8. The Alv Priestess And The Demon Lord Apprentice


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8. The Alv Priestess And The Demon Lord Apprentice

「Recently, Lord Aur hasn’t touched my vagina」

hoping it was not because of that rumor.
Nadja somehow managed to ingest the words that was just spoken.

「Have I perhaps been abandoned by Lord Aur……?」

「He is probably just busy. Even if it is a small country, he just finished conquering a country」

She said such in attempt to comfort Sharl which by the way was not false.
In reality, Aur has been extremely busy for quite some time now, after having successfully dominated Figuria Kingdom. With quite the extended number of days that he didn’t return to the labryrinth.

「Is that, truly the case……」

Her long and narrow ears sticking out from her beautiful emerald green hair droops a bit in despondence. Though being in this state gives a somewhat momentary appearance of a delicate and beautiful girl.

「We have been entrusted with taking care of things in his absence. A person who would entrust you with such important responsibility wouldn’t abandon you right」

「That might be true but…」

It is not like she didn’t understand Sharl’s feeling who seemed like she was about to say, “That’s not what I meant”. Both Nadja and Sharl are subordinates of Aur and at the same time are each on their own his concubines.
Nadja too possesses the desire to not only be indispensable as a warrior but also as an ordinary woman.

「I heard that the Figuria Queen has a very voluptuous one 」

Sharl who was repeatedly pricking her flat breast.

「As I thought, maybe Lord Aur prefers big breasts……」

Her fixed gaze was piercing through Nadja’s breast.

「Don’t you think that is……unlikely?」

Nadja squirms around while reflexively suppressing her voluptuous breasts with her arm.
Those lumps of meat she thought of as nothing but hindrance during sword practice. But it is also a fact that she feels somewhat boastful when Aur makes sport of them, and also when she uses her breast to give him all kinds of services.

「I mean, Yunis too doesn’t boast a big one, right? 」

Nadja hastily glossed it over with that to Sharl who was turning a suspicious look at her. The girl with the ambience of a boy, although not as much as Sharl still her body is lacking serious feminine composition.

「To begin with, isn’t it already a loss cause to compete in constitution with Lilu around?」

The body of the Succubus Lilu, can be said to exist primarily for the sole purpose of pleasuring men. Her proportion is so perfect to the extent that even to same sex, it is enough to make them sigh in frustration, and yet overflowing with seductive lusciousness. Rather wouldn’t saying something like competing with a human body far more reckless.
Compared to that, Sharl who possesses the fairies’ peculiar beautiful looks is more blessed than Nadja.


Sharl suddenly stood up and clenched her wrist, as she murmurred.

「I believe Lilu was in the dungeon today right?」

「Yeah, that should be the case」

Nadja nodded looking confused.

「I am off to inquire the secret to being loved by Lord Aur! 」

「He, Hey! 」

Sharl rushed out of the room before Nadja could even stop her.

She dashed through the stone corridor heading towards Lilu’s room.

「Excuse me! 」

「Eh? Wh, What……?」

Just as she opened the door without even knocking, the unparalled ethereal beauty was lying on the bed reading a book. There were wastepapers and heaps of undressed clothes scattered all over by the side, so much one wouldn’t believe it was the room of a peerless beauty.

This obviously has Aur’s favoritism written all over it, a pattern of recurrent negligence could be inferred from the state of the room.

「……sorry for disturbing you」

Sharl shuts the door expressionlessly.

「Eh, What! ? What was that about— ! ?」

Lilu’s bewildered voice echoed from within the room.

「So, why are you here?」

Spina asked thus with a flat voice devoid of expression, while in the middle of mixing two different kinds of medicine.
Unlike Lilu or Yunis who are sociable, Spina almost doesn’t interact with Sharl and the rest of the group.
It was unexpected that Sharl came to consult with her like this.

「Lilu doesn’t seem reliable much, and Yunis is out serving as bodyguard for Lord Aur……」

In order words it became my turn through the process of elimination, thus Spina was satisfied with the logic.

「And also because I thought Spina was the most beloved among us」

Spina’s hands that were mixing the medicine came to a sudden halt.

「……why do you think that」

Spina asks, with her static expression like that of a noh mask.

「Well, because Lilu is a demon that Lord Aur summoned, and Yunis is a hero. They are both people who cannot be afforded to leave this labyrinth. However, umm…… no offense but Spina is」

「So, because I do not contribute…… to the war potential, I must have been loved by Master? 」

Spina added a few more medicines to top up while making a parching sound, and then resume mixing the medicine.
Sharl became a little worried thinking if it was alright as the liquid medicine steadily began to be dyed in vivid pink color.

「Let’s say that is true, do you expect me to teach you the methods to be loved by Master?」

Sharl too agreed, thinking she has a point.
Sharl herself never considered something unrealistic like monopolizing Aur.
The same can be said for other wives and concubines too.
For some reason it feels different with Spina. Her love when viewed objectively seems to be a bit special.
It won’t be strange even if she was thinking of keeping Aur’s affection all to herself.

「That……is true. I am sorry」

「That goes without saying. There……there is no way I am telling anybody, something that embarassing」

Spina said that without lifting as much as an eyebrow, while mixing the medicine that had already been dyed deep red.



Spina was conversely surprised at Sharl who opened her eyes wide in surprise.

「What do you mean embarrassing……aren’t you refusing because you don’t entertain the idea of giving assistance to a rival?」

「A rival?」

Spina tilted her head to the side in puzzlement.

「Because you wouldn’t want others to steal Aur-sama from you」

「In what way could you mean」

This was the first time Spina revealed something akin to an emotion mixed in her voice.
It was a voice seeming to want to convey her unwillingness.

「Stolen or whatnot, Master does not belong to anyone. Rather the one who belongs to him is me. From a single strand of hair to a drop of my blood, every part of me belongs to Master」

Sharl’s eyes was like that of someone who had just received a revelation upon hearing Spina’s assertive succinct words.

「Thank you very much, Spina! 」

Spina was staring at Sharl who glasped her hands together tightly, as if she was looking at a strange animal.

「I have always been on the receiving end that I had forgotten the most crucial thing……the foremost thing which is to please Lord Aur!」

「Well, I am happy……for you?」

Spina played along and nodded appropriately while feeling perplexed at Sharl’s reaction.

「To that end」

Sharl turned her eyes looking all sparkling towards the baffled Spina.

「Let’s come up with ideas together. What kind of alluring invitation would please Lord Aur.」

「No thanks, I am good」

Spina mercilessly shoots down Sharl who suggested the idea from her innermost depth.

「As expected, basically I think it would be better to learn how to flow with dirty words right! 」

Ah, It is no use, she is also among the types who don’t listen to people.
Spina instinctively discerned so, as the image of a little girl with blonde hair crossed her mind.

Sharl continued speaking completely unaware of Spina who had completely moved her attention.

「We are at a disadvantage in proportions so rather than competing in nude I think we should go with a more distinctive approach utilizing an imaginative element like showing glimpse of our underwear or skin, what do you think」

「Yeah whatever」

「I see, so regardless of whichever one, we should attempt to make use of all of them is what you mean! 」

Someone please save me.
Spina wished so, for the first time in her life.



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