Chapter 10: Let’s Give Despair to the Greedy Adventurers – Part 7


There was this thing called “gifts” which was used to describe a person’s inborn abilities.  This ability is only possessed by those with a higher “fate” than others and is something above simple magic, only a small fraction of people are capable of being born with such a thing.

The “Hero’s Star” is a prime example and this particular fate is something that could be considered on the same tier as a high-level gift.

Wikia possesses the “Eyes of Mana” which is fairly modest in comparison to the “Hero’s Star”. With this particular gift, she is capable of seeing the usually invisible flow of mana with her naked eye. For someone like her, other magicians can be considered as being akin to blind swordsman’s. But it was not like she underestimated other magicians because of this, and the sight she uses is not always reliable in all circumstances.

Although Aur may be a very skilled magician that was overflowing with magical energy, it still remained a fact that he was nothing but a blind magician to Wikia. As long as he didn’t rely on his familiars to do his bidding, Wikia was very confident in being able to see and sense whenever Aur used his magic. If a simple kind of magic was cast, it may even be possible for her to perform an analysis to determine the type of magic it was.

In other words, if both of Aur’s arms are sealed off and he needed to write the words on the piece of paper using his magic, Wikia was very confident in being able to see what characters were written down by analyzing Aur’s flow of magic.

A gift was different from regular magic. Even if she started using her gift, there would be no need for her to chant an incantation and there is also no obvious sign that she was using it, furthermore she didn’t even need to use magical energy to invoke her gift. Even though she was currently cursed and unable to use any of her magical energy, this was not a problem for her. Even if she started using her gift, the demon would be unable to sense anything. To begin with, Aur did not place any limitations on her in regards to cheating. Even if she was later found out to be using her gift, he would not be able to raise any complaints.

「Next….. is my turn to attack」

The game has already entered into its fourth round. At present, they have failed several more of their defense rounds and Wikia has managed to obtain control of Aur’s stomach, and Aur has obtained Wikia’s left arm and waist.

Once again the waist was a strange place for Aur to take control over. The reason Wikia aimed for his abdomen was to misdirect his attentions from later guarding his four limbs, and Aur seemed to only care about her left arm before going for her more obscure body parts.


While she was thinking about such things, suddenly there was a sensation that ran up her spine that made her instinctively scream out. When she looked towards the source of the sensations she was feeling, her left arm was moving against her will and was obscenely rubbing itself against her own crotch. Before she even realized it her, clothes were tucked up and her intimate place was revealed for Aur to see.

When she strained her eyes, she could see that Aur was extending his magical energy towards her in the form of a fetter that coiled around her body and controlled her movements.

「Isn’t this clearly an obstruction!?」

「……This is not counted as interference. You can still write the words on the paper, can’t you?」

Wikia was shouting out and the demon merely replied to her calmly. Wikia’s left hand was slowly tracing along her own slit. While this is definitely something that would hinder her train of thought and her actions, it was not to the extent that it would make her lose the game or interfere with her ability to write.

「I’m only making use of my own belongings and playing around with it for a bit. What’s the problem with that?」

「…….Fine, I’ll continue」

Wikia tightens her legs together and conceals her private areas from Aur, after that she began writing on the paper and handed it down. She pretended to aim for his right arm….. But in fact she wrote down his left leg on the piece of paper. What would Aur be thinking right now? Did he think I was going for his right arm? Or another body part? She aimed to attack the gap in his thoughts.

「Attacking side, Wikia. Specified body part “Left Leg”. Defending Side, Aur. Specified body part “Left leg”. The attack has failed」

However, for some reason or another Aur seemed to have seen through her ploy and was able to defend properly. Wikia was supposed to have the advantage of going first, but she was now in a disadvantaged position.

「You’re becoming impatient aren’t you? Did you lose your concentration after having your crotch played with?」

Sneering at her loss, Aur showed an indecent smile across his face.

「Is talking all you can do!」

Wikia was frowning with disgrace as she handed her note in.

「Attacking side, Aur. Specified body part “Right arm”. Defending side, Wikia. Specified body part “Right Arm”. The attack has failed」

「More like you are the one who is being clouded by those perverted thoughts of yours」

While saying this, she felt relieved inwardly. This negated her previous failure. Not just that but she was able to defend her very important right arm. Other than being unable to write on the notes properly, if she had both of her arms were to be manipulated by him…. She could only shudder at the thought of such a thing occurring.

「Attacking side, Wikia. Specified body part “Right Arm”. Defending side, Aur. Specified body part “Waist”. The attack has succeeded, Aur’s right arm has become Wikia’s possession」

When the results were announced, Wikia had a little bit of trouble restraining the expression of joy from her face. Aur’s right arm was wrapped in silver chains, and she had finally been able to suppress both of his arms. But she was really curious as to what was going on in his mind when he defended this round… Why did he defend something like his waist?

………No, the answer to that question no longer mattered to her. More importantly, she needed to start analyzing the flow of mana from Aur’s body. Wikia strained her eyes and stared at him. In front of her eyes, a completely unexpected spectacle was occurring.

Aur did not seem to be using any type of magic, he merely took the brush with his arm and then started drawing on the note.

「How are you able to move your body part which is no longer under your ownership!?」

「Allow me to ask you instead」

Wikia was challenging his actions and Aur merely grinned in return as he spoke.

「When your body is no longer your own property, you aren’t supposed to be able to move it with your own “free will”. However, Just because I don’t own the body part any longer, does it mean that I will be unable to control it?」

With just these words alone, Wikia understood that her plan of making Aur lose control of his arms was already found out by him.

「Isn’t this counted as cheating?」

「Why would it?」

The demon asked her for a reason. There was no need to even think. After all there was no rule in the agreement that the party with the deprived body part was not allowed to use magic to move his or her body. This wasn’t something that interfered with the game. Even when Aur was moving around Wikia’s body it was not counted as an obstruction to the game, but still things turning out in this manner made Wikia greatly disappointed.

If Aur was to manipulate the brush with his magic, the flow of mana could be read by Wikia. But, if Aur moved his body directly with magic, it was not possible to detect the flow of mana to the brush. The magic wasn’t flowing out into an object or into the air, but directly into his body, and she was unable to perceive any flow of magic outside of his body.

「What’s wrong? It’s my turn to attack next. Aren’t you going to submit your defense?」

Wikia was troubled as she handed her note in.

「Attacking side, Aur. Specified body part “Left Leg”. Defending side, Wikia. Specified body part “Right Leg”. The attack has succeeded, Wikia’s left leg will become Aur’s possession」

Having his hateful chain entwine around her left leg, Wikia clicked her tongue. Since the game began, she had only defended her right arm. Although the main reason was that her right arm was indeed her highest priority for defense, it was also to give Aur the impression that she was only capable of defending her right arm turn after turn.

This time around, Wikia read that he was about to aim for her legs but she was wrong in determining which leg he would go for.

She needed to recompose her emotions. Wikia took a deep breath and shut her eyes. Emptying everything from her mind, including the fact that her crotch was still being caressed with her own fingers, she slowly unified her own mind.


But then a sweet pant came leaking out of her nose. What she noticed next was that her left arm had left the area between her groins and was groping on to her chest. Her breasts. This was the first body part that was taken from her. Her soft and full pair of breasts had their nipples totally erect, so much so, that it seemed like it was swollen in pain, using her own wet fingers, she was pinching them and playing around with them causing her to experience a pleasurable stimulus straight to her brain.

Moreover, her one-piece dress along with her short skirt were tucked up by her own arm and her body was in full view for Aur to see. Aur was just enjoying the sight while smirking.

Even though the demon saw what was happening, it did not seem to be concerned at the situation. Seeing this, Wikia finally realized her own mistake. A demon that does not have any human feelings, could not possibly relate to the subtleties of a human’s sexual circumstances. After all, at best it was only able to judge things which were physical in nature to be something that would directly interfere with the game. In other words, this demon was totally unreliable as a referee.

It was at this point that Wikia noticed what Aur’s intentions were. At the same time, she thought that he was the worst kind of low-life, she ridiculed him in her own mind. For someone like Aur who was capable of moving his body, even though his free will had been taken away from those body parts, there was absolutely no meaning to defending any part in particular. He could move according to his will just by using magic alone, and this would not be considered breaking the rules.

Although this was unrelated to life support. Perhaps, if a body part was taken away from his control, not only would he lose his free will of that body part, but it is likely that he also loses the subconscious control of that particular body part. This is likely the reason why he defended his own waist a moment ago. In terms of physiological reactions the human body can have; half of it may be a conscious decision, but the other half is something that happens automatically and subconsciously…… if he were to lose control of his waist….. he would probably lose the ability to do “that”.

「Attacking side, Wikia. Specified body part “Waist”. Defending side, Aur. Specified body part “Waist”. The attack has failed」

Her face was showing her disgust for him as she wrote down her note, and Aur could instantly see through her and defended her attack with ease.


Wikia’s left arm wriggles its way down towards her crotch again. She was desperately trying to suppress the voice that leaked out of her mouth. Having her breasts played with, her body was feeling flushed and that part of her became even wetter. In addition, the left leg that was snatched away from her was trying to spread itself against her will, and she was no longer able to close her legs shut together.

Biting down her teeth together in frustration, she started writing on the note and turns it over.

「Attacking side, Aur. Specified body part “Head”. Defending Side, Wikia. Specified body part “Right Leg”. The attack has succeeded, Wikia’s head has become Aur’s possession」

Wikia was subconsciously afraid that if her right leg was taken away from her, that he would try to pierce his thing into her, and Aur took advantage of this fear to win the round and take control of her head. If her right leg was deprived, all the lower parts of her body would have become Aur’s possession. In other words, she wouldn’t even be able to prevent him from fully exposing her own crotch area….. In the worst case scenario, she may even be violated in this area.

「With this, the amount of parts I control have increased」

As if Aur was trying to fuel her sense of fear even more, he had this vicious smile on his face.

「I guess so」

But on the contrary Wikia seemed quite determined. Scolding herself for falling into chaos, she reorganized herself and threw both her regret and hesitation away. Even on the verge of being cornered and defeated, she was able to regain her presence of mind.

What was her highest priority right now? That was to secure her companions safety. In regards to her chastity or her life, she could do without those. However, by any means necessary she really wished to save Alan and the other girls.

「Next is my turn to attack」

Wikia did not hesitate and wrote down her answer before handing the note over.

「Attacking side, Wikia. Specified body part “Left Leg”. Defending Side, Aur. Specified body part “Waist”. The attack has succeeded, Aur’s left leg is now Wikia’s possession」


Aur raised both his voice and his eyebrows in admiration. Aur knew that Wikia wanted to deprive his freedom to move his waist the most.

But that is precisely the reason why she did not target that obvious location.

「……. I see」

Aur thinks about his choice for the first time, and then wrote down his answer. On the contrary, Wikia didn’t even need to think about it before she wrote her answer down and handed it in.

「Attacking side, Aur. Specified body part “Right Arm”. Defending side, Wikia. Specified body part “Right Arm”. The attack has failed」

The body part that Wikia needed to protect the most was her right arm. If this part of her body was deprived, it is unlikely for her to be able to continue on with the game. Even if her right leg is deprived and she was unable to defend herself from being violated, she would still be able to continue.

Due to Aur failing his attack again, Wikia regained her superiority.

The three remaining body parts of Aur is: his head, chest and waist.

On the other side, Wikia still had her: right arm, right leg and belly.

The probability of preventing an attack for each side is 1/3. Wikia decided to leave her fate to luck. So that Aur could not predict from her hand writing, she kept spinning her brush round and round and chose to write down a body part at random.

「Attacking side, Wikia. Specified body part “Chest”. Defending side, Aur. Specified body part “Head”. The attack has succeeded, Aur’s chest will become Wikia’s possession」


Having chains wrapped around his own chest, even Aur started to groan. With this he only had two body parts remaining.

Wikia was thinking about what she should defend next. If she didn’t defend her right arm, she may lose her ability to write. If she didn’t defend her right leg, her virginity was surely going to be deprived. There were really only two options for her to choose from.

「Attacking side, Aur. Specified body part “Belly”. Defending side, Wikia. Specified body part “Belly”. The attack has failed」

This is why Wikia chose to defend her stomach.

「You are like a snake」

Wikia said this as she lightly smiled.

「You are a cunning, underhanded coward. ………….You can only think of all the dirty thoughts. Therefore, it makes it easy for me to read your intentions. I will tell you my next choice. I will write down your “head”. I’m going to write “head”, but feel free to doubt me as much as you want」

After declaring her intentions Wikia quickly jotted down her answer with her brush.

On the other hand, Aur loses his composure for the first time and thought long and hard as to what he was going to write down. After writing with his brush slowly, he finally turned his note over.

「Attacking side, Wikia. Specified body part “Head”. Defending side, Aur. Specified body part “Waist”. The attack has succeeded, Aur’s head will become Wikia’s possession」

Aur’s head is covered in chains. *Pishi Pishi* the crackling sound of chains resounded as it wraps around his whole body.

「After all, you only amount to this. You can only doubt others, and you do not know how to see the truth, even when it’s right in front of you. Now then, demon, release me and guide me to my companions」

However, the demon doesn’t show any reaction to Wikia’s words. She tried to stand up and move but the chain that binds her still wrapped around her body and she couldn’t move.

「……What is the meaning of this? Haven’t I won the game already?! Are you trying to go back on your words?!」

「Ku, Ku, Ku……..」

Wikia’s was yelling and yet Aur merely laughs back interrupting her.

「Young magician. It is certainly as you say, I only know how to doubt people. However, allow me to provide you one piece of advice, as your senior. You should learn to doubt others a little more」

Just when she thought that all the chains on Aur’s body was locking him securely in place, the chains on his body started to rattle and fall apart on its own.

「What’s going on!? ……..Don’t tell me the demon is…?」

「No that fellow is doing its job faithfully.  I am not cheating or anything. It was just that you simply misunderstood my words」

Showing a pleasant smile, Aur was cracking his joints to loosen his body which just got free from the bindings.

「The victory or defeat of this game is decided when there is only one body part remaining from the losing player.  ………I never mentioned the order of things」

Sequential order? What is he talking about? What is happening?

Wikia’s mind was in confusion, and the correct answer abruptly presented itself to her.

「Don’t tell me, that the body part’s you own are….」

Aur nodded.

「You have three companions don’t you? Including myself, I have four people’s worth to bet on. ……Aren’t you happy that you’ve won? Now you only have to beat me three more times before you can save your friends」

Hearing Aur’s voice which was seemingly very happy, Wikia’s expression was dyed in the color of despair.



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