Chapter 28: Second Prologue – Once again, Welcome to the Dungeon

This is how I became the master of this dungeon, and the story of how those two maids parted with their human lives for my sake, and obtained their new-found lives as demons.……And, well, this is just how my life turned out. After all, I hadn’t thought as far as having to contend with a person with a dangerous occupation such as yourself.

It looks like you are able to feel it easily. And you are discharging a lot. It feels like if it goes on, there will be swimming pool under your chair. While listening to the story, do you want to be fucked yourself? Or were you pleased to be welcomed so enthusiastically by my two maids?…….I didn’t think that the drug’s effect would wear off in the middle of it. It looks like there is a good pharmacist in the assassination guild. If I hadn’t put a trick in the chair itself, I nearly would have had to kill you. Sara’s magic can be fired very quickly, but unfortunately, that girl is bad at holding back.

Well, I think that you know this, but at this present time, you neither have the strength nor the decent condition, right? After all, you know of those myriad of ways of doing things due to your work, don’t you? But, since I probably used methods that you know nothing about……Wouldn’t it be better to just give up already? If you want, I’d be willing to accept making a deal at any time, you know?

Or could it be that you are waiting for the Temple Knights, , for help? I think about an hour has passed since they came into the mine. You do know about the time when the betrayer, that you guys planted, will act, don’t you? Going by that look of yours, I guess it’s a bit more later on. Well, since you won’t be saved if it goes well, this would be a difficult choice to make. By the way, do you think that the assassination guild will save you……?

Oh, you do seem to understand. If the Assassin Guild’s job goes well, then the need to save you disappears as well.

I don’t think that you are just some underling, but they aren’t an organization free enough to move just for your sake alone.

If the assassination fails, the Temple Knights would come here, and they just might save you. They would protect the travelling female merchant that was swept away by demons, and those girls would triumphantly take you back to Water Gate City Abram. But before you would be able to escape from <Water Gate City Abram>, you would be charged with the responsibility of the mission’s failure and be given some sort of punishment……Going by the look on your face, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to return alive, does it?

Ah, I scared you, didn’t I? I’m sorry, okay? There, there, calm down. There is no one who wishes to die now, do they? What are you scared of? Is it because a superior of the Assassin’s Guild has slipped into the Temple Knight army, and you’re scared that you would be exposed to that person? Ah, I thought so. It’s simple if you’re tied down by fear.

If that superior were to disappear, there wouldn’t be any problems, right? I am the master of this dungeon. Although my opinion is divided on whether I should let the Temple Knights live or die, there is no change in the fact that those troops need to be defeated……And the preparations for that have been done and completed.

If you tell me about various things, don’t you think that it would be simple for your superior to meet with a sad “accident”? If you so desire, wouldn’t it be better to work at my place? Either way, you probably can’t return to Abram like this, and I was just thinking that I wanted a capable person that is well-informed about the dark side of Abram. I won’t force you. Even my demon powers are not strong enough to do that and it’s not like I enjoy unnecessarily killing you. If you don’t want to join me then you can just say so. I won’t be able to release you immediately, but once I have settled down, I will give you enough food and water to escape to the nearby town and then release you.

……After that, it’ll depend on your luck on whether or not a pursuer from the Assassin’s Guild will come after you. I’m not familiar with that organization after all. In the unlikely event that this dungeon was to be captured, well, just like I said before, you would probably be in the protection of the Temple Knights. What you need to choose is……Nn, what is it? Yeah, that’s right. I welcome your choice.

From here on, you will no longer be a human, and although I do not know what form you will turn into, you will be reborn as a demon. Well, I think you can tell from looking at the maids, but we still don’t know what kind of appearance you will have.
Now then, make a declaration. That in order to receive protection within my place, you will stop being human, and that you will choose to be my loyal retainer rather than be a member of the Assassin’s Guild. If you do, the contract will be complete. I will protect you, and then work together with you to defeat the arriving superior of the Assassin’s Guild. Will you join me?

…….Your voice is too soft. Could you say that again?

Once you wake up, I will once again tell you why things turned out like this. Now, relax your body……Forget about everything for right now, and accept the pleasure.

…Goodbye, Ojou-san and welcome to the Demon world of dazzling pleasure!



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