And So the Succubus Girl Smiled Part 1


Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist


And So, the Succubus Girl Smiled, Part 1

「Hey, celebrate my Birthday too!」

「What are you talking about?」

The Demon Lord returned to his duties without paying much heed to the girl’s words.

「I mean, we celebrate Yunis’ birthday every year! Even spina celebrates hers in secret. So it’s just plain unfair that we’re not celebrating mine!」

「I’m not celebrating anything in secret.」

Aur knew full well that she did, but decided not to say anything.

By birthday, Spina meant the day when she cast her old name aside and became a magician. So it was also an anniversary of her first time with Aur.

She was a kind of a lone wolf who did not like crowds, and was not as cheerful as Yunis was, so she just had a glass of celebratory alcohol and that was pretty much it for her “celebrations”.

「Look, I’m not saying that I want something flashy or over the top (although that would be awfully nice), just something along the lines of 「Thank you for always being here, we appreciate all the work that you’re doing」, that sort of thing.」

「Don’t get your selfish desires mixed in with your birthday.」

When Aur pointed that out, Lilu cast her eyes down, and she began to play with her hair, just like she always did when she was nervous, embarrassed or angered. As she did so, Aur could not help it but to notice the alluring nape of her neck.

「Stop it, it’s not going to work on me.」

「What? Got a problem with that?」

「Not really. But while we’re at it, do you even know when your birthday is?」


Lilu was at a loss for words. She did not remembered when exactly she was born. In the Demon World, where there is no concept of date and time, even telling the seasons apart was difficult.

「Oh, that. Well… how about the day when Raz died? Technically that day was my birthday.」

「You know you’re not very convincing, do you?」

「And what did you expect?! I’m a demon, so I cannot help it!」

「Truth to be told I’m having trouble remembering the exact date too, it was so long ago after all. But I do

remember that it was probably around spring.」

「Hmm, let’s go with that then. The day when you and I met for the first time.」

「It’s nine months away from now.」


「What is it this time?」

「It’s too far away! Let’s do it the day after tomorrow!」

「Not enough time. If that’s how you want to play, then I have no intention of doing anything.」


Lilu pouted her cheeks and started groaning.

「Just wait through those nine months. It should make no difference to you, am I right?

「No need. Forget it. I don’t need it anymore.」

Spreading her wings, Lilu flew out of the room. And when she did, Aur sighted.

It hasn’t been all that long since she began her journey together with him. Maybe a hundred years at best?

Regardless of how much magic you use to keep yourself young, there was still a problem of the lifespan of the soul. For humans it was limited, but demons were practically nigh-immortal. Lilu herself was less than a hundred years old, but it seemed like she could live for thousands of years to come.

When she was walking down the corridors deep in thought, she saw the living proof to the demonic longevity. Fiery red body and four thick arms and goat horns on his head. It was Logan, the lolicon demon who was rumored to be living for thousands of years.


Lilu tried to speak to him but hesitated. She could not see his expression, but it looked like he was nervous about something? But about what, exactly? What could make a long-living demon who was said to possess a tremendous amount of magic power that could rival that of the Heroic Spirits nervous?

「Let’s do this!」

He groaned in a low, serious voice.


Psyched up, Logan stretched out his arms…. And touched the shoulder of a little girl in front of him. And in that exact moment, his body was struck with a powerful curse.

「I regret nothing… in my life….」

And under the torrent of violent magical power, his body quickly turned to ash.

「….. What in the everlasting f*ck was that?」

「Isn’t it obvious? Logan died because he was trying to touch Leticia.」

Mari, who was standing by Lilu’s side, watching, replied happily while she collected the ashes. Leticia is the eight daughter of Aur, and this year she’s turned five. As it was, she had no idea what happened just now.

「Logan? Where are you? Where did you go?」

「He had something important to do, so he needed to go out for a bit.」

「He’s not going back anymore?」

Small tears appeared in Leticia’s eyes.

「Of course not silly, he’ll be back before you know it.」


Her eyes were focused on the ashes in Mari’s hands. She might be young, but she was receiving the best education taught to her by the Demon Lord himself. She was already able to grasp the concepts of life and death, and she knew that there was no such thing as living ashes. She could tell that Logan died.

However, for demons resurrection was as easy as breathing. Their main bodies existed in the Demon World, and the ones they were using in the Human World were only temporary. Logan allowed himself to be burned to death precisely because he knew that he could be revived as many tomes as he needed.

Nevertheless, re-summoning a demon was a pain in the backside, everyone knew that. It required a considerable amount of time and preparation.

「Ah, cursed be my stupidity.」

Lilu sighted and patted Leticia on the head, kneeling beside her to look her in the eyes.

「Don’t worry Letty, I will summon that idiot back in no time.」


「Mou, Lilu, you’re pampering her way too much!」

Mari said in regards to this whole situation.

「You used to cry a lot when you thought that Logan died too, you know?」

Lilu pointed that out with a smug look.


Mari had no way to retaliate to that.

「Well for the time being, I will take care of the ashes of that idiot.」

Lilu drew a magic circle on the ground and entered it. It served as a gateway to the Demon World, but also as a backup source of magic power. It was a precaution in case that something went wrong during the re-summoning process.

「Call me back in about ten minutes. Can you do that, Mari?」

「Okay, got it.」

Mari also learned magic from Aur. Although the process of summoning a demon is thought to be so dangerous and complicated that only the most seasoned of mages could attempt it, the truth was that if the summoned demon fully cooperated with its summoner, then it could be done even by mage apprentices.

「Well, I guess I’ll be off then.」

Lilu then sank into the magic circle as if it was made out of water.


As that was her first voyage back into the Demon World since God knows how long, she had some difficulties moving around.

Compared to the Human World, the Demon World was a much more unwelcoming place, and not just due to its residents. It was a dark and stormy, but most importantly, boring world. Demons basically did nothing at all, spending their days idly by, waiting to be summoned by humans so they could harvest their magic power and souls.

「Hmm, it should be around… here.」

Logan possessed a lot of power, so sensing him was not all that difficult. She found him just floating in the air, flapping his giant red wings about.

「Oh, so you bothered to personally come pick me up?」

「Only because Letty started crying because of you.」

「Oops, looks like I did a very bad thing.」

「Then why do you look so happy about it, you moron?」

Lilu asked Logan, but she didn’t want to really know the answer.

「Because I was able to get such a reaction out of my little angel! Truly, little girls are the best!」

「But you know she’ll one day grow up and won’t be all small and cute anymore right?」

「Who cares about that now? I’ll leave the future worries to the future me! As for now: Carpe Loli Diem!

His eagerness and gesticulation as he was spouting such nonsense only ticked Lilu off.

「She’s just so pure, and innocent, and knows not of depravity and filth of the world!」

「But she’ll get to know them one day, and when she does, there’ll be no going back to how things were before.」

Maybe she said that because she was irritated or still angry at Aur, but it was unusual for Lilu to say things like that.

「Huh? Whatever do you mean?」

「Nothing at all. It was just a thought.」

「Don’t play dumb with me! I know that I heard! You were bad-mouthing my angel!」

Logan shouted, full of anger.

「That’s it, you b*tch! You’re going down for such heresy!」

「Shove it up your own ass and die, you child molester!」

Lilu ended the battle with a straight punch to Logan’s face. It was her undisputed victory.

「And there you have it. You’re lucky that Mari didn’t saw you right now.」

「Ugh… I guess you’re right.」

Logan had to give it to her. Usually he had an easygoing and joking attitude, but when it came to his interactions with Lilu and the things she said, he tend to let his temper get the better of him.

「But don’t go thinking I owe you anything for it, ya hear me? I’m only interested in doing things for (and to) girls up to thirteen years of age. I won’t listen to any orders from an old hag like you!」

Was he trying to be thankful, or was he just outright dissing her? She really could not follow his train wreck of a thought train.

「If you were a little pretty girl that would be a different story. But you are you, so forget it!」

「Oh? So I guess you want me to just leave you here?」

「No, of course I want to go back to my little angel. I was just… kidding. Yeah, that’s it!」

Logan giggles nervously and waves his four arms around.

「Okay, okay, I get it. Besides, even I’m not so evil just to leave you behind.」


「Really. After all, you’re a fellow demon, and we know each other for quite some time, so…」

Although demons were nigh immortal, there were a few cases of them forming actual relationships between each other, mostly due to their chaotic nature. But even without that, there was a sense of friendship and camaraderie between demons who knew each other and happened to be summoned to the Human World at the same time, or under the same master.

「I guess it’s kinda nice that you feel that way. This kind of feeling, that’s a first for me.」

Just what kind of life he must’ve had before he came to serve under Aur?

「Also I have a feeling that you’re a closet shotacon (TL NOTE: As in, she wants to do 18+ stuff with prepubescent boys), and hence your displeasure at my desires for little girls. Am I right?」


Lilu performed a splendid roundhouse kick with her long, seductive leg. It drew a beautiful curve and hit Logan right in the chin.

And then they heard the sound of a bell ringing.

「That’s Mari’s signal. Now come along, you piece of unburnable trash that refuses to die. If you keep your mouth shut, you’ll be home in no time.」

「Hey, this magic circle is a bit on a small side, don’t you think? How am I going to squeeze myself through there?」

「Got a problem with that? Then just cut off your arm or two, they will grow back up anyway.」

「So mean!」

Lilu slid into the hole left by the magic circle with ease, while Logan still hesitated about what he should do…

「Wait! It’s not the passage opened by Mari!」

Lilu shouted back to him.


And then she felt like her consciousness was fading away as she was enveloped by a torrent of magical power.

「What… is this?」

「S*it! Lilu!!!!」

As Logan reached his arms towards her, she was pulled into the whole with tremendous speed, and he failed to catch her in time, leaving him with two of his arms cut off.

And right before his eyes, the hole shrunk and disappeared.

「Lilu got sucked in?」

「Yeah, and I guess that it doesn’t bode well.」

After returning to the Human World, Logan reported straight to Aur.

「I have never heard of a mage kidnaping demons. And from their home world at that.」

To summon a demon, it was not enough to open a portal and force a connection. The demon itself had to be willing to take the bait and get summoned by his summoner. After that, negotiations of payment were a common next step, whether it be with blood, soul, magic power or any other means.

It was possible to omit the negotiations step, but to do that, the demon had to be of low rank, such as Imp or maybe a Barghest. But those were only a few exceptions. For normal mages, kidnapping a demon of Lilu’s caliber was an impossible feat to achieve. Succubi might not possess the power of a Higher Demons, but they are still much stronger than normal human beings.

Even if you couldn’t fully manipulate it, even if it were to be summoned forcibly, such a demon would still be a formidable weapon for any mage who could pull that off. It was not a situation that Aur could allow himself to ignore.

「And? Lilu got kidnapped, and you just returned here like nothing happened?」

Aur asked him in a low, frightening voice. He himself found it interesting how frightened and angry he got over that matter.

「Of course I tried to help her.」

He took a few steps back and spread out his arms, exposing the ones that were cut off.

「I did all I could with all my hands… literally.」

And they showed no signs of regeneration.

「Well this is certainly problematic.」

When she regained consciousness, Lilu noticed that she was in the middle of a strange room.

「I’m sorry for the rough treatment you received to get here.」

Standing in front of her was a man around twenty years of age. He looked young, but there was a possibility that he concealed his true age with magic, similar to what Aur was doing. He was smiling in a very unpleasant way.
It was obvious that somehow Lilu got kidnapped. There was a complicated magic circle drawn on the floor that emitted a wall of light that separated her from the man, and it also seemed to suck her magic power out of her.
Glaring at him, Lilu tried to stand up, but inside that magic circle the force of gravity seemed to be stronger than outside, making it difficult for her. As it was, she was no different than an ordinary human girl now.

「My name is Markt. Pleased to meet you.」

「I don’t care about your name. Go choke on a baguette of d*cks and die.」

He spoke elegantly and bowed down, but Lilu answered him with nothing but disgust.

「What do you want from me? I need to return home quickly.」

「Getting right to the point, are we? I wanted to us to have a proper conversation, but this is fine too.」

When he kneeled on one knee and looked at Lilu, for a second he looked like a knight serving his lady.

「I want you to be mine.」


Hearing his outrageous words, Lilu cried out in surprise.

「We’ve met ten years ago, but I don’t blame you for not remembering it though. A beautiful lady always standing by the side of the Demon King Aur, you stole my heart in an instant.

His eyes were saying that he was serious beyond measure.

Demons were sensible to all kinds of lies. If one wanted to deceive them, one would have to lie so well as to deceive even oneself. But to Lilu, it looked like he was telling an honest truth.

「I was entranced by your beauty, but I knew that not only your body, but also your mind has to be beautiful. And so I wanted to know more about you. I do not care that you are a demon.」

His words were flattering, but it did not matter to Lilu. She already had someone in her heart, and was not interested in anyone else but that person.

「I’m sorry but I’m afraid that I have to refuse your offer. Besides, you’re not even my type.」

She turned him down, but for some bizarre reason he seemed happy about it.

「That’s okay, all I want is for you to say that you love me. That’s all I ask.」

There was absolutely no way for Lilu to say something like that to a guy like him, so she just kept silent.

It’s fine, you don’t have to give me your reply immediately. We have all the time in the world. One way or the other, you will say that you love me.」

After saying that, Markt turned on his heels and left the room.

Lilu sighted and sat on the floor in the middle of the shining barrier.

「F**king finally, I thought that guy was never going to shut up.」

And then she shuddered when she heard a familiar voice coming from behind her.



It was definitely Logan, the red demon with four arms, except he was now much smaller. So small in fact that he could easily fit into Lilu’s palm.

「What’s wrong with you? Why did you shrunk so much?」

「Long story short, I turned one of my cut off arms into a separate body, but I’m not as amazing with magic as master so that was about all I could do, sorry.」

「A, Aur… I wonder if he’s worried about me?」

Thinking about her master, Lilu’s cheeks blushed slightly.

「Aww, ain’t that cute of you, you old hag!」

Logan made fun of her for acting so girly despite her always trying to be calm and serious. She immediately covered her cheeks and tried to collect herself.

「Now then. I’m worried what master is going to do to my main body, so if you don’t mind, why don’t we try to do something about this bothersome barrier, preferably by kicking that guy’s ass.」

Logan proposed while testing the barrier by knocking at it with his fist. Inside this barrier, coupled with his size, he was about as helpful as young Leticia.

「It would also be helpful if we knew exactly where we are. That way we could have send that information back to master, so he could send Yunis here to finish the chump off in seconds. Wouldn’t that be nice? Or you could just do as he asked in order for him to dispel this barrier.」

「Well, it certainly would, but…」

Yunis was undoubtedly strong. Her prowess with the sword and the ability to travel from place to place instantly when she was in her spiritual form made her an outstanding hero who would not lose to anyone, be it a magician or demon. Even that a*shole named Markt wouldn’t last a second against her.

「I don’t want to look at his disgusting mug anymore. It makes me want to throw up.」

Above all else, demons hated being bound and robbed of their freedom. Even their contracts with humans were made purely out of convenience. Telling a lowly human that she loved him, accepting, even if just for a short moment, that she was his property, was unacceptable.

「Well, I can’t exactly tell that I know how you feel, but… I know how you feel.」

「Heh, is that so?」

Lilu could not help it but to break a faint smile.

The red sun burned brightly as it sinked into the great earth. As darkness befall the world, magical lamps at the walls and the ceiling were lit. While Aur and spina examined a set of documents, Yunis closed all the curtains in the room.

「So you still don’t know exactly where Lilu is?」

Not even bothering to hide his irritation, Aur send Logan a sharp look.

「She’s probably being held in some kind of barrier that prevents her from being located. I’ll let you know as soon as we’ll know something.」

「Have you ever been caught by such a barrier?」

Aur turned his eyes to Logan, and stopped the movements of his hand across the paper.

「Forming a contract with the demon does not take a huge amount of time.」

「That’s true, now that you mention it.」

「And since I’m not feeling our connection being broken, this must mean that Lilu’s refusing to make a contract with whoever captured her.」

Standing up from the chair and walking around the room, Aur monologue to himself out loud. It was one of his bad habits.

「There are two possible reasons for that. One is that this someone wants to use Lilu as bait to lure me out, kill me and take over my Dungeon.」

「Aur, I think that everyone who heard your name at least once are not that foolish as to try and make an attempt at your life.」

Aur agreed with Yunis, and raised a second finger.

「The other possibility is that instead of making a contact, someone wants to completely bound Lilu’s existence to his own, and I’m thinking that this one is the more probable.」

「And why is that?」

「Because she was kidnapped in a manner that didn’t caused her any physical harm, according to Logan’s words.」

「To be honest, I’m not worried about Lilu being taken over by the enemy. She’s strong, and I believe in the strength of her heart. I firmly believe that she would never allowed herself to betray me.」

「…I see. If I were in the same situation, I would never yield to the enemy. I’d rather kill myself.」

Aur nodded to Yunis’ conviction. Not that she needed to do that anyway. As she was now, she would be able to take down almost every enemy who came before her.

「But what should we do in case that Lilu will, by some miracle get manipulated?」

「If she was used against me, she’d die, as the punishment for going against the demon’s contractor is death. Other than that, the only possible thing that I’m able to think about is using her as a hostage.」

When Aur finished talking, a strange silence befell the room.

「As usual, you’re thinking about doing something stupid, aren’t you?」
Yunis mimicked Lilu’s way of speech and placed her hands on her hips, just as Lilu always did.

「Let’s do everything we can to bring Lilu back, Aur.」

「Of course.」

Agreeing with her suggestion, Aur returned to reviewing the papers. Spina continued her share of the work silently, creating several clones to speed up the process.

「By the way, what is it that you’re looking for?」

「Just your ordinary magician could not do something as advanced as kidnapping a demon that is already assigned to someone else. Since our enemy is capable of that, then his or her name must be of lesser or greater renown. I’m looking for anyone who would fit the bill to a T.」

Not stopping for even a second, Aur responded to Logan’s question. The paper were filled with complicated magical encryptions that could only be read by Aur or Spina.

「Can you really do something like that?」

「Of course. Information is the key to victory after all. And I have information about pretty much every magician on the continent, regardless of how small and insignificant they may seem.」

「You serious?」

The stacks of papers in the room were like mountains. To be able to efficiently look through such an amount of information, Logan was once again amazed at how over the top his master could be.

「There are three people who might just be who we are looking for. 『Noctis of the Evening』 , 『Brachium the Long Arm』 and 『Hasta the Shadow Bridge』 .」

All three were famous both as magicians and summoners. However, Hasta was centered around the usage of stasis, and Brachium was more of a fighter mage who used elemental magic and incorporated it into hand-to-hand combat. Noctis was using demons frequently, but all of his achievements smelled of mediocrity from a mile away, so he was likely not the person who they were searching for either.

「Master, what about this one here?」

Spina picked up a piece of paper and handed it to Aur. The information on it were the closest to the ones they were looking for. The mage described in it was an excellent summoner who commanded a very precise magic.

「Those information are outdated. See that red line running through the name?」

Aur just shook his head and said:

「Markt: A demon summoner who died a long time ago.」

「Good morning. How are you feeling today?」

「Awful. There’s no windows in this room and I don’t know what time of day it is.」

「I’m sorry, but I cannot place windows here.」

Lilu processed that information quickly. No windows could mean that she was being held underground.

「So, do you feel like leaving the cage already?」

「Only if you let me do as I please once you let me out.」

「Of course, as long as you’ll answer to my love for you.」

After a brief silence, Lilu sighted.

「And if I do that will you really let me out?」

「Only if you say it like you truly mean it.」

「Look, you ask awfully much of me despite the fact that I don’t even know you.」

Lilu whispered sweetly, attempting you charm the mage in front of her with her natural seductive abilities.

「Won’t you tell me a little bit more about yourself?」

「There’s much that I’d like to tell you about myself, but by the end I’d be a shriveled grandpa. I’m afraid we have no time for that.」

「Oh, now that is such a shame.」

Lilu said, sounding disappointed.

「And you know what? It’s so cramped in here that I can barely move. If we are to get to know each other better,
then why don’t we do it on the bed where you could do whatever you want with me? All you have to do is let me get out of here. Please?」

「Whatever I want… is that true?」

That was Lilu’s chance.

「Yes, of course. I am a succubus after all. I will make sure to fulfill your every desire.」

Lilu send him a bewitching smile. Such contract was the standard among demons and mages and it literally only required one side to what the other said.

「That is something I can agree on. Wait a minute, I will dissolve the barrier.」

As soon as the barrier was gone, Lilu extended her nails like swords and attacked the mage.

But before she could tear his throat to shreds she was stopped in her tracks. It was because Markt muttered something without making a sound, probably some kind of short spell. And due to their agreement, she was unable to move an inch. For a moment she saw a shadow rushing past her.

「Don’t place your hopes in that tiny demon, my dear. He is useless now.」

And suddenly, Logan was being squeezed in Markt’s hand. A shadowy snake was coiling around him.


「I am sorry but it seems like the barrier was doubled from the start. Therefore you are powerless here, just like any mortal girl. As for your request, is it not too cramped in there now?」

He caught one of Lilu’s nails between his fingers and snapped it in half like it was nothing. She tried to shake free, but he held her with an iron grip. His strength as a magician was… no, it was already past that of a normal human.

「I’ve also prepared a splendid bed for you.」

Markt picked Lilu up with magic and placed her on an enormous bed.

「What are you trying to…」

「You tell me. I’m the man who loves you, after all.」

Grinning like a madman, he placed himself over Lilu.

「I’m going to eat you up.」

To which Lilu replied, not hiding her hatred anymore.

「Don’t underestimate a succubus, you filthy human. Even without my magic I can still use my p*ssy to cut that pathetic thing of yours off and bleed you to death like a pig you are!」

「I’d actually like to see you try that.」

With that, he got off her.

「Just remember that no help is coming for you. I will make you admit your love for me.」

And he left the room with the sound of the lock being armed.

「So the barrier is as wide as this entire room.」

That barrier was going to be a headache since it will probably stay erected as long as the caster was alive, or conscious, at least. To have any chance of dispelling it, she would have to let Markt enter it and get close to her. But it was easier said than done. But at least she could move freely now.

With mini Logan dead Lilu had to find a solution to this situation herself, and forget about help from the outside. Racking her brain over it was no good, so she began to act.




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