Manga0205 is Back with YHKO! B103 Fixing Night/Day Mode

Hey guys, it’s Nef here. I’ve got some really good news to share. I know many of you have been wanting some YHKO, well it turns out that Manga0205 was catching up with his other novel translation as it was in need of a boost since it was getting published. He is almost done and we have kept in contact for the past week. He is coming back with a goal of at least 1 Chapter of YHKO a week so things should become more consistent with the releases.

Also, sorry to everyone for the wonky site for the past 1-2 hours. B103 (the awesome coder who created the Night/Day mode) was trying to work on a fix, it turns out java script has some issues when forced on anything other than theme header. He is going to attempt a working fix for you guys in order to bring back the Night/Day mode so hopefully we can see the night scenery soon.

Ok that’s all the good news I’ve got. I hope everyone has a great day!

Happy Reading~



  1. Oohhhh……. finally…. I really like this series….

  2. Finally yhko is going to make comeback

  3. Thank god… I thought it was dropped… Been keeping my eye on updates for a while now

  4. at last… i wait for so long

  5. Ehhhh, and what about Sendai Yuusha, are you going to work on it after Isekai Maou “finished” as well?

    In 8 days, I’lln’t’ve read it for 1 year already O.o

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