Maou No Hajimekata Novel Illustrations

Welcome to the Maou no Hajimekata Novel Illustration Page, here you can find all the images up to the latest Chapter.

Warning many of these images contain mature content that should not be viewed by those under the age of 18, Do not proceed if you are not of age based on your jurisdiction!

Volume 1 Illustration:

Volume 1 Cover

Prologue, Chapter 1.5, Chapter 4.5, Chapter 5, Chapter 6,

Chapter 6.5, Chapter 7, Chapter 7.5, Chapter 8, Chapter 8 Side 2

Chapter 8.5, Chapter 10, Chapter 11

Volume 2 Illustration:

Volume 2 Cover, Color Illustration 1, Color Illustration 2 (Character Illustration, may contain spoilers)

Chapter 12 Part 2



Volume 3 Illustration:


Color Illustrations

Black & Whites

Volume 4 Illustration:


Color Illustrations

Black & Whites


  1. Isn’t Volume 5’s cover out?

  2. There something strange about the foot of the volume 2 cover

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