Chapter 85: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Horns and Wings

Chapter 84: Festival of the Acrobatic Horse Riders: Twining

Chapter 86: Shadows of the Past: Prince and Princess

Translator: Adam Seacord

While I lifted Shiro’s thighs and penetrated her vagina, I asked:

「Nubia, how does it feel to ravish your daughter? To finally release that pent-up desire?」

「I… Cound’t be, a father, after all! I have no more human morals. So what do I, have to lose? I’ll have her, forever. She’s not, my daughter, anymore, she’s, my, woman. My, wife. Nem. You’re, my, personal… Woman!」

「That’s right. You and Nem are now intertwined. Nem is yours, and you are Nem’s. You will relinquish your humanity, and become a single twine.」

「Glorious! I don’t care, about, humanity…! Since the day I watched Nem’s mother… My wife die, no, since the day I killed her… I have had no humanity left.」

The sound of meet pounding meet, the friction of rods rubbing through nectar, the smell of sweat and fluids, with a hint of the scent of aphrodisiac. Amidst all of that, the dark-skinned giant blurted out words of confession. Of course, no priest was there to hear it.

「Nem, the man you’ve wanted is yours. You promised me. Once Nubia was yours, you would give up your humanity.」

「Yes… Yes! Nubia, yes…! I just need you, Nubia, no one else! I don’t care, if I’m a human, or a monster. Nubia’s inside me, it feels, so good… We’re together, forever…!」

The singing bird sang her immoral confession, which were also her wedding bows. But there was no priest to officiate.

「Okay. I, the monster in the underground waterways, will bless you with my power. You forsake your humanity. You disregard human law. For your desire, for… Your love. With your own volition, you have decided to exit the human world, and enter mine.」

I rose my magical powers, and expanded my awareness outward. From myself, to Shiro whom I was ravishing. Then Nem and Nubia tangled together by us. They swirled to the wave of Nem’s ecstasy. For this ritual, I would be using that.

I concentrated on my fingertips, and imagined my magical powers woven like a thread. I outstretched the thread to connect Shiro and I. At the same time, I slowly pulled my magic stored in Nem’s lower abdomen to connect Nem and Nubia.


「Ahh…! Nubia, it feels so good, more, more…!」

Not that all sensations could be linked, but I synced the pleasure sensations coming from their whole bodies. I had experimented with Shiro and Sara before, but it was my first time connecting two couples at once. I doubted that I would be able to maintain this for long. All I had to do was turn it on when Nubia had his guard down. So, I wanted to synchronize Nubia’s ejaculation and Nem’s climax along with my own ejaculation as a trigger to maximize the probability for success.

「Master, I, I can’t, hold it, anymore!」

Perhaps I had teased her for too long. Shiro was about to climax already. Since our pleasure centers are linked, I strong urge to ejaculate came over me as she said this.

「Shiro, just a little longer…」

I tried to tell myself to hold back, to restrain myself… But (perhaps because I was linked to Nubia and Nem) my desires ran wild.

「Shiro, bear my child. A monstrous offspring. Fill your uterus with my semen, and bear it!」

「Nem, a child. My child! Bear our child!」

I couldn’t tell if the words that came out of my mouth belonged to my own desires, Nubia’s, or else, Nem’s or Shiro’s. The uncontrollable desire swept the four of us, and rushed us to climax.

「I’m coming! I’ll drink Master’s semen, woof! I’m coming!」

「Give it to me! I want your baby, Nubia, give it to me!」

「I’m coming, Nem! My woman! Bear my child!!」

「Shiro, take it! Bear a monster’s child…!」

Within the whirling ecstasy that nearly blacked me out, I triggered the final ritual with the last bit of rationality left in me. With my climax as a trigger, I started the morphing ritual (that would change to a monster anyone I had poured my seed into), but remotely. I knew I could use the women I had turned into monsters as a trigger, but in this case, I had use Nem, who wasn’t a monster yet. It was now or never. It was theoretically possible, but I had no idea as to the accuracy of it, which was why I had us so close together.

My semen, along with my magical powers, poured into Shiro’s uterus. Part of that magic sparked into Nem’s colon, then into her body… Triggering the lightly carved insignia on her outside. It was the magic circle that had changed the men of Red Bird into monsters. With this monster-turning ritual, both Nem and Nubia would become monsters.

For women that I had directly slept with to turn, their previous memories are untouched (other than Daria, who was on the brink of death), and while their personalities underwent some changes, that and their mind were kept sound. However, the men of Red Bird who I had remotely turned into monsters, even considering their beastly personalities to begin with, were left with their memories and mind severely damaged.

As to how much of their original personalities and memories would remain intact for the couple in front me… I didn’t know until the ritual was over. In a strict sense, it was possible that they would be left to be monsters without their memories nor personalities, nor any emotion for each other. Or, they could meld into a single monster… This was a secret I had to keep for myself.


Swallowed by the ecstasy of climax, Shiro had passed out. So, I was the only one left to witness their transformation. I gently laid Shiro down before standing up to watch.

A song-like, soprano cry echoed. A roaring bass rumbled. Their bodies slowly inflated, twisted, and intertwined. Luckily, their bodies did not meld, but I was sure that some parts of their existence now belong to the other.

Nem’s arms changed drastically. Her joints were remade, and white feathers formed. The feathers covered her back, forming wing-quills. Perhaps affected by Nubia, her feathers did not cover her whole body, but the front side of her was mostly human. Otherwise, she was a bird. Just like the song, the love-sick girl had turned into a monstrous bird… A harpy.

Nubia’s change was more difficult to spot at first glance. His shoulders widen further, and perhaps he shrunk in height, slightly. Given his original height thought, I doubted anyone would notice. I couldn’t see much change in his lower body, but his shoes looked like they were about to burst, so his feet seemed to be enlarged. The muscles in his upper body and arms grew thicker than before, and the chest section of his shirt blew up. His face was distorted as his mouth protruded. Sharp bones erupted at the sides of his ears as if to burst through his skin, and formed horns. He was a man with a bull’s head. A minotaur. According to a Southern legend, one guarded a labyrinth.

…Both of them had lost their human appearances. Nem’s arms were no longer human. She had talons at the end, and it looked like she could move it like a human hand, but she wouldn’t be able to go out on the streets looking like that. Nubia might be fine is he hides his face, but I was wary if his bull-shaped face could annunciate a human language.

What about their minds?

「…Nubia, Nem. You are monsters, now. Luckily, you did not meld together, but it would be impossible for either of you to return to living your lives as humans.」

The magical connection was still established as in previous cases, so if they tried to attack me, I could forcibly shut them down. Still, I had to hear their thoughts for myself.


In a low grumble, the man who was once Nubia spoke.

「Your memories seem intact.」

「It’s blurry, and doesn’t seem like it happened to me… But I know I’m Nubia, and that’s Nem.」

In reaction, a girl who was once Nem replied.

「Nubia… You’re Nubia. I knew it.」

I was glad to see that she remembered Nubia.

「Hello, Nem. Do you remember who you are?」

「…I’m Nem. I’m Nubia’s, and Nubia is mind. Um… I think, you’re Elliot. Right? I can kind of remember other things, but it’s so blurry. We, we’re in a circus…? I think.」

「Some of my memories are hazy, too. But who cares. Our human lives are over, anyway. As long there’s me and you, Nem. I’m not worried.」

It seemed that memories that mean less to them were fading away. However, their personalities and minds were intact. For them, that could be for the better or worse.

「Technically, you are both my monsters. One thing is, I will never separate you.」

Hearing this, they turned their attention to me. They were curious to hear the next topic of discussion.

「I’m making a monsters’ lair in the shadows of this town, and I plan to use that power… And work with Olivia, who is the daughter of Earl Abram, to take over this city. I will see to that you are both comfortable here, if you can live in the underground waterways. And, I want you to lend me your hands when I need them… A battle is brewing not too distant in the future.」

They simply nodded.

「Nem and I won’t be able to go out on the streets looking like this, anyway. We’re at your mercy.」

「But but but, don’t take Nubia away from me!!」

From their reactions, I could see that they both accept that they were monsters, naturally.

「I was on the run to begin with. I had consider leaving Nem, so at least she could find happiness…」

Said Nubia, and pulled over Nem’s slender body before laughing.

「I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t give this woman up.」

…That might have been the first time that I had seen Nubia laugh. I doubted that he ever laughed at all when he was a human.

「Then, is that a deal? Nubia? Nem?」

「I want a clean bed and a branch to sleep on!」

「…You heard her. Could you get that for us, my new master?」

Nem seemed to have settled on Nubia’s shoulder as her day-time roosting spot. Nubia did have Nem on her shoulders quite often before. I guessed that this was the most natural position for both of them.

I noticed Shiro waking up by my feet.

「Right. First, I’ll show you your lair, and your fellow monsters.」

Once Shiro had gotten up, satisfied with her hand on her belly and yawning, I had her prepare clothes for everyone.

「I’ll have a meal prepare, you must be hungry. Oh, and one more thing.」

I finished the tea in my hand. It was cold, but still sweet.

「Nubia, Nem. Let me welcome you. To my land about to be formed in Abram’s underground waterways… To the Man-Eating Dungeon.」


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