Chapter 11: Let’s become the Demon King – Part 6


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The ability of this slime was quite simple. Comparable to a normal Slime, it only had two types of abilities.

It will eat all kinds of magical energy to grow bigger.

Even if it grows bigger, it will not replicate itself.

Normally these kinds of characteristics will not cause that much of a problem, but because of the trap set by Cass, it’s abilities got out of hand.

These traps were designed to siphon magical energy from Aur’s dungeon by taking it from the Dragon Veins. It can even be called an artificial “Dragon Hole”. Sucking up the magical energy coming out of this hole, the Slime grew humongous very rapidly.

What is that gate?

Riding on top of the Wyvern, Aur was looking down at the Royal Army and the Slime when he asked this question. The Slime continued to grow longer and within half a minute he spotted that there was this glittering gate like thing covered by it.

Ahh, that’s the gate I opened. At the place of the trap, I strongly thought that I wanted to go to where Aur was! And the moment I thought about it something started to open up.

Hearing Yunis’s answer, Aur was greatly troubled. No wonder the rescue came abnormally fast. Because she was capable of doing something like this, that’s why her title as the “Hero” is very hard to deal with.

Normally, it isn’t even possible to trace where the teleportation gate led to and just because she thought “strongly” under the pretext of wanting to save Aur, that gate actually opened up for her. Thinking that he needed to also create some sort of counter-measures for the teleportation formations linked from the village to his Dungeon, Aur jotted these precautions down within his own mind.

In other words, that thing is sucking a limitless supply of magical energy from the other side of the gate and is continuously making it’s body larger to swallow all of the enemy troops?

Umu, that seems to be the case.

Ellen nods whilst showing a satisfied looking smile.

Even if they were to be swallowed up by the Slime, it was not like they were going to die immediately. Unlike the usual types of Slimes, this particular one only absorbed magical energy. However, if a human suddenly and rapidly lost a huge portion of their mana, they would no doubt faint instantly. When he paid attention to the scene below, there was multitudes of soldiers within the Slime that had already fainted.

Until a while ago many of the magician’s part of the Royal Army were firing spells at the Slime, but this only served to make the Slime grow even larger so they quickly gave up and focused everything on running away.

Spears and swords also did not have any effect on it, Magic did not have any effect on it, and it was too large to attempt killing it with fire.

That overwhelming size was a huge threat. Similar to how the “number of troops” amplified their war potential, the “size” of the Slime applied the same theory.

This isn’t a laughing matter.

The reason this kind of strategy wasn’t employed very often, was due to the fact that it was very difficult to provide the Slime with enough magical energy, the other major reason was the fact that the Slime would go out of control if it grew too large.

Even though it was attacking the Royal Army right now, it did not mean that the Slime was actually under Aur’s control nor was it his ally. It was only trying to absorb the magical energy provided by the people down below. The Slime doesn’t really have any intelligence to listen to orders and if people attempted to manipulate it by controlling it with magic, it would no doubt swallow up that energy as well. This was an extremely troubling thing.

Please do not worry.

A sinister voice suddenly spoke out from behind him so Aur instinctively turns his body around to face it.

When he turned around, he saw Ellen’s subordinates along with a black haired witch riding on top of another Wyvern behind them.

That Slime will dissolve when it comes into contact with water. I believe that with Oshishou-sama’s expertise in controlling the weather, it will be a cinch to handle it.1

…..Don’t make something that you will be unable to destroy yourself.

My apologies, I am very sorry.

Without really seemingly like she reflected on her actions, Spina bowed politely. Although he disapproved of her actions, Aur was inwardly very surprised at her.

He wasn’t sure if this applied to all branches of Magic, but he was certain that in the creation of living creatures, particularly in the creation of Slimes, Spina was without a doubt a genius. Not only that, she possessed talent that would appear only once in hundreds of years.

Even in this generation, this still held true, that was just how much skill she had. Just how much will she continue to grow if she was allowed to hone her talents? While on the one side of things, he thought that she was reliable, the other part of him held a bit of fear towards her potential. Perhaps it would be wise of him to just kill her whilst she was still young? Aur had these types of thoughts.

……. In regards to this issue, the most problematic one would be Yunis. Aur turns his attention to the red haired girl sitting next to him.

When her teammates are in trouble, she has the power to appear in front of them in order to save them.

When she is in trouble, her teammates will appear in front of her conveniently just to save her.

This is one of the characteristics of being the “Hero”. Saving Aur and then when she was surrounded by the Royal Army and facing a crisis, Mio and Ellen showed up to save her. This was without a doubt firsthand experience of Yunis’s power being activated.

The problem lies in the fact that the “Fallen Hero” should not have this kind of ability. In other words, her powers of justice as one who was blessed by the “Hero’s Star” was slowly returning her power to her. From Aur’s judgement this did not mean that she fully returned to being the Hero of light, but he predicted that she would sooner or later return to her pre-destined path.

At that time, will Yunis still remain an ally to Aur? Right now, if he were to push her off the Wyvern from this height, without a doubt even if she was the hero she would definitely die. Being killed by the one she loves. This was tragic enough. Because she possessed the Hero’s power right now, if she was pushed down by Aur, Yunis would definitely fall to her death.


Realizing that Aur was staring at her this whole time, Yunis turns to face him and gives him a dazzling smile.

…… It’s dangerous over there you know? Come over a little closer.

Saying that Aur embraced her shoulders and Yunis gladly leans her body next to his.

Now is not the time. She is still useful to me.

Aur spoke as if to persuade his own mind.

Now then, ladies and gentlemen!

Sitting down in front of Aur in a cross-legged position was the governing bodies of the Kingdom……. Namely, all the important people of the Senate was gathered in front of him.

Logan and Lilu was on standby on the left and right of him, without hiding the overpowering feeling that their demonic presences created.

Every single one of the Royal Army troops has been eliminated without fail. Well, some of them may yet live, however you should understand that they are all now within the palm of my hands. Obey my will and accept me as your King. Or, choose to rebel against me and have this whole country erased from the map; wrapped around inside of the ugly body of that Slime for all eternity. The choice is yours, but decide quickly. I am not very patient.

Aur was speaking his lies fluidly. The Slime wasn’t going to eat people; besides it wasn’t really capable of absorbing the stone walls around the Kingdom. To begin with, before the whole province of this Kingdom is swallowed by the Slime, it is highly likely that it would already dissolve by the precipitation of rain that was going to occur. For the man who took 70 odd years to dig up the entirety of his dungeon, Lilu thought that it was a funny joke for him to say that he was not a patient man, she inwardly laughed in her own mind.

Don’t joke around with me! You vile Demon King!

One of the soldiers hiding amongst the crowd pulled out his sword and stabs Aur right in the chest.

Aur did not even flinch at the action, he merely raised his hand and Logan swiftly moved to action. In the twinkling of an eye, the soldiers body was incinerated, moreover, there wasn’t even a single trace of blood remaining from the sword that pierced him.

What is your decision?

As if nothing had happened, Aur asked these officials once again, the Ministers of the cabinet were not even capable of hiding the fact that their bodies were shuddering in fear. Even if they could obtain reinforcements from across the province to arrive in front of the Capital Kingdom, the soldiers were all at a loss at what to do with the gigantic Slime covering the entrance of the gate shut.

Right now, they were like lambs trapped in their own castle for the slaughter. They were unable to launch any sort of sieging magic against the Slime and they were also unable to hide themselves within their own castle. And above all, the man who was the King of their country was right now below Aur’s feet. Placing a curse on him, he was forced to sit in a chair.

On top of that, Aur just displayed to all the officials of the country that his body is immortal and impervious to harm. They could not even try to assassinate him even if they wanted to.

….Will you really be able to secure our current positions?

One of the ministers ask the question and Aur nods.

Yes. If you are willing to serve me instead of this King, then I am willing to secure your current positions. The only thing that changes is the person whom you serve. You may act in the same manner as always, using your influence for your own gains without reservations.  If you continue to serve me, wouldn’t this be a far greater prospect than when you served the current King?

Hearing Aur’s words, several of the noblemen had instantly showed their relieved faces.

……Certainly! All of us are willing to serve Aur-sama.

All of the ministers bent their knees and bowed their heads towards Aur. The people in front of him were all rotten to the core, only interested in protecting their own self-interests and saving their own necks. If they didn’t act like this, all of them would have been turned to ash.

Nevertheless, even such despicable men were necessary to run a country. Spina’s Slime would disappear the instant rain poured down on it. The gate that Yunis opened was also going to vanish within a day. And the moment this occurred, Aur would lose his ability to defeat the remaining Royal Army.

Although this was much sooner than he expected, Aur jumped at the chance to grip the neck of this country in the palm of his hands. No matter how vast or how powerful an army was, it was helpless when the head of the snake that moved it disappears. If Aur ascends as the King of the country, there is no doubt going to be plenty of civil uprisings that break out as a result. To meet that end, the Ministers were necessary so that he could handle the situation.

Since then three days have passed. The Eighth King of Figuria Kingdom: Carus Rudeus Fonssirius was publicly executed and an official declaration of Aur’s accession to the throne was promulgated.

Naturally, there was plenty of citizens who cried when they heard their King had been killed and that they would now be ruled by a Demon. However, there was already positive influence and his highly regarded reputation from the villages and towns that he conquered, therefore a big civil war did not occur. Furthermore, the remaining Royal Army was easily subjugated by the demon forces under Aur’s command.

Aur did not change the name of the Kingdom from Figuria Kingdom, but, many of the neighboring countries called it a Demon’s Country and since then Aur formally introduced himself as the “Demon King”.


  1. Nefarian: Oshishou-sama is Spina’s method of calling him Revered Teacher/Master, I thought it would be good to use this instead to provide clear distinction rather than everyone calling him Master, which would be technically incorrect.


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