Maou no Hajimekata: 2. Demon Lord And The Demon Fiancee

Hi Everyone!

I have an absolutely awesome news for you all Maou no Hajimekata fans out there!

Ok, so I’ve decided not to make it as an announcement (even though I think this is a big deal, and quite exciting news if I may say so myself) 😂 So I hope everyone gets to read this. Or maybe if you are a fan, or knows someone who is one, please help by sharing this news “Click that Facebook/Social Media icons down below” and spread it out there.

So Drumroll …. …..!! Ok, we have decided to increase the release schedule for Maou from 2 chapters a week to 4 chapters a week! Yup, that’s DOUBLE the release per week, WOOT!! 🎉🎉🎉 We all have been working really hard, and I would like to personally give a shout out to DarkHeartedAlchemist, Jay_Samuel and Cyrus for making this happen.

We are also only short on $3 before a BONUS chapter release. If you love this novel and want to support us, please consider donating as that means a lot to us and it will help keep this site alive so we can continue to deliver more awesome content for you all.

To kick off the celebration early, I will release a BONUS chapter right now. The regular schedule of 4 chapters per week will commence from next week. And heck, who knows, if someone is feeling generous, we may release more before the week starts. 😘

Thank you everyone, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!




  1. Huzzzzah! Huzzzzah!

  2. Main story arc ended, right? Now are some loose stories?

    • Actually, no this is the second last side story for Volume 1. We actually have uhm, an erotic scene coming up in a few chapters, then a closing chapter. After that it’s all the start of Volume 2!

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