Maou No Hajimekata Volume 1 Chapter 3

Hey guys! I have with you a Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata, before we go any further though I would like to ask a question to the readers :P, Actually I just placed a donation button for Maou no Hajimekata a few days ago for the half price of $30, But I was thinking of making it into $60 (which will be it’s regular price) but instead of releasing a catch up chapter, if the bar goes to 60 I will release the latest Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata (Which is Chapter 9). So the question is which do you prefer $30 or $60? Regardless of this fact, I will be releasing at least 2 catch up chapters of this project a week ~ Anyways Please Enjoy the Chap!


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  1. Well, considering you’re re-translating previous chapters, I’d rather keep it cheap, at least until you catch up and move forward.

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