Chapter 10: Let’s Give Despair to the Greedy Adventurers – Part 8


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

In a dark and cold underground prison cell, Alan was curled up like some sort of caterpillar. His arms were tied behind his back by some iron manacles and his feet were also bound up by a similar thing. Naturally, it was not possible for him to use any magic.

The day before yesterday, he was moved to a spacious room for one day, but asides from that he was back in this narrow prison cell sprawled across the floor. There was no such thing as a bed in this room and the only thing his body could lie on was the cold hard floor. His meals were given but at a bare minimum and each day he would get a single meal carried to him, no cutlery was provided only a crude bowl of soup, and like a dog he would have to drink it with his mouth.

Because both of his hands and feet were tied together, and because the room had nothing in it, he couldn’t even go to the toilet to take care of his business properly. He was covered in his own filth and each day he was feeling extremely miserable feelings, Alan was barely living his life.

The reason he was able to hold on this long without just killing himself, after being humiliated and disgraced in this manner was because he was thinking about his companions.

For the first three days, he was hoping that his friends would come to rescue him. Because Alan was the first to faint, he didn’t know if his companions had all been caught. Aside from Nadja, who he knew had her movements sealed, he thought that perhaps Sharl the Elf Priestess or quite possibly the very reliable Wikia would be able to escape somehow and would be able to initiate a rescue mission.

After those three days, Alan realized that Aur was not planning on keeping him alive for a long time, and that he could not continue to expect for a rescue. Even though he was given a meal, it was soup flavored with salt, it was not something that would give him enough nourishment to survive for long. Being in a situation where he could not move his body along with continuously having to lie on this cold hard ground drained Alan’s physical strength without any mercy. A feeling of unfathomable powerlessness and the smell of his own filth was cutting his strong will-power into little bits and pieces. He instinctively understood that he would not last for much longer.

In the next three days, Alan was able to regain a slight glimmer of hope. Up to this day, a woman with black beautiful hair almost like a doll, was carrying him his meals and no matter what Alan said to this girl, she would not even bat an eyelid nor respond to him. She was just fulfilling her duties and then walking away.

However, on the seventh day, the woman who brought his meal had changed, and it was now a demoness with bat-like wings. Alan was frowning when he saw her evil looking wings, but when he tried to talk to her, contrary to his expectations she responded to him quite candidly.

Alan was able to learn that his companions had been captured and although he was discouraged it did not come as that big of a shock to him. He was also able to learn that his three companions had been treated vastly better than he had been treated in this dungeon.

On the eighth day, Alan began to worry about something else. He was wondering why his other companions were being treated so much better than him, why is that? If you thought about it logical, it probably meant that Aur was not planning on kill the other three people. At the very least, he was not planning on harming them any time soon.

But for Alan, this could only mean the worst was going to happen to him.

And they day when his nightmares became a reality had finally come for him.

On that day, Alan was allowed to cleanse his body with hot water, and after the longest time, he was finally allowed to take of his fetters and go out of this narrow prison cell. Just like that, he was led to a large room. It could not even be compared to his small prison cell. The floors were beautifully cleaned and along the walls, there was light which brightened up the room. A big bed and even furniture was in this room, but Alan was made to sit in a chair in the corner of the room.

With a clank his hands had been handcuffed to the chair. A bad feeling comes over him, even though Alan was trying to appeal to the demoness in front of him with his eyes, as if the demoness could not even see him she completely ignored him and just goes out of the room.

Being inside of this room alone, made an indescribably unpleasant feeling go along his spine. It was like when you touched a treasure chest that you knew had an exceptionally malicious trap in it, that kind of really bad premonition.

But Alan could not do anything about it. He was firmly handcuffed to the chair, and no matter how much he pulled at it, it didn’t seem like it would come off.

Alan was not able to fall asleep all night and he was just waiting wide awake. Before long, the door to his room opened.

「Nadja! Sharl, Wikia!」

When he saw the three girls enter his room, Alan shouted out with a thrilled voice. Although they were wearing humble clothes appropriate for prisoners, the three girls did not look like their bodies were wasting away like his. Nadja’s long hair had become short, but there were no visible wounds on her body.

「…..Everyone, what’s wrong? Don’t tell me that you guys have been prevented from speaking? Or is it that you can’t hear me?」

Only Wikia responded to Alan’s question by shaking her head. And she muttered out in whisper.

「Alan……I’m so sorry. ……I’m so sorry」

Wikia was not even able to look at Alan as she spoke and she could only look down in shame as she repeatedly apologized to him.

He didn’t know what Nadja was thinking, as she was staring into space with this blank look. Even the usually friendly Sharl was not answering his questions, she was only smiling.

「Were you able to enjoy your touching reunion?」

「……Aur! You bastard, what did you do to them!?」

A clinkety-clank sound from the handcuffs resounded as Alan started to struggle to free his body.

「Hmm…… What have I done?」

As if he was thinking about the question Aur took a step forward, standing between Sharl and Nadja he held the two girls and started to fondle their breasts.

「Shall I explain by showing you? Exactly what occurred in these several days」

Aur who was supposed to be their enemy was fondling the two girl’s breasts right in front of Alan, and instead of being angry, the two girls were looking delighted and even started to blush. Looking at their expressions, Alan received an intense shock.

「Sharl, Nadja, what’s wrong with you guys…….!? What’s going on…… Wikia, do you know anything about this!?」

Sharl and Nadja was not even talking back to him, so he turned his gaze towards Wikia. However, she was only repeating her apology over and over and she didn’t answer his questions either.

「Fumu, very well. …….Leona, you may explain to him」

Intimately calling her by her real name, Aur held Nadja’s waist. As if Aur’s words was some sort of magic words that allowed her to talk again, Nadja finally paid attention to Alan.

「Sorry, Alan. I’ve been deceiving you all along」

After saying this Nadja moves her gaze towards Aur, wrapping both her arms around his neck, she gave him a kiss.

「I am Aur-sama’s faithful subordinate. I’ve been tricking you all this time」

「You’re lying!! How can…. How can that be!? I mean you are….!」

Alan was shouting out and was noisily moving his handcuffs, but Aur interrupted him as he gave Nadja an order.

「It would seem that this man does not trust your words. ………So that he will believe in you, why don’t you show me proof of your loyalty?」

「Yes, Aur-sama」

Nadja happily nods and climbs on top of the bed on all fours, showing her ass to Aur.

「Please feel free to receive the proof of my loyalty, Aur-sama」

「Nadja! Stop it! Please I beg of you! You’re lying, this is all a lie, a big joke…..! No, this must be a plan of some sort, right? You’re planning on seducing him like that and then cutting off his neck, that’s what this is about isn’t it? Ahh, Please don’t do this, Sharl, Wikia please stop Nadja!」

Alan was shouting out in grief and sorrow, but Sharl merely continued to smile and Wikia turned her face away in pain. In front of all of them, Aur pierced his thick and hard thing into Nadja’s vagina.

She used to like him and think that he was ideal. But right now, Nadja who was supposed to be something like a lover to Alan was being violated by another man right in front of him. On top of that, Nadja was showing an expression of pleasure, she was moving her hips happily and this thoroughly injured his mind.

「Stop it…… Please stop it」

Alan was shouting and screaming, he was violently struggling free. When Aur finally lets out plenty of his white cloudy fluids deep inside of Nadja, Alan also became tired of raging about and slumped down on his chair.

「Thank you for showing me your affection, Aur-sama」

Spreading her own vagina with both her hands, Nadja purposefully showed off the sperm that was dripping out to Alan.

「Do you finally understand? Every piece of hair on my body all the way to my nails, belong to Aur-sama. I love Aur-sama very deeply. Although I feel bad to have deceived you, it was all for my master’s sake. Sorry」

The woman soldier spoke to Alan in a very frank tone. And while she did have the same face as the person he knew, she was no longer the girl who used to flirt and fawn on him. Was she really Nadja? As if he was trying to seek help, he turned his eyes to the other two girls.

「Ahh, of course. Let’s explain what happened to the other two people. Sharl, you’re up next」

When Aur calls Sharl’s name, she bounced up her small body joyfully and got on the bed.

「Yes. I used to love Alan-san. He is strong, brave and kinder than anyone else. I loved that Alan-san」

Saying such a thing shyly, she had a smile on her face that Alan was always used to seeing. That gentle smile of hers that reminded you of warm sunlight.

「But the thing is, I was taught about something even more wonderful than that by Aur-sama」

Her gentle smile melted and changed into an expression of obscenity, Sharl was running her tongue along Aur’s penis which was covered by Nadja’s love juices and his semen like it was the most delicious thing in the world.

「That is…. Aur-sama’s penis…… Ahhh, its so hard, big and strong…… It won’t even compare to that small thing of Alan-san’s. It’s very wonderful……」

Seeing the girls fooling around in front of him, Alan’s penis was growing hard before he even realized it. The thing he wore was the same as the other three girls, it was a thin prison uniform, and it was easily able to show the form and size of his crotch which was now swelling. When comparing his size to Aur’s thing, Sharl giggled in ridicule.

She then she fell down towards the bed and widely opened up her crevice to entice Aur.

「Aur-sama, please use your thick and wonderful cock to violate your lewd slave, please pour plenty of your white hot semen into this child making bag that was made for Aur-sama’s exclusive use」

Alan could not even believe what he was seeing in front of his eyes any longer. That honest and pure-hearted Sharl, who was the most modest and proper of the three girls, was spreading her legs and speaking in an extremely indecent language, begging for his wretched semen.

「Ahhn! Aur-sama’s thick thing is comingg………! More, deeperr…….! Please thrust it in deeperr!!」

While Alan was still sitting there aghast, Sharl’s small body was completely sucking in Aur’s cock inside of her. It was quite the ferocious size, but Sharl’s secret garden easily gobbled it up.

Alan became broken-hearted as he heard her speak. Hearing Sharl’s coquettish moans, his heart was being split into pieces even more, to the extent that his mind could not recover any longer. He no longer had any power to scream or even struggle.

「It’s a lie…… this is a lie…. A dream, it must be a dream….」

Desperately muttering to himself, he was denying the scene in front of his eyes. Even though his heart was broken into little tiny pieces, he was still able to keep it from disintegrating somehow.

「Now then, it’s finally Wikia’s turn」

After pouring plenty of his semen into Sharl, he finally called up the last girl.

「I have one piece of good news. Lift up your face」

Aur firmly embraces Wikia from behind, taking hold of her delicate chin, he turned her face towards him. Although her body did not resist him, her face was frowning unpleasantly.

「This girl, unlike the other two has not given me her body. Moreover, she has yet to tell me her true name」

Hearing his words, Alan reflexively looks towards Wikia. Looking at her expression, it was certainly filled with refusal as if she was resisting Aur. For someone like Wikia who was normally calm and collected to show that kind of an expression, without a doubt she must have hated Aur greatly and was feeling disgust towards him.

Feeling like he just found his last light, energy returns to Alan’s body and his mind was fired up. It was likely that her magical powers were being sealed and that she was being coerced forcefully. He didn’t know why the other two girls turned out like that, but he was sure that it was because of this evil magician.

However, Wikia’s was not like the others, she seemed to be unaffected. After all, Wikia was an extraordinary magician.

Alan was desperately trying to think of an idea. As long as he had a plan and Wikia notices his signal, it is likely that she will be able to execute the plan. All he had to do was create a plan to get out of this predicament. If he could somehow remove the handcuffs that bound him, destroy the magical object sealing Wikia’s magical power, he could kill Aur.

If he could just do this one thing, Alan could return to how he was before. At the very least, if not the other two, Alan and Wikia could. The two other people who have already fallen to depravity probably could not be saved. In the worst case scenario, he was even prepared to abandon them. Except for Wikia. Alan wanted to do whatever necessary to protect Wikia’s chastity which had not yet been soiled. Alan swore it in his own mind.

I will manage to do something, just trust me. With the intention of letting Wikia know his determination, Alan was signaling towards Wikia. As a woman who had travelled together and done a lot of adventuring together, she was able to guess his intentions immediately.

「……I’m sorry, Alan」

And the answer she gave him, was as expected her apology.

「Now then, Wikia. Why don’t you teach him. …….About whose thing you are?」

Aur sat down cross-legged on the bed. Wikia stands in front of him and then started stripped her clothes and even revealing her chest.

「I’m sorry, Alan….. I… Aside from my heart, I have already become Aur’s possession」

Aur’s name was carved into Wikia’s smooth white stomach. Normally it wouldn’t be visible on her skin, but when Aur pours magic into her body, it will start shining to show itself. This was the proof that she was his “possession”.

「It can’t be…. Wikia…. You’re lying aren’t you? It’s alright, soon, soon I will think up some sort of strategy…… We’ve always managed to get out of a crisis, haven’t we? Come on….. As long as our bond still exists」

Hearing Alan’s words, Aur raised his eyebrows as it twitched in response.

「……After all, bonds only amount to this much. Certainly, you guys may have been connected by “bonds”. But, the thing you call “bond” is something that easily falls apart」

Aur sneered as he spoke to Alan.

However, his eyes seemed evermore gloomy…… and somehow you could see he had this sorrowful light in his eyes. The only person to notice this about Aur was Wikia, who had been the only one able to keep her presence of mind.

「Now then. Come over here, Wikia」

Before she was able to think any more about this, she was ordered to come to him. Wikia slowly lowers her waist and places her beautiful slit against his penis.

「Stop it……. Stop ittt, Wikiaaaa! Stop it, Stop! Please Stop it! I’ll kill you! I’ll definitely kill you! you piece of shit! Just try and put that filthy thing inside of her, I will cut it into tiny little pieces! Stop itt, don’t do it, Wikiaaaーーーー!!!」

Alan was leaning forward as he if wanted to tear his arm off the chair, he was crying from the depths of his soul, wailing in agony. Nevertheless, Aur puts both of his hands on Wikia’s shoulder and without pausing, he pushed her down towards him and pierced all the way into the depths of her vagina.

「AAAAAHHHHHHH!! I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, I’ll fucking kill you!! I’ll curse you and watch your body rot in hell!! AHHHHH! I will never forgive you! And the same goes for you two! Sharl, Nadja! You bunch of whores, showing that kind of disgusting man such a lewd smile! You shit eating sluts!」

So that Alan could see, Aur was purposely showing the place he pierced Wikia, blood was flowing out of her secret garden. This was precisely the evidence that the purity that she protected all this time, has been stolen from her.

Alan uttered curses as he vomited abusive words one after another. Seeing the previously kind, gentle, upright hero that Alan was, turn into someone like this….. Wikia’s last stronghold that kept her mind together crumbled and scattered into pieces.

All of her body and its functions had been given to Aur, she was someone who couldn’t even take a shit without Aur’s permission. She had lost all of her human dignity along with her body and Alan was her last stand. But even that was now lost and replaced with disappointment and disillusionment.

Ascertaining her state of mind calmly, Aur whispered into her ears.

「Now, Wikia. Why don’t you tell that barbaric and vulgar man… As to who your master is along with your true name」

「My name is….. Victor Quia Victima and my master is you, Aur-sama……!」

This was the exact moment that the young and talented magician, sold her soul to the wicked magician.

A strong pleasurable feeling goes through Wikia’s body, and she instantly arrives at her climax. The feeling of her soul being caught in his grasp was tremendously chilling. From the bottom of her heart a pleasure so sweet went throughout her body, enough to make her go completely numb.

Wikia could sense that her pure white soul was turning black. This pleasant feeling did not have an end destination. Once she experienced such an intense pleasure, it was not possible for her to return to her original self any longer.

When she saw how Sharl became so lewd and indecent, Wikia scorned and despised her for it, but right now she knew better than anyone what Sharl had felt. If this pleasure can be tasted again whenever she was embraced by Aur, then she wouldn’t hesitate to sell her soul to him over and over again.

「I will murder you! I’ll kill you, Kill you! Kill you! Kill you! Kill you! Kill you! Kill you! Kill you! Kill you! Kill you! Kill you!」

As if he couldn’t do anything else but repeat those words, Alan seemed to have gone mad…… No, it’s likely that he already went crazy. At any rate, he just continued to shout out the words without end.

「Kill you! Kill you! Kill you! Kill you! Kill you! I’ll definitely――――」

However, his words were not allowed to continue on forever.

Nadja used her sword to slice him at the neck and sever his head. Although no one would have noticed it, but this was the sword that Alan had obtained and it was the sword he named the sword of slicing.

Combining the four people’s worth of efforts together, this was the sword that Alan had thrown to Nadja for her to use to cut the Minotaur’s neck, this sword was now used to slice off Alan’s neck.

Hatred and abhorrence permeated deep into Alan’s body and soul, and Aur immediately applied his magic to turn this body without a neck into a demon. Cursing everyone, hating everything, the immortal warrior of darkness…….. This was the birth of a Dullahan.

「I paid a lot of money to feed and to arm that Minotaur and yet it was easily killed, but I am sure now that this fellow will be able to compensate amply as a substitute. Take it to the second level guard’s room and deploy it to protect the room. Also, go talk to the Dwarfs and make them prepare a complete set of armament for it. Ahh, you don’t need to give it a shield. After all, it’s going to be holding on to its own head with its left hand」

It was now holding on to its own neck which had just been severed, and the task to care for this new born Dullahan was left to Lilu who was just outside the room. Hatred is one of the main sources of power for this “demon”. The Dullahan is indeed different from your regular undead.

「Yes~. Master what are you going to do now?」

「Wikia has finally experienced her first time, and this is also the first time the three of them gathered in front of me like this. I think that I will enjoy them a little bit more」

Aur was still sitting down as he pierced Wikia from behind, he also summoned both Sharl and Nadja to attend to his left and right. At last, his large project that has taken a considerable amount of time has ended. Tonight he will finally be able to enjoy the fruit of his labor, he was going to slowly savor it.

「…. Once I deal with this and return, would you also be able to accompany me~?」

After thinking for a little while Lilu asks him. If it was before, she would just complain about being made to do a troublesome job, but lately Lilu seems to be thinking about something and she would act like a spoiled child and try to take advantage of Aur instead.

「…….Well alright. Incidentally…… If you run into Spina or Ellen, you can also bring them both over」

Because he was shorthanded, he also wanted to invite the two girls which were working hard for him. Although the two of them were not particularly complaining about it and willingly served him, they could become quite troublesome later if he didn’t take care of them.

「Roger that! Then I’ll hurry up and return kay~!」

Lilu was being accompanied by the Dullahan as she literally flew away.

The headless knight which had endless amount of hatred within itself was going to use its skill with the sword and magic to start a bloodbath with a large amount of adventurers from now on in order to release its fury.

While thinking about the future, he let out his semen one more time inside of Wikia.



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    • Mm pitiful in a way, yes. But you’re wrong about some things. What things in life aren’t taken by force usually? Illusions are commonplace in the real world as well as we often deceive ourselves to either feel better or to convince ourselves that what we’re doing is correct.

      In the end…aren’t we all living in illusions? I rather like his way of doing things as he twists them instead and makes them deviate greatly from their original personality.

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      Well I do like the fact that each character has their own personal differences but one thing I can say in common is that none of the relationships he has with the girls is going to be “easily taken away from him”, especially not the ones obtained through “darker” means like these three girls whose true names are now in his possession, meaning that he literally has control over their soul and their bodies.

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