Chapter 11 Let’s become the Demon King – Part 4


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「Wh….. Ho….」

Why and how, Cass was trying to speak out these word but her head was spinning, she was so flabbergasted that her mouth was like a koi carp capable of only flapping open and close.

「You’re fine? Right? You survived the last time your whole neck was cut after all.」

Yunis’s sword flickers and all of the spears piercing Aur’s body was cut loose, the cursed tools binding his arms were also cut in two cleanly. All the soldiers who surrounded them were killed in one blow.

「Yeah, I’m fine. ……You’ve saved me. However, how did you know where I was?」

Healing his own wounds with magic, Aur asked her a question.

To begin Aur himself did not know exactly where he was right now. It’s likely that in order to prevent Aur’s rescue, there was a system in place to obscure the location of Aur’s teleportation and where he was located.

「Intuition! ….Ah, no, it’s that thing yeah. Love!」

Bishi! Yunis put up her index finger and middle finger and showed him a victory pose. Aur was troubled about whether he should laugh in this situation or be amazed.

「How does it feel, are you frustrated?」

Aur spoke in a taunting manner.

「All of your elaborate calculations has been overcome on a mere “whim”, how does it feel?」

「Ha….. Hahahahahah!」

Cass began to laugh like she went mad. To be honest, Aur also felt like he wanted to begin laughing.

「Don’t joke around with me……. Did you think I wouldn’t have a back-up plan prepared!?」

Along with Cass’s words the walls suddenly open and four soldiers hiding within the concealed door jumped out. Completely surprising her and attacking her with enchanted spears. Even though she may be the heroine, she could not react in time to avoid the blow nor block it head on. It was the perfect attack timing.

「I turn the question back to you.」

However, not a single spear reached Yunis. From her defenseless back four pairs of thick arms appeared and gripped on to the soldier’s spears.

「Did you think I came here alone without any preparations? Even though I’m coming here to save my Aur?」

「Yo….. Boss. You seem to be in quite the pleasant situation aren’t you? I feel a little refreshed already.」 1

A terrifying fire creeps up from beneath the soldier’s feet and within an instant all of them were turned to ashes and they disappeared completely from this world without even a shadow of their being remaining.

While crawling out of Yunis’s shadow, Logan cracks his body to loosen his joints.

「Fuuuuh! Seriously, living in such an old hag’s body makes my shoulders all stiff. If I don’t get extra compensation for doing this, I definitely won’t be satisfied ya know?」

「Li-Like I said! I’m still only 17 years old you know!? Don’t you dare call me an old hag!」

「The only girls I recognize are those under the age of thirteen! Other than that all the other women are old hags!」

The hero and the demon were having a low level quarrel. Aur covers his face with his hands and breathes out a sigh.

He breathed out but…

Even so he could not help to loosen the edge of his lips.


Placing both of her hands on Aur’s face Yunis forcibly snatches a kiss from him.

「……..What are you doing so suddenly?」

「I thought you were making some sort of weird face so.」

Hearing Yunis’s words, Aur let out a slight chuckle from his throat. He was so angry and so resigned to his fate just before, but now all that negativity was blown away without him even noticing.

「….Then shall we go home?」

Yunis probably came here forcibly. The room suddenly became all lively and Aur was staring outside to check on the situation.

「…….It’s impossible. This is the deepest portion of the King’s Royal Capital you know? You have been completely surrounded by the imperial guardsman under the direct control of the King. They are the elitest of the elite. You won’t be able to escape so easily.」

Cass cuts in the conversation and spits out the words.

「However if you were to take me along with you, you may stand a chance…… No, if you bring me you will definitely succeed in escaping. It will be possible to get away if you know where the soldiers are deployed and along with my knowledge and intellect we can succeed. Therefore, please take me with you. If you want to use me as a strategist within your dungeon, I am also willing. I don’t mind if you also wish to use my body.」

Hearing Cass’s words, Aur showed that he was troubled.

「….. You tried to capture me silently without the country knowing about it right? This was all done to advance your own standing in their society. You understood that rather than killing me, using me will garner a better result for you. …….Furthermore, according to the circumstances you were planning on taking control of this country with my power. However, now that Yunis has come to my rescue, even if the imperial guardsmen can kill me, you will also be disposed for acting under your own discretion. So you decide that it will be more profitable if you were to start working for me.」

「….That’s right. You are very precise. I’m being underestimated just because I am a woman, they have purposefully refrained from giving me a position of power and I’m sick of it! But if it’s you, I definitely won’t betray you. After all, you won’t make light of me just because I am a woman, right?」

「Yeah, that’s true.」

Aur nods. This woman’s brain might become useful. Not only that she was quite the beauty. Making this woman service him and soiling her well-featured face will probably feel really good.

「Simmering heat.」

Without understanding the meaning behind Aur’s words, Cass inclines her neck. However, she soon guessed his intent.

「Wha, What is this!? Wha……Ahhhhh!?」

「Is this fine?」

「Yeah, that’s perfect.」

Cass’s clothes suddenly burst into flames and she was rolling in the ground trying to put out the fire. However, instead of the fire dissipating, it started to spread even more as the power of the flames gradually increased.

「Help me! Please help mee!!」

Cass tears off her clothes and clings towards Aur begging him for help. However even though she flung her clothes away, Logan’s flames from hell continued to coil around her and because he had a barrier around him, she could not touch Aur’s body directly.

Her beautiful skin was soon hideously burned and she collapses towards the ground emitting a foul stench.


Before long Cass sinks into the ground as her body is transformed into a pile of black ashes.

「Hmph. As expected the soul of an old hag is not tasty, it’s totally impure.」

A dull white ball of light was spit out from Logan’s mouth.

「But well, it still tastes better than these bastards.」

Just before, he also burned the flesh of the soldiers and their souls were all cramped up within Logan’s mouth being eaten.

「…..Hah, if this is it my belly won’t even get full.」

Saying this, he firmly grasps on to Cass’s soul and sent it hell.

「Now then, that girl told us that it would be impossible for us to escape from here, but what do you think, Yunis?」

「I’m here so that we can disregard words like “Impossible”.」

Without a care in the world, Yunis opens the door. In that moment an innumerable amount of arrows flew towards the door.

「Wow. Everyone is all gathered together.」

Without feeling the tension, Yunis threw away the door that was pretty much only a knob because of the rain of arrows. On the other side of the door, the guardsmen were lined up in full force.

Soldiers with shields lines up in the front and right behind them were soldiers holding spears in a half-bent down position creating a wall of shields and spears. Additionally, behind the spearmen were a bunch of soldiers prepping their bows.

「I guess it can’t be helped, come on.」

Shaking one of his four arms to welcome her Logan shows Yunis his back. Yunis rides on top of him like he was a horse and sits herself down on his shoulders. And then she prepped her sword and stiffened her eyebrows.

「Let’s go.」

Logan glides down the passage way like he was flying through it. He was the type of demon that did not have wings, however, the for a demon like him the gravity of this world was a like a piece of cake. His large body flew straight towards the soldiers like an arrow and his presence was like a huge wall even more intimidating than the rain of arrows approaching him.

「Be blown awayーーー!」

Even if he was a demon though, if that many arrows pierced his body he probably wouldn’t get away scot free, but Yunis manages to stop all the arrows in place with a gale like attack and the arrows dropped to the ground.

「Ora go!」

Making all of the soldiers open their eyes wide with astonishment, Logan throws Yunis into the fray, straight towards the spearmen located in the middle.


Whilst cheering her way there she flew towards them spinning around in mir-air and brandishes her sword at them.

All the spearmen in the area was instantly cut into pieces as they fell towards the ground. The moment she lands on her feet, the soldiers with the shields pulls out their towards to meet her but she already leaped into the air.

Right under her Logan appears displaying his might. His four thick arms were wrapped around his body like a steel armor and he slapped the soldiers with the shields so hard that they were blown away like some sort of paper scraps, some even hit the ceiling. The red demons continue to display his skills like a tornado of death.

The soldiers who had lost most of their weapons were unable to do anything as they were changed into lumps of flesh by Logan. The bowmen were so scared they were unable to even shoot their second round of arrows and those that started to run away were all burnt to ash by his hell fire.

「Hey Logan, the way your threw me was a little too rough! It was so much that my eyes were spinning you know!」

「Oh shuush, you should of paid more careful attention when you were deflecting the arrows! Look there’s 2 or 3 arrows stuck on to my body you see?!」

Eliminating all the soldiers in an instant, both Yunis and Logan returned to their boisterous quarrel. Seeing the two of them like this, he was both dumbfounded but also realized how reliable they were.


  1. Nef: Logan feels quite frustrated back at the dungeon, so he feels good to see Aur in such bad shape.


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  2. It’s still unclear why he killed Cass. I can only guess that Aur killed her because of how much she knew about him. Otherwise, there would’ve been more to gain from taking her, making her submit and corrupt her soul like he did those adventurers.

    • Think of it this way- one of the first things we learn about Aur is that he doesn’t trust humans because doing so leads to betrayal. This is just an in-character extension of that. There’s no way to trust a traitor/Aur hates traitors, and her trying to threaten him with his past is just another reason to add to that.

      I think the manga portrayed/adapted it better.

    • I think its because he had to give the lolicon demon her soul as a reward

    • I think what Temp said is correct, but I also think that there’s another issue as well. Aur despises losing control. She put him in a situation where he was out of control and I don’t think he could really forgive her for that.

    • She outwitted him and almost killed him if Yunis didn’t perform the miracle of finding him. That said, she was too dangerous to keep alive. There is also that issue where Aur doesn’t trust human apart from the ones in his harem. Nope, I don’t think he fully trust anyone at all aside from the succubus.

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