Maou No Hajimekata Volume 1 Prologue

Hello everyone! I have been asked by a variety of people to start translations from the prologue of this novel, I have decided it will be fun to do so, and perhaps it will shed a fresh perspective on this novel. Without further ado, I present to you the prologue of this amazing novel. (I have also included a beautiful illustration!)

Please Enjoy the Chapter~



  1. I have devoured all chapters out for this novel(+ the manga),this is really interesting!
    Translation from the Start or after the ninth chapter don’t Matter to me,i want read that:)

  2. ReadingInTheDark

    i have already read other TL and it was quite choppy and honestly this novel needs more love it has everything XD

  3. Hurray! TLer is back and a tl of a novel i wanted continued is back as well. Most of my favorite novels are in one spot now.

    *knock on wood*

  4. i remember this novel had translations… but was discontinued since TL didnt like it too much.

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