Chapter 10: Let’s Give Despair to the Greedy Adventurers – Part 3


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「Ah, Ahh, Alan, Alan….!」

Alan was lying on the bed and Nadja was shaking her hips with her undivided attention. Since their first time, they have made love many times, and she no longer felt any sense of pain. The both of them just indulged in each other’s bodies without reservation, absorbed in their own lust.

The day she first lost her chastity, after Nadja woke up from losing her consciousness, Alan’s figure was nowhere to be seen. After Najda got up, a few minutes passed before a Black Elf came to give her breakfast and after that, about half a day went by and Alan returned along with the delivery of her evening meal.

Alan was being evasive when she asked about what he did between their separation. Nadja thought that “If he didn’t want to tell me, I’m not going to force it out of him either”, Although she stopped asking him, it was evident that she worried about him.

After eating their dinner together, the two wrapped their arms around one another and became intimate once more. Falling asleep after having sex, the moment she woke up Alan was not there again. This kind of lifestyle was being repeated over and over for the past several days.

In any case prison life was filled with free time. Inside of such a small and narrow prison, there was nothing that she could do. For the time being, so that her body doesn’t waste away, she would do strength training, exercises like push-ups and sit-ups, however, there was a limit to how much she could train without the proper equipment added to the fact that she was in this small room. She tried all kinds of things to escape, like using the cutlery to dig up the wall or just trying to pick the lock, but all of her efforts ended in vain.

It was likely that the locks and the walls were all reinforced with magic. On the contrary, whenever she used a spoon or fork to dig the walls or locks, the utensils would be the one that got damaged as they bent and broke apart.

The black elf that brought in her meals told her “try that again, and I will make you drink this hot soup with your bare hands”, being threatened in this manner, she gave up any more such attempts.

If you were to exclude the fact that there was so much free time, living life as a prisoner was quite comfortable. Although the meals were simple, she was provided with a good quantity and there was enough flavor, also the meals on the menu would be different each day.

When breakfast ends, the tableware is collected and a bucket filled with hot water and a cloth is provided in order to cleanse her body. Normally in her life as a swords woman, she would rarely use hot water and she would only take a bath occasionally, but recently she has frequent sex with Alan and it was natural for her to be worried about having dirty skin. Spending a good amount of time, she polished every nook and corner of her body.

Her excrement is collected twice every day and is always exchanged for a new and clean vase. In any case, in the time that Alan was not there, the simple service provided by the Elven woman to exchange the vase was a welcome addition. As one would expect, she did not want any man to see that kind of thing. Especially if the person is someone she loves then it would be even worse.

Aside from eating her meals, there wasn’t much else to do, and before she knew it she already felt like she was in this prison for many years. The fun days of adventuring with Alan and the others seemed very distant like it was some hazy, colorless dream…. she was losing touch with her sense of reality.

In this period of time, only Alan was able to give her peace of mind. She embraced him and became reliant on him, he was her solace. When she was held in his arms, she felt relieved from the bottom of her heart, even going as far as to feel that she would feel happy if this kind of lifestyle continued forever.

Za. Zazaza.

The only thing that cast a shadow on this life of hers, was during the times she experienced a flicker and a blur which shook her field of vision. Her sight would be distorted momentarily and there was also this abnormal noise which assails her ears. Alan seemed to not be effected by this particular symptom. Perhaps it was her own sickness? Or maybe it was that a curse was cast on her… At first she thought that this was all in her own imagination, however the frequency of this occurring gradually increased, and she was unable to wipe this uncomfortable feeling off her mind.


As if she was asking for his help, she came closer to his face and brushed her hand along his cheeks.

「What’s wrong?」


The moment she was about to kiss him, her vision blurred again. Nadja looks up in a panic and shakes her head.

「Are you about to cum? ….. I’m also…. going to come!」

While feeling the warm sensation of having his semen poured into the interior of her womb, she was reconsidering the thing she saw just now.

Within her blurry vision, when she looked into Alan’s face…

What she saw was a completely different man!

Midnight. There was no light coming into the room, the flow of time in an underground place like this was obscure, so using the meal times as an approximation, it was likely that this was late at night. Beside Nadja who was laying on the bed, Alan slowly raised his body.

So that he did not wake Nadja up, the door of the prison is quietly opened and he went outside.

Confirming the situation by opening her eyes thinly, Nadja proceeded to open both her eyes wide. Nadja only pretended to lose consciousness as per her usual behavior after making love, she was convinced that the man who she had thought to be Alan all this time, was actually a completely different person.

She suspected that some sort of black magic was cast on her. When she thought about it carefully, the only time the blur in her vision occurred was during her times with Alan. This was not an abnormality in her body or a sickness, this was a normal reaction. It occurs the moment magic falls undone.

Nadja clings to the door of the prison cell moving as dexterously as a cat and pushes the door quietly. It wasn’t locked. The Black Elf will probably come to close it later. Nadja took out the cutlery knife she concealed in the sleeve of her clothes, she grasped on to her long hair and cut it from the root. Although it was a cutlery knife that wouldn’t amount to much of a weapon, it was still capable of cutting hair easily.

Rolling up her bed sheets she shaped to make it look like a human. Furthermore, she used the hair she just cut as a camouflage making it appear more realistic. With this, if someone was to look at it from afar, it would look like she was sleeping in her bed.

Nadja quietly sneaked out of jail and walked along the corridor of the labyrinth. When she first entered the dungeon, the level she was in reeked of corpses and bodies were scattered around here and there. However, in the place she was at currently, it seemed more like the corridor of a royal palace, it was extremely clean and not a single speck of dust could be seen.

When she was in prison she didn’t really mind it being so dark, but along the walls of this corridor light was faintly being emitted. Though even without much light she would still be able to walk through without problems. The light was dim and this was convenient for Nadja.

Entrusting herself to her intuition she advanced in the labyrinth, finding a door that seeps out light, Nadja sneaked up to it and peeked inside. Inside there was this man with dark golden hair sitting on a big chair. Perhaps he was asleep, but he had his eyes closed and he was not moving an inch on the chair.

It’s this fellow! Nadja’s heart burnt with anger. The face of the man she saw on the other side of the illusion was him, without a doubt, it was this man that was sitting on this chair. This man was the one pretending to be Alan, sleeping with Nadja countless of times, pouring his sperm into the interior of her womb.

Nadja’s mind was filled with disgust, and she was driven by the impulse to just go inside of the room and kill this man, but using her hardened will she managed to suppress those thoughts. The thing that she needed to do right now was search for the real Alan and help him escape.

Nadja quietly parts from the door and restarted her exploration. For some reason, her intuition was really sharp tonight. Without anyone finding out, she managed to advance through the passageway. Nadja managed to find a goblin who was standing guard with a spear and blankly staring at the wall.

Behind the goblins back there was a coarse door made out of wood, a bunch of keys were hanging from the goblins waist.

He must be behind that door! Nadja’s intuition told her. She ran up to the goblin like the wind and catching its small neck she twisted it with all her strength. Breaking its neck, the goblin wasn’t even able to raise a scream before it died with surprising swiftness.

Taking off the bunch of keys on its waist, she began to use the keys on the lock. The first and second keys failed but the third key managed to open the door with a *click*.


Inside of this small room, he was limp as he sat on this crude chair. Untying the ropes that bound his arms, and calling out his name one more time, he slowly and painfully looked up towards her.


「Yeah, Alan, it’s me….!」

Nadja firmly hugged his chest. It seemed that he was not treated as well as Nadja had been. His hair color lost its glossiness, and his body also seemed to be a little thinner, however without a doubt this was the real Alan.

「Come, let’s escape. For now, we need to run away and then reorganize ourselves. Although it may be difficult for us to escape without any weapons, if the both of us work together I think we can pull it off. If we get lucky we may even run into some equipment or perhaps even Sharl and Wikia」

「…….There is no need, for that」

Saying something unexpected he lifted his face, his pupils were staring at Nadja. Deep brown eyes stares into the depths of her soul, in an instant Nadja forgets about everything and just stares back into his eyes.

「I am the master of this labyrinth. And I am also your master. ……..You hid your background and mixed yourself with the group of adventurers. You’ve worked really hard haven’t you, Leona」

The man was gently brushing her hair and it was at this point that Nadja 『remembered』 everything.

「Ahh….. Aur-sama」

The person in front of her was not Alan. It was Aur. The person who she loved for the longest time, the face of the person who kept embracing her whilst she was in prison, the person that brought her solace, this was the figure in front of Nadja right now.

「Did you sacrifice your beautiful hair for me? ……. But, even with your short hair you are also beautiful. I will fix it properly for you later」

Nadja was being held in Aur’s arms, and as if she felt relieved Nadja shut her eyes. Just like that, she started to drift off into sleep.

「…….Is it over?」

After waiting for the right moment, Ellen and one of the Black Elf girls came into the room.

「Yeah. Take her to the bedroom this time. Although I will put another curse on her later, it is unlikely for her to resist me anymore」

Handing over Nadja’s body to the Black Elf girl, Aur answered her question. Fumu, Ellen draws her eyebrows together and after thinking for a little while, she frankly asked a question.

「My Lord, Although I don’t really understand it very well, but was that girl originally one of my Lord’s subordinates?」

「Obviously that is not the case」

Aur showed a small smile at Ellen’s question.

「Although a swordsman doesn’t use any magic, that in itself is a little troublesome. There are surprisingly lots of swordsman who are able to endure magical attacks with their will power alone」

Sitting on the chair, Aur started to reveal the secret. The crude chair from a little while ago, suddenly transformed into a huge chair with an armrest that was able to support Aur’s whole body.

「Therefore, even if a curse was placed on her to limit her hostility, it would not be completely effective. They are the type of people that even when cursed with a spell that causes your whole body to feel extreme pain, they would endure it and keep fighting as if nothing had happened. On the other hand, magic that distorted her vision was more likely to be effective, so this time around I struck at her weakness. Added to the fact that I was using this face」

Aur spoke out an incantation and the shape of his face warped. His hair was shining a golden color, and his slender face was enough to be mistaken for a woman. It was Alan’s face.

「Disguising myself as this man, that girl knew that she had been raped」

When Aur suddenly said to Ellen, “stab me with that spear and take me to jail”, Ellen had almost thought that her Lord had gone crazy from living too long in this underground dungeon, but everything was becoming clear now.

「Look carefully」


Ellen feels a sense of incongruity with Aur’s face. But she couldn’t pin point what it was.

「How is it?」


When she finally noticed it, Aur had already returned to his former face. Amber colored hair and light brown eyes. The face that was showing was masculine. No matter how you looked, it was the usual Aur in every respect.

However, Ellen could not tell if he returned to his exact usual appearance.

「Slowly, I changed my face very slightly. Humans…. Well Elves included, this thing we all have called perception is a very interesting thing. If the changes are only slight, it is not easy to notice the differences」

Before she knew it, Aur’s face had already changed back to Alan’s face again.

「Well, the fact that gold blonde hair and golden brown hair looks comparatively the same is a fortunate coincidence. As one would expect if the color of the hair has an outstanding difference, it would be much easier to notice」

That reminded her, if she looked really closely and paid attention, the blue eyes he just had slowly changed into a light brown color.

「While doing this over several days, I planted a suggestion into her subconscious mind every single night in order to alter the perception in her memories. 『In truth I was Aur’s subordinate all along, and I was only pretending to be the adventurer’s companion』. Planting her with fake memories and also changing myself to look like Alan, these two factors combined has led her to firmly believe that the person with Alan’s face is her true enemy, and it makes her also believe that the person with my face is her ally」

In fact, the man who Nadja was looking at before, the man sitting in the big chair was actually the real Alan. If she noticed this at that point in time, Nadja might actually have been able to save him. However, her memory was obscure, and because she firmly believed that the person wearing Alan’s face was Aur, she could only see him as her most hated enemy.

「Human beings… No matter how distrusting they can be, the moment that they think they’ve outwitted their enemy, their minds become awfully defenseless. Using that precise moment, it is possible to change her memories of who her allies and who her enemies are, she herself believes that the life she has led up until now is “fake”, and the truth is that she was my ally all along. To believe in something, is a terrifying thing. If you don’t doubt the thing you believe in, there is no way to defend against it」

“The scary one is you” is what Ellen thought, but she didn’t dare to voice it out. As her master, she thought that he was reliable, but likewise she also thought that he was frightening.

「But well, even though the experiment went well, this method is a little too time-consuming. Although luck is half the reason I succeeded this time, I think next time around let’s just try to wrap things up in a smarter way」

There are two girls remaining, and he was going to take a different approach to make them fall into depravity.

While thinking about his wicked plans, Aur turned and started walking towards his next victim.



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