Chapter 1: First of all let’s accumulate the Magical Energy!


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「I’ve had something I’ve been curious about since a little while ago」

Slipping out of the narrow magical formation, Lilu stretches her hands, feet and wings, whilst she turned her head around.

「This, what is this?」

Her gaze landed on a huge bottle made out of glass.

Before Aur summoned Lilu this bottle had already been set in this position.

「That is…..How do I explain it? I guess we can call it a dungeon core. From here on out, this will be a sort of nucleus which stores energy, used to create the dungeon in the future」

Whilst explaining, Aur recited a short chant and a small flame of light appeared on the palm of his hands, the light floats to the four corners of the room and illuminates the area.

「If I mention “Magic” does anything come to mind?」

Aur inquires and Lilu puffed her cheeks as she answered.

「Don’t take me for a fool okay, even if I look like this, I am still a demon you know? Magic Energy is the source of power for all things “demonic”. Magic, monsters……and of course us demons use it as a source of power. The “user” is able to construct magical energy and bend, corrupt and change it a little. it also stands for “demon” and also for “magical energy”」

Aur nods in accordance with Lilu’s words in agreement.

「Then, do you know that, the thing called magical energy, is derived from the earth, atmosphere, water and all living beings…….? It exists in every single life form, and the greatest amount of it resides underground. The magic which exists underground doesn’t stay in one particular location, it flows like a road or a river and spreads about. This road of magical energy is called the Dragon Vein」

「……….And, what does this all have to do with anything?」

Her expression was blank, Aur lightly patted the dungeon core as he asked Lilu another question.

「Where we are standing right now, is right in the middle of the Dragon Vein. And, this particular Dungeon Core is able to continuously suck up all the magical energy within the Dragon Vein」

Lilu was watching the golden brown liquid which shone and shook.

「Eh? Don’t tell me, you are saying that this liquid….. is magical energy?」

「That’s right」

「You must be kidding!?」

Aur nods in confirmation and Lilu raises a wild voice.

「This magical source is so dense, that an average magician would not be able to harness its power. Normally, there is only one or two drops! With such an amount, it far surpasses the amount a human magician can handle….. Moreover, although it’s so close to me, I can’t smell the magic at all, what is this about? Even if there was a small magical item nearby, I would be able to tell from the smell. However, such a huge amount of magical energy is right next to me, and yet I can’t smell it at all, this is impossible」

「You can tell by smell? How convenient it is to be a demon. …..This is a simple thing to explain. This bottle, is able to completely confine the magic liquid internally. If not a single speck of magical energy is able to leak through, then it is obvious it won’t have any smells. If this amount of magic was to flow into a human’s body then, they will instantly lose their minds and go crazy, however, if the magic is contained in this bottle, and only the necessary amount is used, then  there will be no problems whatsoever」

Lilu alternates her gaze from Aur’s face and the dungeon core without thinking.

「It has completely intercepted the magic within the bottle……What an amazing technology. Is such a thing really possible?」

「Ahh. This particular research, took me 70 years and this result is the culmination of all my efforts. At last, I was able to reach this far」

Aur spoke with deep emotion, and Lilu was troubled, she didn’t know whether to be astonished or to admire this result, before long she chose the latter.

「70 years? Just exactly how old are you………? Well never mind. I’ve understood the gist of it. If you are able to control such an unlimitedly dense amount of magical energy, then it may be possible for you to be able to control the world. Because you need to protect this bottle, your plan is to make a dungeon…..So, how do we go about making this dungeon?」

「I suppose it’s about time……Well first of all turn your back towards me. And then, place your hands on the wall over there」

「…..Like this?」

Lilu turns her back and places both of her hands towards the wall.

「Nee, this body pose, it’s almost like…..Ah!?」

Just as Lilu was beginning to talk, she was interrupted by a sense of being penetrated, as she raises her voice up high in surprise.

Without taking off her clothes, Aur pierced her intimate place with a dash from the back.

「What? You aren’t going to tell me that, you are a virgin right?」

「Of course not! ….Mouu, if you are going to do it, at least give me a heads up okay?」

Although the words she stated were criticizing Aur, her voice was already beginning to melt sweetly.

「I haven’t done anything but thrust it in, but you are already this wet」

「That is……Nnn………..It’s cause I’m a succubus…….Nee…..Ahh… That place is…」

Lilu’s pussy was slopping wet, as if it had been caressed for hours on end.

And it wasn’t because she was feeling pleasure… It was because she was a succubus.

Her body is made so that she is able to have sexual intercourse with anybody at any time, and be able to satisfy that man.

「But it is really unexpected….Nnn…..You called me here….Haahh…… And told me suddenly about creating a dungeon………That’s why I didn’t expect, you would be interested……」

「That is a misunderstanding. Indeed, what we are doing right now has a connection with creating the dungeon, however, it isn’t like I have no interest in sex. Instead, you can say that I have a great interest. I’ve already gone through all the steps in order to create a dungeon, and even if I obtain all this power, If I neither have ambition for money or women, what would be the point of everything?」

「What’s with you…….Fufu, Haa, Ahh……… doing ecchi things…..Nnn…..has a connection with, creating…..a dungeon?」

Whilst panting out a hot voice, Lilu was giggling. Furthermore, she was showcasing her techniques of rotating her body in a lewd manner. Her legs are spread wide apart, and she entered the missionary position. Though there was nothing to lean on, she was able to hover in the air, and this technique is something only devils can accomplish.

「Never mind I suppose….If you say that much……Nfuu…….I’ll give you a good amount of service」

Lilu took off her clothes which was barely anything to begin with, and her plump breasts was pressed against Aur’s face.

At the same time, she took Aur’s penis all the way into her vagina and contracted it.

「Kuu……It’s the first time I’ve tried it with a succubus……..but as one would expect, it is amazing. I feel like my soul… getting sucked right out」

「Nfufu……Thank you. You are also really big, and really hard, it’s wonderful……. Nnn, If there was no contract between us, I would wring all the juices out of you, Until you were completely dry….Ne」

Whilst moving her waist up and down, Lilu literally wriggles her vagina and squeezes on Aur’s cock.

For succubus, whose occupation is to wring out the life force of a man, Lilu had full control over her tight hole, and she could change its shape freely. Combined with the fact that his body was young and rejuvenated, Aur approached his limit.

「It seems, that you are fairly calm……」

「After all, I’m a succubus…….Ahhn…..Do you prefer, a girl who screams and plays hard to get more?」

For a succubus like her, sex is similar to eating a meal. Though of course, she is also feeling the pleasures of the flesh, unlike humans, she is able to completely control the sensations passing through her nerve endings. As a succubus, being thrown into pleasure and losing her consciousness is an impossible thing to happen.

「Hmpm, I don’t need that kind of cheap acting………Kuu, Here I come…..!」

「Yes, Come for me……! Inside of me, cum inside of me…….!? Eh? Wait, you’re lying! What’s happening……Ahh, Ahhhhhaaahhhhh!!」

Aur shoots out his life energy into Lilu’s womb. As if she was one moment behind, Lilu quivered her body and raised her voice.

It wasn’t the artificial flirtatious voice that she was used to letting out until now.

「Wha, What was that, just now….?」

「I have heard that, a devil’s essence, is separated from this world」

Whilst still connected, Aur was slowly massaging Lilu’s chest.

「Eh, Ah, wait, Wha, what’s going on……?」

Although Lilu was twisting her body in puzzlement of her new found sensations, Aur would not let her separate from him as he was firmly holding on to her waist with his right hand.

「Although your consciousness and ego are brought into this world, your body is only a fabrication of magic. Therefore, pain cannot be felt more than necessary, and even if this magical body is destroyed into pieces. It will merely return to the devil kingdom. Although it is indeed a convenient thing, as you are currently made completely out of magic, it is possible to slightly interfere with this process and change it according to my will」

「Eh? Ah, Ah, Ah, Damee, Waitt, Nnn, Ah, Ah, Ah , Ahh……….!」

Even after ejaculating, Aur’s thing doesn’t lose any of its hardness, he slowly starts to move his body again.

「In other words, I have tweaked your body to be able to feel pleasure like any normal human being. Ahh, don’t worry though, I haven’t done anything to harm your body. It’s just, like this……」

Aur pulls back and thrusts his cock into her.


「I’ve only made it so that we can both enjoy this」

「Wa, waitt, just a min….Nhhu!」

Lilu was gasping for air, and she used her own hands to cover her mouth to prevent the sounds from leaking out.

During this intense motion, Aur was holding her breasts with one hand and using the other to prop Lilu up on her waist, as he plunged it in and out of her.

If this was any normal human rather than pleasure, it is likely they would have felt pain from these intense movements, however, this was a succubus’s body. Every single movement by Aur was not painful, instead everything was related to a sense of deep pleasure, and her body would instinctively seek out more.

「This feels even better than before…….Ahh, This is the best………I’m coming…….!」

「Damee, Mou, Ahhh, I can’t take any moree, Iyaaa, Ah, ah, Ahhhhh!」

When his semen entered her vagina, Lilu bent her body backwards in an arch and shivered.

As of right now, Aur’s semen was equivalent to a strong aphrodisiac. Just touching her body right now, would cause an intense sense of pleasure to rush through and yet Aur was incessantly attacking the interior of her womb. Moreover, no matter how much he releases, Aur doesn’t wither in strength.

「Wa, wait, I’m going… go crazyyy…….」

「Do you want me?…….It’s the anniversary of our contract. Tonight, I will cherish you all night long」

「It’s n,Ahh, NNn! It’s nn, Uu, Ahhn!」

…….And like this, they advanced late into the night.



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