Chapter 10: Let’s Give Despair to the Greedy Adventurers – Part 5


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

After that, several days passed. Aur would visit Sharl’s prison cell with her breakfast, and after embracing her he would leave. This kind of life continued for a while. Straight after embracing Sharl, Aur would change his face to look like Alan and go into Nadja’s prison cell, but Sharl was not aware of this and it was not something she could concern herself with right now.

Unlike Nadja who always felt that she had plenty of free time in the jail, for better or for worse, Sharl had spent the majority of her time worrying.

As for what she was worrying about, it was how to seduce Aur…

In saying this, it was not like she yielded to the pleasure or that she had fallen under Aur’s control.  This was something she was compelled to do. Every single time she met him, she would need to use different words to beg for his affections and to plead him for his semen.

What words were chosen and how she should say them, all of these things were something she needed to independently think about. The condition being that if Aur did not like the content of the words spoken by her, she would not be embraced and consequences would follow.

This is what Aur told her on his second visit to Sharl’s jail cell.

After that, the days of trial and error for Sharl began. The second time he visited she said “Please violate me”, and she was rejected by Aur, after being at a loss for what to say, she finally came up with “Please love me, please grace me with your affection”.

If, if by some chance she was chosen by Alan to be his, this is the kind of words she would say to him. These pure words coming out of a girl’s heart that was blooming with love, was defiled with a huge amount of cloudy fluids.

On the third round, she was compelled by Aur to weave together a set of indecent words. “What are indecent words?” she asked him, Aur showed an amazed expression, and on that day during the afternoon, her meal was being transported to her by this black haired girl who looked like a beautiful doll. The black haired girl transformed into a demon.

Completely opposite to Sharl, this woman had very full breasts, and this demoness was teaching her plenty of dirty words to use. She thought that a demon would be one of the most terrifying creatures, but this demoness was really friendly and was talking to her like she had been friends for a very long time, Sharl soon opened her heart to this demoness and started to zealously study her teachings.

On the fourth round, she lied down on the bed and voluntarily spread her vagina lips with her fingers, “Please thrust Aur-sama’s large penis into Sharl’s pussy”, when she said this, Aur showed a shocked expression, and he praised Sharl saying that she’s done very well.

Being coerced into doing something shameful and humiliating like this wouldn’t make her happy even if she was praised. Is what Sharl originally thought, but somewhere deep in her heart, there was this strange throbbing that remained.

After that day, Sharl applied the majority of her time during the day to think of words to invite and seduce Aur. If she was able to make Aur happy, she would be able to secure the safety of her companions. If this was the case, she believed that she needed to devote all her efforts into doing so.

Occasionally the demoness would drop by after her meals to help her out and give her some ideas. The demoness reinforces Sharl’s insufficient vocabulary and provides advice but she never teaches Sharl exactly what to say. After all, in the end it was Sharl that had to compose the words herself.

Lately it wasn’t just when she was trying to seduce him to bed, but just before Aur was going to ejaculate or right afterwards, furthermore even whilst in the height of their passion, she consistently used words which would arouse him. This was the advice she received from the demoness. Since she started doing this, she felt that her interactions with Aur had become much lighter and more gentle than before. Even though he may be a wicked magician, she felt that as long as she was devoted and sincere towards him, her act of good faith would be transmitted to him.

And today as well, she was embraced by Aur.

「Aur-sama….. Please use Aur-sama’s splendid cock and violate Sharl’s pussy all the way to the depths, pleasee pour plenty of your semen and make me pregnantt….」

Sharl was on top of the bed on all fours, shaking her ass back and forth she was teasing him to come. Although he hasn’t even touched her secret garden, it was already overflowing with her thick love juices. She wasn’t only providing Aur with the lip service, but she was also making physical preparations so that she was able to properly please him. This was the suggestion given by the demoness, Sharl easily consented and was even slightly impressed by the suggestion.

Making sure to pay close attention to all the details is one of the necessary things to provide a hospitable service. Therefore, she made it her top priority to think about the other party’s needs.

「You’ve become fairly good at coaxing, haven’t you? Good girl, Sharl」

While giving her a praise, Aur firmly grips on to her waist and in one go, he pierced deep into her interior.

「Haahnn………Aur-sama’s big thing is…..coming inside mee…..」

Having it inserted in her dripping wet vagina, there was no longer any resistance nor the pain that she suffered during her first time. Sharl’s whole body could only feel a gradual aching pleasure that wrapped around her.

「Push it into me moree…….. Please fully taste Sharl’s pussy to your heart’s contentt」

Matching Aur’s pelvic thrusts, Sharl moves her waist in a way to make sure that his penis doesn’t come out half way. When she matches the rhythm of his pelvic thrusts, it becomes possible to cover more thrusting distance and so the amount of pleasure she feels also doubles.

Although it is important to worry about the other party’s needs, after all sex was not something you could do alone. Because it wasn’t possible to read the other person’s mind, she can only use the sensations she experiences herself as a standard for how good Aur was feeling. In other words, right now she thought that if her movements were able to make her feel extremely good, then it must mean that Aur was also feeling really good.

Accepting the advice given by the demoness, Sharl shakes her waist willingly in an insatiable desire to feel more pleasure.

「Kuu, that’s good, Sharl…..」

Aur groaned as he spoke out. Although the tone of his voice seemed like he was in agony, it was actually proof that a man was feeling really good. Men do not pant out in a high-pitched voice like women do.

「It’s so good, Aur-sama, I’m also feeling so goodd, more, please thrust it into me moree! Please grind the insides of my pussyy!」

As for, Sharl, she was moaning in a high voice. Expressing how you feel when you feel good is important. You don’t have to pretend; you just have to frankly state what you are feeling in the moment. It’s alright, because Aur will definitely make you feel very good.

The demoness’s words were replaying in her mind over and over, and Sharl courteously puts those words into practice. The more she listened to the demoness’s advice, the more that Aur’s penis would throb and pulsate, and this made Sharl feel really happy.

「Ahhh, it’s so goodd, I’m cumming, I’m cumminggg! Being pounded by Aur-sama’s cock I’m going to cwummmm! Let out that white stuff! Aur-sama’s semen please pour plenty of it inside of meee!!」

Sharl tensed up her spine and in preparation for the pleasure that was going to wrap around her whole body she strained her hips. However, no matter how much time passes she was not able to feeling the usual wave of pleasure which surges throughout her body. This is because Aur had completely stopped the movements of his waist.


With a curious expression, Sharl looked over her own shoulders to look at Aur.

「Do you want me to let you come?」

「Yes, I really want to cum….. I’m begging you, please let me cumm」

Sharl wags her waist eagerly. However, because she was crawling on all fours, she couldn’t really move her body freely and it only served to make her crave the pleasure even more.

「In that case, tell me your true name」


Elves were much closer to being a spirit than a human. To them their true name held an extreme significance, especially because she was also a magic user. It wasn’t just as simple as giving her soul over to him. her true name was in essence her whole being, if she were to tell Aur her true name, it would be the same as letting Aur grasp her whole existence in the palm of his hands.

As proof for how important this was, even the Black Elf Ellen who was serving him and who has already sworn her allegiance to Aur has not disclosed her true name to him.

「You want to come, don’t you?」

「Ahhh, yes, please let me cum」

Slowly resuming his pelvic thrusts, Sharl raised a sweet voice. However, this amount of speed was insufficient. Because Aur was moving so slowly, it only fanned Sharl’s flames of passion even further.

「Aur-sama, please, forgive mee……..! My true name, just not my true namee……..Ahhh m-moree, harderr…… Ahh, oh noo please don’t stopp」

Aur was toying around with Sharl as he would stop his movements in intervals. Although he was merely continuing to provide a slow and gradual stimulation that could not possibly let her reach her climax, instead of cooling her down, it only made her body hotter, it was an exquisite movement.

「Aur-sama, noo, don’t stop…….. Moree, please make a mess out of Sharl! Ahh, no please, put it deeper, deeper inn, please plunge Aur-sama’s hard and strong dick deep inside of Sharl’s slopping wet pussy, please stir up Sharl’s insidess! 」

While shaking her neck, Sharl intensely presses her waist against Aur. Firmly holding on to her waist, Aur whispered to her in a low voice.

「Fine, you don’t need to tell me your true name. But in return, you will dedicate your everything to me. If you swear to become my sex slave that will obey all of my commands, one that will open up their body to be used at any time, I will give you what you desire most」

Being given an alternate path, Sharl immediately shouts out.

「I will do it! I’ll do itt! Sharl is Aur-sama’s sex slavee, please make me into Aur-sama’s personal meat slaveee!! 」

If you were to say these words, I’m sure that Aur will become very happy, but make sure to keep it as your trump card kay?

Someone was smiling radiantly whilst teaching her such a thing, but right as of this moment, she couldn’t put it in her mind as to who that someone was. However, even if she believed this was merely some sort of indecent word play, answering Aur’s question in such a manner was a thoughtless thing to do.

「Alright, then from now on you are my sex slave. You will dedicate your body, your mind and your everything to me and spread your legs at any time. You will never be able to disobey my commands, be delighted! As I am allowing you to receive my semen!」

「Ahhhhhhhhhhh, coming, it’s comingg! I’m cumming, I’m going to cumm! Aur-sama’s semen is finally comingg, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!」

Spurting all of his semen into her in an eruption, Sharl could only scream out like an animal.

「Clean it」

When he took out the penis he just used to discharge his semen and presented it in front of Sharl, she gladly crawled her tongue all over it. The modest and devout White Elf Priestess was no more. Voluntarily accepting Aur’s curse, she swore an oath, right now she was only Aur’s personal sex slave that deeply lusted after his semen and the pleasure that he gave her.

「What is your true name?」

「My name is Shirley Sutherland, Aur-sama…..」

As if she was spellbound, Sharl obediently answered him, she licked Aur’s thing with great relish and rapture. He did not need her true name. After all, the terms of the oath were that she willingly “dedicated her everything”, and Sharl had readily agreed to it. At that point, she had already sold her everything including her soul to him.

「Umu. Then in that case Shirley. You should take a rest for a while」

When Aur touched Sharl’s head with his finger, she plopped to the bed and began to go into a deep sleep.

「Great work~」

From within the darkness of the dungeon Lilu’s figure makes her appearance and she showed appreciation for Aur’s hard work.

「Yeah, indeed I’ve become a little tired. You’ve also done quite a good job this time, haven’t you?」

Yesterday, Aur had just successfully corrupted Nadja. In the mornings he was keeping Sharl company, and during the afternoon, he needed to take on Nadja. There were also all the administrative and executive duties that he needed to attend to during these times. As of late, Aur had been exceedingly busy.

「it’s fine, it’s fine~. I got to train a completely innocent and naïve child plenty of ero things so it was really fun in its own way~」

Floating an indecent smile like the succubus she is, Lilu approached Aur and started to massage his shoulders.

「Even so, Master do you really like that kind of thing? Would it be better if I started begging you like that as well? “Masterr, please use your sturdy cock to stir up Lilu’s insidess”  like that?」

While she was saying this, Lilu was simultaneously whispering in his ears and squeezing her breasts against his back. Seeing this, Aur was able to roughly guess what her intentions were.

「That’s not really my hobby in particular. It is just that the words that come from the soul, carry great power. Especially if it is something that you’ve said yourself. Even if she knows that what she says is a lie, if she keeps repeating the words, it will take on a trace of the truth. In the end, it will no longer be possible to tell the truth from the lie. The fact that she is such a single-minded girl makes it all the more effective. Although I told her that she did not need to give me her heart, for such an earnest girl like her, this was impossible to begin with. Although it will depend on who it is, this is quite a standard method of corrupting someone」

In saying that, there was only one person remaining… “this kind of method probably would not work for that magician girl”, is what Aur was thinking.

「Hmm. Are you going to use that kind of method to corrupt me too? Am I going to be made to fall deeply in love with Aur?」

*gyuu* she was hugging him from behind tightly, as she whispered to Aur tickling his ears.

「This kind of method, would not work on such a devious creature like you. If you see through my actions as being an act, then it is only as good as a mere performance. Moreover, isn’t your existence itself as a demon, something that is corrupted to begin with?」

「Ahh, I guess you’re right~, besides, even if you didn’t do something like that I already like you quite a lot, Aur」

「….Is that so?」

Aur answered her back with an indifferent tone of voice and Lilu gently placed her cheeks against his.

「I mean it….. you know?」

Aur doesn’t answer her and just stands up straight. And then when he turned around, he met Lilu’s gaze and said.

「Leaving that aside, you must be hungry, right? You deserve a reward; I will keep you company so come with me to the bedroom」

「…….Nn. Yaaay~ It’s been a while since my last meal~!」

Speaking in a bright and colorful voice, Lilu was wholeheartedly pleased. Hoping that he would one day open his heart to her…. Lilu was having thoughts that were unusual for a demon.



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