4. The Little Girl And The Big Sister


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 4. The Little Girl And The Big Sister

Lilu springs up from the bed at the sound of a knock on the door.
The amount of people who properly knock her room door are relatively few. Yunis usually either proceed to open the door immediately after knocking or just waltz in forgetting the knock process, Spina actually wouldn’t even visit her room in the first place.

The one who properly knock on the door is pretty much only Aur.
Lilu quickly comb through her hair while glancing through her dresser mirror, and stretches the ones that spring back straight up.
And then once, twice she cleared up her throat and opened the door.

「Yes, Come in……wait 」

The one standing there was not the Sorcerer with the amber hair that she had imagined.

「Mary, what’s wrong?」

It was a very young blonde girl .

「Logan is not around so I am bored. Lilu, play with me」

「Ahh……well he is serving as Aur’s bodyguard afterall」

For the purpose of subjugating the recently conquered Figuria Kingdom under his ruling he won’t be coming back to the labyrinth for a while. Well because to the remnants of the rebel opposition there is no greater opportunity than now, he brought along Yunis and Logan as guards to accompany him.

「Spina is around isn’t she?」

「Sofia is no good. She is useless」

「What do you mean useless」

Lilu involuntarily burst out in laughter at Mary who made an unhappy face by squezing her lips tightly it made an upward arrow sign.

「Alright alright, this Big sister Lilu here will play with you」

「Thank you, Lilu! 」

「It’s Big sister Lilu okay」

「Let’s play with ball, Lilu」

「Hey listen already」

Lilu bursted out to the passage, after chasing Mary who was doing things at her own pace. And at that moment, the ball made of cloth springed up, and started rolling through the passageway.

「catch it, catch it」

「yea yea. Honestly, why don’t you calm down a bit」

Lilu chased and picked the ball up while grumbling, she then tossed it to Mary. Mary spreads both of her hands and caught it, while giggling at the same time.

「Ready-, take! 」

「Mary, you suck at throwing ball」

However, the direction Mary threw the ball back to was completely off course, so Lilu went to pick it up while dishing out complaints.


Mary dropped the ball that was thrown at her, she picked it up and then attempt to throw it again.

「a-ha-ha, take! 」

「Geez, like i said throw it properly! 」

Lilu picked and threw back the ball that was thrown to the wrong direction.

「Take! 」

The ball flew to a wrong direction again.

「Ah, this is one of those things that are repeated indefinitely」

After repeating the process for about ten times, Lilu finally realized she is in a situation similar to a dog that is being forced to play fetch.

「Say, Mary……should we, play another, game……?」

Even though she is floating in the air, been made to go on such round trips repeatedly like that is sure to get tiring. Lilu made the proposal while breathing roughly after gasping for breath.


「……oh that’s right, I will make something nice for you」

Lilu stroke the wall with her fingers, as soon as the idea popped in her head.

「Since it possesses sufficient thickness, it should be fine right……」

While murmuring, she traced a faintly shining circle with her fingertip.

「This should do it, here」

Lilu pushed her palm infused with magic power against it, then the labyrinth’s walls started distorting flabbily, and so almost like a vomit, lumps of earth were spewed out in the passageway.

「if it was Aur attempting this, this much probably won’t take him more than a snap of his fingers for everything to be set 」

While complaining, Lilu was putting the lumps of earth in order, at the same time was finishing the engraving of magic circle on its surface.

「What is, that?」

「I am making Mary’s playmate」

Mary stares at Lilu who was kneading the lumps of earth with such curiousity.

「Would you like to try doing it together?」

「Yes! 」

As she asked, Mary nodded affirmatively right away.

Alright then, with this it’s completed! 」

「Finished-! 」

Mary and Lilu together raised up both of their hands in delight of the completed task.

「Oh, that is quite the turnover」

​Lilu nodded in satisfaction, gazing at the completed figure all over again.  ​Though it was made possible with a bit of sorcery, it was a considerably sophisticated figure given that it’s just lumps of earth.

「​There are few faults in the motif but……​」   

​Four thick arms, a toned physique, and two curved horns like that of a goat.

「​It is Logan-! ​」   

​No matter how you look at it, it is the same appearance as that red lolicon demon.  
​Lilu originally was just aiming to make a rough humanoid figure. However, Mary just willfully increased the number of arms, attached the horns, and made it grow a tail, Lilu who was being defiant too then started building an earth statue of Logan.  
​Secretly worrying if whether it will move properly, Lilu infused magic power into the clay doll. Immediately, the eyes of the clay doll shines red, and then stood upright from its initial kneeling posture.

「​It works then. Golem, hold Mary up​」   ​

As Lilu ordered, the clay doll lifted Mary gently with its four arms and placed her on top of its head.

「​So high! ​」   ​

Mary grabbed the golem’s horns and raised its voice in laughter.


​The golem walked through the passageway, as it continued raising its voice.

「​Huh? I don’t remember including a function to raise its voice……​」   

​For a golem to have a vocal function, an hollow running inside its mouth has to be created to a certain extent. Though its appearance might look exactly like Logan, I don’t remember creating internal organs for it to be able to open and close its mouth like that.

「​Or rather, where are you going! ?​」   ​

Lilu finally realized that she didn’t even give it the order to walk in the first place, so she chased after the golem in a hot haste.

「​Stop right there, I said stop right there! ​」   

​The unrefined movements of the golem steadily became smooth, and then continued running away while making footsteps sound.

「​Amazing, so fast​」   

​Mary was in bliss, as her hair flutters in the wind. In contrast, that was far from the case for Lilu who was chasing after them.

「​Joooooooooo……! ​」   ​

In spite of being created from clay, its running speed already surpasses that of Lilu’s flight speed. It keeps running at full speed swinging its long arms and legs befitting its large build.

「​Littleeeeegiiiiiiiiirrrlll ​」 

「​Hello-! ​」   ​

Without realizing that it had long shook off Lilu who was on its tail, so now it just keeps running while howling and Mary who is riding on top of it waves at other inhabitants of the labyrinth they pass by.

「​Ah​」   ​

Mary raised her voice at Spina who was just stepping out of her room.  ​The Golem passed by her in the blink of an eye, and keeps running through.  ​Spina merely took a glance at Mary who was riding on top and then overlooked them without even a change in her expression, when Mary turned to look back she wasn’t even looking at their direction.

「​Sophie……​」   ​

Mary suddenly tightened her mouth while staring at her back. ​While Mary was doing that the Golem kept advancing increasing the distance and eventually Mary turned around when she started to hear a reverberating sound like that of a heavy rain.

「​It is the river​」 

​Mary murmured in a few words. ​The underground waterway that is used for laundry and as irrigation flows, while making sound. Without caring a bit the Golem plunged into the river gushingly.


​Although it is made from sorcery, it is after all lumps of earth. So the Golem started crumbling steadily.

「​No. No don’t, Go back​」   

​As Mary says that while forcefully pulling the horns hard, the Golem wouldn’t listen and just kept advancing deeper into the river.

「​Don’t, I say don’t, you will break apart​」 

The hands came off like a melting butter, one side of the horns cracked, the body then begins to wane as it is being swept away by water. One leg from the knee snapped like a twig, making the tip of Mary’s foot to be submerged.

「​Now way, after all the trouble of creating……! ​」   ​

And as such, Mary cried out in panic.

「​Logan!​ ​Stop playing pranks on me! ​」   

​At that moment, the Golem’s movement suddenly came to a halt.

「​……Since when, did you notice?​」   ​

Up until a while ago, a meticulous fluent voice came out of the Golem’s mouth.

「​That time when your eyes was shining​」 

「​Isn’t that the exact moment I entered! ?」   

​Even though he intended to naturally possess the Golem enough that Lilu who is also a Demon failed to notice the moment he took possessesion right in front of her eyes, and as such Logan’s pride took a little hit.

「​My leg is feeling cold. Go back​」 

「​Oh. ……however, if you wait a little longer you will see something interesting​」 

「​Something interesting?​」 

​Logan concealed his laughter at Mary who tilted her head in confusion.

「​Mary! ​」 

Mary turned her head to the familiar voice within the sound of water.

「​Don’t move!​ ​You hear me, just stay motionlessly okay……! ​」   ​

Spina started folding up the helm of her robe, and then stepped in to the river.


「​Stay still! ​」   

​Spina shouted in a loud voice Mary had ever heard from her before, and then began constructing complex symbols while chanting a spell. And then instantly, the water flow became loose.

「​Sophie! ​」   ​

Then Spina lifted Mary from the top of the crumbling Golem. And then hurriedly reached ashore.

「​Oh, welldone​」   

​After successfully carrying Mary to land, Logan then spew out a few clusters of fire as he leisurely called out to Spina who was still trying to regain her breath unable to even wring out the water off her soaked clothes.


​Spina’s clothes and hair dried out instantly, while making a sizzle sound.  ​She raised her head up looking dumbfounded at Logan.

「​I was just playing with Mary in the water, we seemed to have frightened you ​」   

​Spina’s face turned red for a second, at what Logan said shamelessly.

「​Sophie————! ​」   

​Mary embraced Spina with a full smile on her face.  ​Spina’s eyes were wide open, and then turned to look towards Logan with eyes as sharp as a blade.  ​However at that time, the crafty demon had already vanished at the first opportunity.  ​Spina’s hair stands up ruffled and wavy like a serpent.

「​Waa, it’s Sophie, it’s Sophie​」   ​

However, seeing that kind of Spina, not only was Mary not scared but instead pressing and rubbing her head against her in delight.

「​Why are you so happy……​」   ​

While exuding bloodlust enough to kill a small bird Spina raised her voice filled with resentment.

「​I mean, instead of being all nice and all, being this way is more Sophie-like ​」   ​

But after hearing that reply, Spina’s malice faded and her hair settled down all of a sudden.  

​Perhaps it would be better to deliberate on how to interact a bit more……  ​Spina was greatly troubled alone, at Mary who was smiling looking all happy.



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