Maou No Hajimekata Volume 1 Chapter 7 Part 2

Special Announcement: First I would like to say yay, this story is awesome!

and secondly I wanted to thank Daniel.B for sponsoring The Man Who Would be King, Originally I was just going to make the project inactive, as you guys know, that novel has extremely long chapters which is why I originally placed a sponsored chap at $80, but in any case, since a month ago, I reduced the price to $40, and finally someone has donated (ty so much) I gotta say it takes me about a huge amount of time to translate this novel. Nevertheless I see some of you commenting on both facebook and on the page itself wanting more of this novel~ Therefore I decided that if I can get another 2 sponsored chapters for The Man Who Would be King I will be willing to pick up the project again and release at approximately once a week.

Also I know that not many people are reading Maou no Hajimekata as this is a re-translation so I will probably have to make this announcement again when I actually post the sponsored chapter of The Man Who Would be King. In any case I will probably be doing the chap during very late Friday night and posting it during the Saturday morning, and it will be the next chapter I release.

Please enjoy this chapter of Maou no Hajimekata~


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how about you release The man Who Would Be a King once a month for note be overload of work