2. Demon Lord And The Demon Fiancee


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「Well but, I did not think that the Demon Lord Highness’s Queen majesty was such an adorable person」

「Oh, trying to hit on a wife in the presence of her husband, what a bad gentleman」

「Pr, Preposterous. I only stated the facts……」

The merchant nervously glossed it over at the girl laughing and giggling.

Donning a pure white dress with a somewhat yet lingering innocent looks that is as beautiful as a fairy. However, you would be hardpressed to believe that such elegance is that of an empress who usurped the throne.

「Now then, in regards to tax, I trust the aforementioned rate is good enough」

The Demon Lord who spoke in such an exquisite controlling presence too also possesses the majestic disposition befitting his title. No matter how you look at him, a young man in his early twenties. He appears to have lived not more than half the merchant’s life, but the intimidating air he gives of in his composure, his discerning eyes, can only mean that he is exceedingly way more superior.

「Ah. Haa……」

This little exchange just now strongly suggest so. In truth, the merchant wanted to conclude the negotiation with the price in his favor. He had intended to start from the queen who seemed to be an easy prey and so he called out to his surprise he was beautifully counterattacked and thus the result.

「……Now then, I have learned a great deal today」

He genuinely expressed so and then politely excused himself from the castle. Savages who usurped the throne with military might, flattery enough will probably do them in. He will just extort everything he can from then……such were the thoughts he had in his mind when he had just reached the castle, but now they are completely gone as if they were never there.

Even the suggested tariff, was an amount he could barely consent to. He is even smarter than the previous king in regards to politics. At least he couldn’t perceive the impression of crushing and taking all he can out of the kingdom from him at all.

Perhaps this rotten corrupted kingdom might finally move forward in an upright direction through the Demon Lord.

— — Nah, that is way too optimistic.
The merchant shook off such thoughts that ran through his mind for a second. The most important thing in a trade is to always conduct yourself while assuming the worst. Such carefree expectations is of no use whatsoever.

However, no matter how much the merchant shook his head, the thought clung to a corner of his head unable to shake it off.

「Phew……It somehow ended well」

Aur relaxed his tensions and breath out a sigh as he leaned back on the chair. It was troublesome task, at the last and final moments of the day.

The opponent is a wealthy merchant and a mediator for the Guild Association. After meddling deeply into every little thing, though he seemed to consent to it in his mind but still grumbled it isn’t nearly enough. Come to think of it, he pulled out with astonishing speed at a glance from our proposals he couldn’t accommodate. Although it may have appeared I was saved by Yunis and the Demon Lord’s false reputation, but it was quite the nerve-wrecking task.

「Welldone, Aur」

Yunis thanked him, wearing a white dress which flutters nimbly.

「Yeah, you too, you did well」

However, Aur’s gaze was fixated on her.
Speaking of clothes that Yunis wears, either adventurers’ costumes including protective gear, tunic jacket on long breeches pant that seems easy to move in, or clothes like one-piece bliaut for men that lack any hint of sex appeal whatsoever, so this is the first time seeing her in an attire akin to a skirt.

「I guess the clothes make the man. It looks so good on you beyond my expectations」

However she unexpectedly wore that appearance quite well.

「I am quite flattered by your praise」

Her appearance when she respectfully picked the edge of her skirt up and bowed her head reflects the very definition of a noble young woman.

「I guess I should say as expected of a princess. You were a big help this time」

「Aur too, your table manners was quite flawless」

When he said that in admiration of the Yunis’ aspect that he doesn’t get to see everyday, she reverted her tone of voice back to her usual self and then replied in a sulky manner.

「Did I fail anywhere? I believe I conducted myself the exact way you thought me beforehand」

Even the mighty Aur isn’t that versed in matters of aristocratic etiquettes. Though it was done hastily, he learned some marginal etiquette from Yunis but.
When he got them all down perfectly as if he was being sarcastic, Yunis shook her neck sideways.

「How long do you think it took me to learn those etiquettes. For you to have grasped it from just that little demonstration from before」

「Even if you say that. And it is not like I have grasped it all. I just imitated your conduct during times that I raised suspicion」

「Yeah including those is why I said you got them down flawlessly! This is why a good castle lord is-! After all I am only just a foolish child! 」

After Yunis screamed and inflated her cheeks poutingly, she got on Aur’s laps violently.

「Another strange thing……」

Her sitting down in this manner like this probably means that she is not seriously offended, but it is quite conspicuous that if certain words of comfort are not expressed to some extent, her temper is only going to get worse.

Aur was then in a fraught about what he should say.

「What is going to happen to this country, I wonder」

Yunis asked in a serious tone emphatically.

「What do you mean by that?」

Aur couldn’t see Yunis’ facial expression facing down as she sat on his laps.

「Aur……kills only those who opposes him, and spares those who submits to him right? So I was thinking if this country will really last……」

「Haa. You meant that. If that is the case, then you have no cause to worry. A vast country’s territory is akin to a chicken that lays golden eggs. I will not do something foolish like strangle it to spawn eggs and just take it away」


Yunis suddenly turned around and stared directly into Aur’s eyes.

「You should also be aware of my way of doing things right. Until now have you seen me do such a thing?」

「Yeah I know that……but」

Yunis is well aware of the intricacies regarding the management of a country.
If it were a village or a town, a single quick-witted and resourceful person might be able to pull through.
But if it is on a scale of a country, then it is hopeless. Several couple capable and talented individuals are indispensable.

「Well certainly the remaining lots are all incompetents, rotten pieces of shit who only know how to look after their own skin. But they were only able to remain corrupted because there were people who diligently supported this country wholeheartedly. Should the country fall so will they. So, they are all desperate right now.

Ku ku ku, Aur leaks out a wicked laugh. But Yunis still wore a depressed face. There may certainly be people who would have a change of heart from just that, but in reality that hardly seems sufficient enough.

「Do you not remember who it was that executed the decent guys? 」

Guessing her thoughts, Aur asked thus.
Yunis blinked several times blankly.

「Who as in……Logan?」

「Right. A soul specialist」

Yunis raised her voice like “Ah”.

「If killed without any damage to the soul, first off, there is no chance of failure in attempting revival, regardless of whether the body had turned to ashes or not. If killed normally, the soul that is attracted to the body too will be hurt, but if burned instantly altogeter with no time to feel pain then……」

「Are there any undamaged souls in safekeeping?」


Aur smiled grinningly shaking his neck sideways.

「It has been altered in both form and appearance and slipped into the backbone of the country. There is no way I can just carelessly kill rare talented individuals who serve their country devotedly without regards for their own life right」

After literally taking control of the soul, there is nothing to resist.
He will have those that are in hiding gradually take over the jobs, and those that show motivation among the corrupted will be used as they are while the unlucky ones will just be disposed off once again.

「……That’s great」

After explaining thus, Yunis worried expression crumbled and she gently stroked down her chest in relief.
Though she is still young she must have been raised with the mindset of a ruler.

「You are unexpectedly such a worrywart」

「I mean, this is a place that is going to be Aur’s country right?」

When Aur said that leaving himself out, Yunis replied thus wonderingly.

「Well, that is indeed true but」

「Then, it is also my country isn’t it. Because I am Aur’s wife afterall」

She let out a bright smile across her face as if it was a matter of course.
Aur unconsciously deflected his eyes away from that blinding smiling face devoid of any shadow whatsoever.

「……It is not like we have yet formally gotten married already right. If I made you into my wife and put you by my side, I will not have to always be on guard. Even a bluff will work, I only need prepare substitute for public appearance」

「Have yet. Which means in due time you will right?」

Yunis tried to peer into Aur’s face who turned away from her as if chasing after him.

「For now I will leave it 『at that』but should you change your words later, it will also evolve into a diplomatic problem」


Yunis loosened her cheek in a complacent smile to Aur who gave out a snort without repudiating.

「I like you- Aur-」

「I see」

「I love you-」

「Alright alright」

Yunis go around before Aur who waved his hand in irritation.

「Don’t be shy now-」

「I wasn’t particularly feeling shy」

「Turn towards here……Hmmm」

Yunis words halted halfway, and then resounded in a muffled sound.

「Hn, fu…….eh, right here……?」

With a 180 degree change in attitude unlike a minute ago, Yunis cast her eyes downwards and shyly asked.

「I already cast a human-warding barrier. It is alright」

As Aur waved his fingers, the light from the candlestick illuminating the room suddenly vanished.


The light of the moon coming through the window shine on both of them.
And so the two shadows growing eventually overlapped.



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