Chapter 1.5: Dungeon Explanations


Dungeon Memo at the end of the First Chapter. (Illustration of the DUNGEON MEMO: Chapter 1.5)

Number of Levels: 1 floor.

Miasma: 0

Notoriety: 0

Saved up Magic Energy: 5 (Units: 10,000/day)

Consumption of Magical Energy: 0.1 (Units: 10,000/day)

New Facilities:

Dungeon Core LV2

The dungeon core is about the size of a large human being.

It is able to store about one million units of Magical energy.

By the way, when Aur was carrying the core on his neck at the beginning of the prologue, that was a LV 1 dungeon core.

New War Potentials:

Lilu (Succubus)

War potential: 2, Magical Consumption: 0.1, Greatest amount of magical energy saved: 10

A female type succubus. Abilities include: Glamoring, Transformations, Charm and has the specific ability to absorb the life force of others, in simpler terms….

She is also able to use black magic. Nevertheless her spells aren’t that strong.


War potential: 3, Maximum amount of Magic energy saved: 0.3

Aged Magician. Using magic, he has rejuvenated himself to his body of a 20 year old male.

He is able to manipulate a considerably huge amount of advanced magical spells, In particular his handling and control of magic even when compared against the world is one of the strongest.

In terms of his combat abilities, because he is virtually an amateur, currently it is not rated very highly.

Current Dungeon

There is the room that is currently holding the dungeon core. Rather than calling it a dungeon, it would be more accurate to call it a cave for now.

There is currently no defensive mechanisms or traps in place, if a traveller was to find the dungeon, they could easily clear the dungeon.

However, the only person alive who knows the location of this dungeon is currently, only Aur.


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