Maou No Hajimekata Volume 1 Chapter 9 Part 4

Warning: A little long… (but please read >.<) (Not a regular chapter just a motivated chapter)

Guys, it’s Nefarian here. This is one of the novels I started out translating from scratch from the prologue because the previous translator was using machine translations and while I fully appreciate all the efforts the previous translator has spent, many of you including me were concerned about the quality of the translations.

One really funny point I thought I’d share is that some of the sex scenes were translated incorrectly and when one of the “girls” were supposed to be talking, it was translated as “Aur speaking” (imagine what you guys may have been fapping to lelelel~) this and along with not erasing the majority of Japanese characters made the translations very erratic and hard to read.

If I hadn’t started from the beginning again, this novel would have easily exceeded the manga and entered volume 2 or perhaps close to volume 3 of the novel. This would have definitely helped to increase the viewership but I chose not to do this (haha not sure if it’s a mistake). Even now just checking jet pack statistics I know that this novel is not very popular, probably due to the manga being ahead (the good news is that it’s catching up)….  So I’ll be really excited to tell you guys when it exceeds the manga.

I was also reading through the comments of the previous chapter before going to bed the other day, and I must tell you guys that I really really appreciate the kind words of encouragement and support by all of you who commented in that chapter and it really motivated me to continue translating this novel and pump out this extra special chapter today~

I don’t normally say this, but I probably should make it a habit so: if you enjoyed Maou no Hajimekata thus far on this site. Please leave a 5 star like or even better write a good review at Novel Updates. I noticed that the series is gradually declining in rank as it was 4.1 before and it is now 4.0.

Every time I see the “outdated comment” of how the translation for this series sucks and how this series is shallow just ticks me off because I know that this is actually one of the top notch novels out there that have very descriptive and in-depth battle scenes, interesting and witty dialog, titillating erotic scenes, over the top and shocking moments of extreme violence, there is also the very dirty and underhanded methods of guerrilla warfare.

To top it all off the Main Character of the series is Aur, is a nefarious but very intelligent schemer who is able to use his evil plans to achieve his goals in a variety of thought-provoking ways. His final goal is to be able to create an unbeatable dungeon and to rule over it as the one and only Demon King. (for Nefarian it doesn’t get any better than this: It ticks every single box and it’s like Game of Thrones became a Japanese light novel, the ultimate erotic fantasy adventure to become the King of the Iron Throne~)

*A final word from me: If you guys can raise the ranking from the current 4 stars to 4.5 out of 5 stars on Novel Updates I am willing to break my back and go totally crazy for 1 week of Maou no Hajimekata – How to get Started as the Demon King. If it does go to 4.5 stars (I will momentarily halt all other translations for one (1) week and go ape-shit to catch up to the current Manga)! More so than actually giving me a donation for this series, it would mean much to me if you did the series justice and give it a good review.

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Nuff said Please Enjoy !



  1. dont worry about whatever they say…a lot of people support you just like me…i really enjoy this novel…thank you for your good work like always….

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    • I’m not to sure about all the complicated stuff, but if I see it as the number 4.5 on Novel updates, that’s good enough for me~

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    • You are not being a bother to me! you can most certainly update here or on the most recent Maou Chapter if you wish~

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