Maou no Hajimekata Chapter 8 part 2

Announcement: Hey guys, first I want to clarify why I wanted to take on this project. Diwasteman was the translator for this particular novel, and he has specified that due to unfortunate circumstances he has had to go on “hiatus”. Diwasteman has not yet posted a new chapter for over a month now and in such an instance, the correct procedure would probably be to wait it out for another month or two of inactiveness. However Diwasteman has also stated and I quote “Because I don`t know when my situation will improve so don`t expect a release for a good 5-6 months.”

I believe this series to be a true jewel and it has most if not all the genres that I enjoy to read >.<…. I truly believe that it will be such a big shame if we had to wait out another 5~6 months before the next release so I decided to take on this project where it left off. Without further ado, I hope that you guys will Enjoy the Chapter!



  1. imacutemotherfucker

    i want more i became living cheat pls

  2. The position for my most favourite translator is shifting in your favour over Skythewoods…you are currently translating 2 of my favourite novels *eyes sparkle*

    • Sore wa katajikenai~

      • Also, can you pretty please translate it from Chapter 3 (Chapter 3 included)? Diwasteman did only machine translation and…saying they are abysmal is an understatement. I tried to edit what he did to make it readable for myself, but it is absolutely impossible to make head out of it.

        As for your responce…what does it mean?

      • My response in English means: I thank you for this favor. Hmm if more people want me to re translate from an earlier chapter I will consider it….I will make a poll about this in the forum a little bit later ~

      • First, I want to say a huge thank you for picking up this novel, it’s quite good in several ways.

        I also want to second a request to retranslate earlier chapters. Translation of previous chapters by Diwasteman is really very bad.

        Now, this might be asking for too much, but in case you are willing to retranslate starting from chapter 3, then perhaps you could just start from the beginning? It would be really awesome to have everything done in the same style and located in the same place. And I’m sure readers would appreciate the higher quality of your releases.

        Anyway, thanks for spending your time on this.

  3. Oh, nice, I also want to pick this up but I’m already filled with too many novels to Translate(3 is already too much for me)

    • Yeah this particular Novel was an exception, I just felt it was a really good Novel to let it waste for a couple of months. I don’t think I will be getting any more projects before handling the one’s I have properly first xD~

    • Lulz wherever you go and a novel like this pops up Pun appears… summon Pun burn panties at the altar of machine sliced bread

  4. Lol Uhoh… better tell my TL at RTD that if he wants parameter control remote he’d better think about claiming it soon…

  5. lol, I wanted to ask, if you could do this series and now you do before I could even ask. Thanks a lot.

  6. Where is the donation bar for this?

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