. I had already pour four loads into Nem’s colon, just for the day. I didn’t think that our timing had to be completely in sync, but the closer the better.

Nem’s tiny vagina had taken Nubia’s unnaturally large penis, and was expanded as if it was about to burst. As she was a virgin, she was naturally bleeding, but any pain seemed to have been overwritten by pleasure all ready. Which was also natural, since that was my intent in having Dora and the other train her body for so long.

I realized that Nem’s tone had changed from that of begging aggressively to a sweeter, lingering voice. She might have been inspired by Shiro singing beside her, or just naturally talented for this. I had no way of knowing. Shiro gyrated her hips and wrapped her legs around me as if to beg, and cried softly.

「Master, I, want your, load, too…! In my tummy… All of it…」

Nem was saying something similar, too. So, I decided to ask her:

「Do you want to have a baby like Lily?」

「I, don’t know… But if Master could conquer me, and pour your seed inside me, and if I could have a baby… I would be, happy…」

Me? A father?

I had been so busy with not dying, not being killed, just surviving, that the thought had never crossed my mind. A child…

「Our child, Shiro, would only be a monster. He or she may not be able to live in human society, and I may just turn any child into a mindless soldier. Would you still want one?」

I wondered what it meant to Shiro for her to bear a child. I thrusted, and thought that I touched her cervix. Shiro was all slushy inside, and I couldn’t say that she was of a rational mind at the moment.

「Yes… I want to be dominated by, you, Master… I’m sorry, more than being a mommy, I want to be your puppy… It feels better, to be commanded and tortured…!」

Before me was a young woman, who had been overwhelmed by her female instincts, who had been tamed by my monstrous domination, who had turned her obedience to me into a source of ecstasy. A girl who was raped before her first love, then turned into a monster, and about to bear a monster offspring. It was hard to miss the overshadowing cruelty in all of it. Still, considering her alternate destiny as a slave or human shield to the Red Bird, this path seemed much less horrific.

Was I her saving hand?

My thoughts were washed away by Shiro’s gyrating hips. I look up to notice from Nem’s expression that her climax was approaching as well. It was nearly time to begin.


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