Chapter 10: Let’s Give Despair to the Greedy Adventurers – Part 2


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

When she woke up, Nadja was in an unfamiliar room.

Inside of the room, there was only this simple bed and a jar for lavatory purposes. furthermore, three walls enclosed the room with the fourth wall being iron-barred. It was a prison no matter how you looked at it. Nadja shakes her head in order to rouse herself out of bed. However, almost like a haze was clouding her mind, she could not focus her thoughts. Anyhow, she was trying to think about what happened to her body.

Gradually her memories were returning and her consciousness became clearer. What she remembered was that her body could not move, and this large man without a neck was swinging his arms at her. Ahh, it wasn’t a man, it was a Minotaur, Nadja sighed. The swordswoman who had been unable to move was knocked out by the Minotaur who suddenly came alive after being beheaded, and now she was separated from Alan and locked in this place.

Although it was fortunate that she wasn’t killed, the situation looked very bleak. All her weapons and her protective gear was taken away, the only thing covering her body was some plain clothes. It was a one-piece type of dress, and because the dress length was a little short, her thighs were half exposed.

The weapons…. she was deeply lamenting her actions. Being ecstatic at being able to obtain a new sword that was actually cursed, she abandoned her beloved sword which had been with her for many years. If she had just continued using her beloved sword, she might have actually been able to defeat Aur.

After regretting her decisions for a while, she started to change her train of thoughts. She was a realistic person, and she was not the type to worry about her past forever. What’s important to her was the present and also the future.

Her biggest concerns were as expected, with Alan. Of course she was also worried about the well-being of Sharl and Wikia, but she knew from the rumors that this Aur was gathering young and beautiful damsels from the nearby villages under his control. Though she was worried about their chastity, but considering that she herself was alive it was likely that the other girls were also unharmed. At least for the time being that is…

Nevertheless, the same could not be said for Alan. Certainly, Alan was beautiful and handsome enough to be mistaken as a girl, however without a doubt he was a man. There was no way that anyone would believe it if they said that he was a girl. Will there be any meaning for Aur to keep him alive?

When she was worried sick and racking her brains to figure out some ideas, her answer was abruptly shown to her.

「Hurry up and walk!」

One of the Black Elves was pointing a spear towards his back and he was walking towards Nadja’s prison cell, it was not someone she could mistake for another. It was Alan, the guy Nadja fell in love with.


When she instinctively came closer towards him and gripped her iron-bars, the Black Elf woman pointed the spear towards her.

「Place your hands against the back wall! Hurry it up!」

Grinding her teeth Nadja did as she was told and placed her hands on the back wall and shut her eyes. A clanking sound echoed and the door of the prison cell was opened. Aiming for this precise moment, she turned around and tried to dash out of the opened door, however at the same moment Alan’s body was kicked towards the jail covering her.

「Don’t try to do anything stupid. Don’t forget that you bastards still have two other companions at our mercy」

Speaking in a chilling voice the Black Elf locks the prison door and left. For the time being they were both safe an unharmed, and feeling relieved about this, Nadja embraced Alan in a hug.

「Alan, I’m so glad. Are you alright?」

「Yeah….. You also seem to be doing well, Nadja」

「Just what exactly happened?」

She knew that her group had been captured, but even if that was the case, why was it that only Nadja was put in the same jail as Alan? Even if they were assumed to be couples, there isn’t much meaning or reason to place Alan in the same prison jail as her.

「It was a curse」

Moving unsteadily, Alan sat on the bed.

「We had a magic-sealing curse placed upon us. The moment that I try to use any magic, a tremendous amount of pain runs through my body, making it useless. Sharl and Wikia are also in the same situation. Because they did not sense that Nadja was capable of using magic, they put you in here first」

「…….Is that what happened…」

「For the time being, how about Nadja takes a seat as well?」

Alan was sitting on the edge of the bed and he patted the spot next to him.

「Ah, okay」

Nadja awkwardly sat next to him. She thought about the clothes she was wearing. It was a thin and coarse rag that clearly displayed the outline of her body, moreover it was also exposing her thighs. On top of that she knew by the sensation underneath that she was not currently wearing any underwear.

「However, this curse is really troublesome. If the curse was applied using some cursed object as the medium, it would be a simple matter of destroying the object thereby erasing it’s effects……..」

Sharl may be able to remove the current curse placed on them if she had enough time, but considering the fact that the curse was also placed on herself, nobody would expect her to be able to lift the curse in such a state. After all, the miracle power of god that a Priestess borrows is also a form of magic.

「….. Nadja」

At a loss for what to do, Alan calls out Nadja’s name.

「At this point in time, saying this is….. No, precisely because we are in this situation, there is something I want to tell you」

When Nadja turned her gaze, he was intently looking into her eyes.

「I like you, Nadja. I really love you」

3 Seconds. It took the veteran swordswoman 3 seconds, just to be able to process and interpret the words that were spoken to her in her brain. After exactly 3 seconds, Nadja’s face was dyed bright red instantly.

「Eh, wa, eh…. R-really?」

Alan nodded his head.

「But what about Sharl and Wikia…..」

「Of course I think of them as two very important people to me. But, the one I love is you, Nadja. Only you」

「Alan…. Thank you, I’m so happy」

A sense of guilt crossed Nadja’s mind for the two other people. However, this is something that Alan has chosen. Even if by some chance Alan were to choose one of the two other girls, it was likely that Nadja would accept the result and just give them her blessings. Reaching this conclusion, she obediently accepted his goodwill towards her.

「Um… I don’t want you to think of me as an indecent woman but… 」

This is my only chance. Having these thoughts, Nadja openly spoke out her mind.

「Could you……um, that is, could you hold me?」

「……Are you sure?」

Alan had his eyes wide open and Nadja nodded.

「There is a chance that from here on out, I will be forcibly……. taken against my will.  Even if that was not the case, I don’t know if I would ever be able to come back safely. In this line of work, I’ve already made my resolve long ago in regards to death. But even so, I want at least my first time to be with the man that I love」

「I understand」

Alan slowly and gently embraced Nadja, kissing her tenderly by the lips. Crawling his lips across the scruff of her neck, he pushed her down towards the bed.


「Please call me Leona」

Changing completely from her usually masculine attitude, Nadja whispered back to Alan in a feminine tone of voice.

「My true name is, Leona. Leona Jarvis 」 [1. True names have powerful significance in Maou no Hajimekata, kekeke]

Za. [2. Za= a flash/distortion sfx]

「…..That’s a beautiful name. Leona」


Alan rolls up Nadja’s clothes. From her full breasts all the way to her secret garden which had a red bush covering it, everything was exposed in full view.

「Ahh, P-please don’t look at me so closely…… I’m so embarrassed」

「There is no place that you should be embarrassed about. ……You are so beautiful, Leona」


Alan was licking her breasts and Nadja’s body twitched and trembled. Although she was a swordswoman who often times put her life on the line to fight, there was barely any scars on her skin. Naturally because of her own skills as a swordswoman and with the help of Sharl’s healing spells she was able to have this kind of skin, however, above all else the main reason for her beautiful skin is because it is the skin that Alan protected.

Since the first time they met, Alan has always stood in front of her and he was the one who attracted and received the majority of the enemy’s attacks. Nadja’s role was to slaughter and finish off the enemies that had lost their footing.

At first she assumed that he was a thin looking man that was going to be unreliable, however she soon overturned her opinion of him. And that slowly changed into trust, before long that trust blossomed into love.

His lips slowly descended down from her chest, down to her stomach and tracing the interior of her thighs before reaching her secret garden.

「Leona, open your legs」

When he gently pushed open her legs, Nadja blushingly started to open her legs as well and the parts of her that she had never exposed to anyone else was being shown to him.

「I can’t, Alan….. this is just so….embarrassing」

Covering her face with both of her hands, Nadja cries out in a pitiful voice.

「You’re so cute. Leona」

Saying this Alan inserted his tongue into her.


Nadja raised a high pitched voice, not from the fact that she was embarrassed, but because she certainly felt the pleasure. Alan’s tongue was freely exploring her sacred place and the more that he did this, Nadja’s body twists and turns like a ship being played around with by the waves, she raised her voice.

「A-Alan, I think that…..I’m ready, for you, s-soo」

At the rate things were going, she was afraid that she was going to lose her reason. When Nadja called out for him, Alan slowly moved on top in order not to scare her and gazed deeply into her eyes.

「Then…. here I come」


「What’s wrong?」

Alan was staring at Nadja looking curiously. And for a single moment, Nadja’s realized that her eyes had gotten really blurry for an instant. But when she blinked her eyes, there wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary.

「Ah, n-no it’s nothing……P-please do it in one go」

Although she was slightly ashamed for speaking in such a frank way, Alan gently smiled at her and embraced her. At that moment, Nadj’a could feel the sensation of being pierced running up the back of her spine. Along with the numbing pain, she also felt the happiness of being his woman.

「I’m alright, with just this level of pain…. it’s nothing for me」

Alan was watching her anxiously but Nadja showed him a smile. A painful sensation of her internal organs being hollowed out was being transmitted to her but, when she thought that she was giving her first to Alan, for some reason it filled her with this sense of satisfaction.

「But that is….. can you please hold me tighter?」

Alan nodded and he embraced Nadja closely as he started to thrust his pelvic hips slowly.

「Mnn, Nn…..」

When they continued for a while, Nadja’s voice which was seemingly in pain and subdued at first, was gradually turning into this sweet moan.

「Fu, ahhhh」

Even as he was moving his hips, Alan was also sucking on the tip of her breasts with his mouth. her body which was curving backwards let out a cry.

「Ahh, ah, ah, ahhh, Alan, Alann……..」

Even Nadja herself was surprised at the kind of sweet yet indecent moan she could produce out of her own mouth. Embracing Alan’s head towards her breasts, Nadja surrendered herself to the pleasure.

「Leona….. I love you…..!」

「Ahh, Alan, more, do it more, do it harderr……ahhhh, Alan……!」

His pelvic thrusts were increasing in intensity and all too soon the sound of body against body rubbing and colliding with each other, echoed in the prison cell.

「Leona, I’m cumming…. here I go!」

「Alan, inside…… do it inside of meeeee!!」



In the moment she shouted out, Nadja’s vision blurred yet again.

But she was in no state to even think about what it meant, Nadja could only think about Alan’s thing piercing the inner depths of her being. Almost like her head was hit with a blunt weapon and sparks were flying out of it, Nadja curved her body grandly.

「~~~~~~~~~ Aahhhhhhhhhhh!!」

Without even realizing that she herself cried out, she was just basking in the pleasure of her climax and the feeling of Alan’s semen surging deep into her interior. When he thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure of ejaculating deep into her until he was completely satisfied, Alan pulled out his penis from Nadja’s intimate place and at this point in time she had rolled over to her side and lost her consciousness.

Alan gets off the bed and whispers gently into her ear as he patted her head.

「”Nadja was it”? That wasn’t too bad」

The kind and gentle expression he wore just a moment ago disappears, and instead a wicked smile floated across his face.



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