Chapter 10.5: Dungeon Commentary


                                      Translator: Nefarian                                                    

This is the dungeon’s state after the end of the tenth chapter.

Number of Floors: 4 Dungeon floors

Miasma: 10

Notoriety: 20

Saved up Magic: 30 (Units: 10,000/day)

Magic Consumption: 10 Units (10,000/day)

New Facilities:

☆ Conference Room

This room is used to hold strategical meetings dealing with matters of importance; such as when an invasion occurs. The room is of moderate size, there is a huge rectangular table in the middle and chairs. A black board and some chalk are also prepared for writing.

☆ Dungeon Core LV3

The Dungeon Core has transformed and turned into a size that can rival a single room. There is around 10 million magical energy units that can be saved up in this core.

☆ Boss room

In order to hinder any intruders from proceeding through the dungeon, a room is created and placed between each floor. If the demon within this room is defeated, a key can be obtained and intruders can proceed to the next floor, Otherwise it is impossible to advance.

☆ Isolation Cell

When a particularly promising intruder is captured, they will be placed in this isolation cell. There is a simple bed and jar for excretion, there is also a letterbox to drop meals into the room.

☆ Bedroom LV2

There is a huge bed inside this room and it is a room created for Aur. It’s so large that Aur will be able to handle multiple women at the same time in this bed.

☆ Kitchen LV2

This is an easy to use kitchen that was designed by a specialized craftsman. This is a place where girls who have been sent to Aur for sacrifice can display their talents.

New War Potential:

☆ Minotaur

War potential: 7

This is a demonic beast, possessing the head of an ox and the body of a huge person. Its intelligence is slightly inferior to that of a regular human being, But it has physical strength that far exceeds the average person and it is able to freely manipulate the weapons it is given. The muscular strength of this creature is terrifying; a blow from its large ax boasts a marvelous amount of destructive power.

☆ Nadja

War Potential: 6     Maximum Magical Capacity: 0.5

☆ Sharl

War Potential: 6     Maximum Magical Capacity: 2

☆ Wikia

War Potential: 6     Maximum Magical Capacity: 3.5

Three adventurer girls. Though they may be called first-class adventurers, when compared to the super first-tier Ellen, or the even more powerful Yunis, they start to pale in comparison. In saying that, their real value lies in their ability to coordinate with each other. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible for them to defeat higher-ranked foes if they cooperate with each other.

☆ Dullahan

War Potential: 8

The Immortal Knight who continues fighting with a deep-seated grudge and hatred for everything. Capable of using both its sword and manipulating magic at will, it disregards any damage it takes to its own body continuously fighting at full strength. Therefore, its capabilities are totally incomparable to when it was human and its strength has increased by leaps and bounds. Inside of the labyrinth where miasma overflows, even if the Dullahan is defeated once, it will rise again and revive after a little while. It is an extremely troublesome demon to deal

The Present Dungeon

After attacking the town notoriety has been spreading, and plenty of sharp-eared people including the adventurers residing in nearby towns have heard of the dungeons existence. Because of the increase in the amount of adventurers visiting the dungeon and because the dungeon is stained by a stream of blood when the demons intercept the intruders, the dark miasma within the dungeon grows stronger. It is easier to call upon ghosts and apparitions, and it is a situation that Aur has taken advantage of. Because the number of intruders increased, Aur has reviewed many of the defense mechanisms around the dungeon, as a result it has become increasingly difficult for an intruder to invade the dungeon.



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