Chapter 10 Side Story: Occasionally We Should Show Appreciation to Our Subordinates – Part 2


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

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「Umm…. Is it really alright?」

Mio, who was called over along with Ellen, was intermittently looking back towards Aur and asking him questions.

「Do not worry. That’s something I said myself.」

Even after telling her not to worry….. Mio was still muttering something inwardly and looking behind once again. What she was glancing at was of course, the appearance of Spina who had her whole body totally bound by my magic, and forced to be in an unladylike position. Spina was glancing towards us with this hateful gaze.

「I’m just not sure, umm if it is really alright for me to be here….?」

Mio gave Ellen and the other girls a side glance whilst asking.

「What are you saying now? Mio-dono lost her purity in the same bathroom with us at that time. Moreover, haven’t we become closer lately? Why are you feeling so hesitant?」

When Ellen said such things, her subordinates also followed suit and nodded in agreement. This girl named Mio, for some reason or another, is quite liked by non-human races. Not to mention the domestic animals such as the cow and pig, even the Hell Hounds shows their belly towards her, originally many of the magical beasts living in Aur’s dungeon were only meant to be used as food and fodder for the other beings but they have all become emotionally attached to Mio.

Perhaps it was because she had a similarity with non-human races? Or maybe it was because she lived close by, but the Dark Elves acted pretty favorably towards her. Apparently, they would often work together.

「It’s just like Ellen says. Now, line up there and I will accompany you all in due time.」

Ellen’s subordinates brought Mio to the edge of the bed, and lining up they bent forwards and raised their hips, thrusting their butts towards Aur. Right in front of Aur was six fresh and juicy butts forming a line.

Aur took on this posture of a venomous spider that has just caught a butterfly, he looked at them with an ominous gaze but because the girls had their back turned towards him, they didn’t really know what he looked like right now.

The beautiful flesh of these girls were twitching and trickling with love juices, they didn’t know the madness that was about to befall upon them. Aur immediately plunges his rigid member straight into Ellen.


Having her own body pierced Ellen raised her voice, and Mio’s ass who was right next to Ellen’s also twitched and quivered. Aur soon after pulls out his penis from inside of Ellen and pierces it into Mio who was next to her.


They were like musical instruments, whilst thinking this Aur continued to pierce the women one after another. The deeper he went inside of them, the more the girls would raise their voice in pleasure. Unable to wait for their turn again, the other girls would swing and shake their hips to entice Aur to plunge it back into them. Enjoying each of their respective vaginas, Aur was satisfying himself without reserve.

「Here I come, first of all from you….!」

When Aur grabs onto the waist of the girl on the left edge of the bed, he let his whole body fill with magical energy. And in this manner, after swinging his waist 3 or 4 times, he let loose a large amount of semen along with a massive amount of magical energy deep inside of her.


Screaming out a sweet moan, the girl opened up her eyes widely as saliva dribbled down her mouth and fainted. Still filled with energy and vigor, Aur pulled his member out from inside of her and moving on to the right he held on to the ass of the Dark Elf girl and once again poured his semen into her.

「Hyaaaaahhh! Hii, Hihyaaafuuuuuuu!」

With just as much magical energy as before, Aur defiled this girl and polluted her with his semen. Her tongue dangling loose she let out a shout and the second girl also reached her climax.

「Who’s next!」

Aur skipped Ellen and Mio who was in the middle and pierced his member into the second dark elf girl from the right.

「So goooooddd! I-I’m cumminggggggg!!」

Like a feline she curls her back, gripping onto the bed sheets the girl lost her consciousness and pulling it out of her, he moved to the girl at the right most edge of the bed.

「Noo, noo, you can’tttt!! It feels too gooodddd!!」

Her voice turned into a falsetto as he filled her up with plenty of his semen Finally, Aur returned to the two girls in the middle and grabbed on to their waists.

「Ahh…… My lord, please let it out……. let it all inside of meee!! Ahhhhhhhh, Ah! ~~~~~~~~~!」

Letting out a voice that didn’t even seem like a human voice, Ellen howled like some sort of beast as her body arched. *Doku Doku* incessantly a constant stream of semen was being poured into the interior of her vagina, and that heat guided to Ellen reach an even further climax.

「You’re last. Here I come, Mio.」

Just being having her name called, she was already so aroused that she could lightly cum from the anticipation. When Aur plunged his thick and hard thing into her, Mio was shivering as her body trembled. It was like her whole body had turned into a sexual organ, and this sensation wrapped around her as she wholeheartedly swung her hips.

「Fuaaah, Ahh, Ahhhh, it’s coming, it’s coming outt……! Plenty of Aur-sama’s is going to come inside of meee!」

It was an orgasm that made it hard to keep your consciousness, but even though his semen was being poured inside of her, Mio diligently and single-mindedly focused on swinging her hips and squeezing her vagina in order to provide pleasure to Aur’s thing. This wasn’t done for her own pleasure; this was an action taken so that Aur would be able to feel satisfied.

「Nn…. That felt good, Mio.」

Understanding how she was devoting herself towards him, Aur patted Mio’s head. And being able to obtain Aur’s attention, this made her finally lose her consciousness as she sunk into the sea of bed sheets.

Seeing the six girls face down on the bed with their butts sticking out and his cloudy fluids dripping out of their crotch, he felt quite satisfied, and slowly looked behind his back.

「Revered teacher, it is cruel.」

Stirring about with her body still tied up, Spina was teary eyed and her crotch was dripping with as much fluids as the other girls.

「Such treatment is unreasonable…… Leaving me in such a position, not even giving a glance and being unable to do anything as I can only watch you having sex with the other girls…. is just too cruel」

「However, looking at the state your body is in, you seem to have tasted a type of pleasure beyond your control, and you’ve become aroused, haven’t you?」

Aur scoops up the love juices that was dropping from Spina’s crotch. The overflowing fluids were slimy and it was like tears was dripping out of her crotch, enough to create a small puddle on the ground.

「Such miserable and shameless woman you are. Do you want me to violate you so much?」

「……..As long as master is still alive, it is my duty as the apprentice to obey…..」

「What a strange thing to say. I haven’t given you any orders. Moreover, there are many beautiful women lined up for me. There is no need to trouble you in this regard.」

Up until now, Spina has yet to convey her feelings earnestly and Aur was teasing her because of it.

「At times like this, you need to properly ask him. You need to say ,”Aur-sama, please violate me like a beast from behind, please grace me with your offspring and pour it deep inside of my belly.”」

Next to Spina who was bound up, Sharl spoke with an enraptured expression on her face.

「I don’t mind being next, so Aur-sama please also give me your affections」

Nadja frankly invited Aur.

「…..If you want to embrace me then you should do it. After all, I cannot defy you in any way」

Saying it as if she was dissatisfied, Wikia’s eyes were moist and she had this expectant look on her face as her crotch was wet.

「You guys are quiet honest. Let’s see which one….」

「Revered teacher, I’m begging you! Please have pity……. please give me your affection……」

When Aur started to approach Sharl, Spina was speaking out in a crying voice. Well, perhaps this much was enough ‘punishment’ for her.

「You should’ve said that from the start.」

Without removing the ropes, Aur pierces inside of Spina’s vagina.


Waiting so long for this moment to come, Spina’s whole body was shaking in midair as she climaxed. Even if he didn’t do any foreplay with her, Spina’s body sensitivity was already at its peak. Her passion and lust which had been building up instantly flared up when she received Aur’s dick and the pleasure exceeded the limit her body could handle.

*Splash splash*, a sound like water pouring out resounded, a type of liquid other than her love juices were flowing out of her crotch.


Disgrace and humiliation, the young magician shook her body. However, this shame only served to fan her desires even more and it becomes pleasure that goes through her body.

「Did it feel so good that you had a toilet accident? You have a very vulgar and shameless body as per usual, don’t you?」

Even with the sound of water coming out, Aur repeated his pelvic thrusts, and he started to grip onto Spina’s breasts.

「Hyaah, Ahh, Hyaahh, Hiaahh..」

Each of his strokes made Spina cum, while still hanging on the ropes and swinging, she was like a crazy girl that could only moan and gasp.

「I’m going to let it out inside. Make sure to firmly take it in…….」

「Ahhhh, Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh, Hiiiaaaaaahhhhhh!!」

*Doku Doku* along with the feeling of her womb being filled up, Spina grandly reached her peak. Sticking out her tongue, and having her eyes opened wide, *splash splatter* she was spouting out a tide from her crotch as she started to go into convulsions. Aur released her magic and he carried the fully unconscious Spina by his arms and lay her on the bed.

「Well then, next is…」

When he looked towards Sharl, Lilu clung to him from the side.

「Since a little while ago… No, more like all since yesterday, you’ve made love to them, so isn’t it fine if you give them a break? More importantly, doing me just once is totally not enough you know……?」

「I also want you to do me moree…. come on~ is that alright?」

On the other side of him, Yunis was also embracing him whilst looking at him with her puppy eyes.

「You guys should have had enough right? Besides, Aur-sama always shows you guys his favor every single night in the main bedroom. Even though we are six people we are always treated as a group. I think that we have more of a right to be embraced by Aur-sama.」

Ellen thrusts out her bountiful breasts and asserts her opinions, and behind her, Mio was flinging her arms going “that’s right, that’s truee~”.

「What are you all saying! Aur-sama’s revered cock is going inside of my stomach next!」

Sharl raises her voice.

「Umu. If you are talking about the order of things, then the next one should be me」

Nadja shrewdly takes her position on the side.

「I-it’s not like I want to……. but if you want to do me you should just do it, after all I can’t fight against your commands」

Whilst her face was turning crimson, Wikia was glancing shyly towards Aur.

「Y-you can’t….. Revered teacher, please…. give me more of your love…..」

Even though her physical strength was deprived due to being tied up and having an intense climax, Spina was staggering towards Aur and reaching out to his feet with her hands.

In front of her hands, Marie was already holding on to Aur’s penis with both her hands and giving it light kisses as she sucked on it.


All the girls simultaneously realized what Marie was doing and exclaimed out loud.

「T-this girl is so cunning!」

「Hey, come on get away from him! Eh, she’s so strong!? W-why is this girl so strong?」

「Hahaha! Human girl, to have been able to do something behind my back, you are very skillful!」

「No, this isn’t the time to be laughing is it? Ellen-san……」

「Aur-sama’s precious offspring ahh… hey, just a little bit, do you think you can share it just a little bit with me? Please?」

「…….Sharl, I don’t think that’s a good idea」

「Or more like, doesn’t this kid have an extremely strong curse on her? At first glance, it seems to be a blessing, but considering how powerful it is, I would classify it more like a curse…. 」

「Marie…… Just how many times, do you need to block my path before you are satisfied….?!」

All the girls around him were bickering loudly and Aur steeled himself whilst sighing.

「Eeii, I’ll embrace all of you again, so don’t be so noisy!」

Inside the room, all the girls let out a flirtatious voice to that proclamation.

On the outside, the room had a magical protection spell cast on it so that no demons could enter, and outside of this room, he was sitting on the floor grabbing onto his knees miserably with his four hands. Before long, the sweet voices of the girls began to reverberate outside.

「If I could kill a person with just my hatred…. I have confidence that I can kill a whole division of them right now….」

Logan’s mutters were erased by the loud moans of the girls and he melted his shadow form underneath the underground dungeon and disappeared.



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