Chapter 12: Let’s meet with the Residents of the Demonic Cave – Part 1


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「It’s a bad habit to overuse your magical powers when you act, isn’t it, Ain?」

「You need to calm down. If it’s you I believe that you can surely accomplish it.」

「Think about all the effort you’ve exerted to come this far. If you put in the effort, it will surely not disappoint you.」

「The most important thing for a magician, Ain. Is to believe in it.」

「In the effort you’ve made up until now.」

「In your way of life up until now.」

「Everyone around you.」

「Believe in them.」

「If you do that…..」



「Kill me.」

「I… Believed.」

「In you.」

「You traitor!」

「Wake up!」

Suddenly raising his upper body, Aur felt pain on his forehead. He was gasping with a “haa, haa” and when he looked to the side, he could see Lilu crouching down holding her head.

「……. What are you doing?」

「That’s my line!」

Lilu was shouting with tears in her eyes.

「Geez, you were having some kind of nightmare so I was trying to wake you up, but…..」

「I was having a nightmare….? Did I say something in my sleep?」

「Mn…. you said….」

Aur was wiping away his sweat and asked Lilu what he was saying, but she was hesitating.

「Just be frank about it.」

「You said… Raz」

Hearing Lilu’s response, Aur sighed. ……This was something that happened decades ago. And yet, even now it was still influencing his mind strongly.

「It is the name of my, Mentor. …….I killed her.」

He tried to tell the fact in a low key manner but he did not succeed in brushing it as a small matter.

Lilu did not know how to reply to his statement and kept silent, the both of them were stuck in an awkward silence.

「….. Ah, what is this?」

Lilu blatantly changes the topic and pointed at a wooden doll in Aur’s room. It was a delicately created golem, around the same size as Aur. On top of that, it was dressed in clothes and was wearing an amber colored wig on its head.

「Ahh… That. It is a representation. 」

「A representation?」

Having never heard such a word before, Lilu blinks her eyes in confusion, Aur replies by saying “have a look” and holds his hand out towards the wooden doll. When he did, the wooden doll changes its skin color and turns into more of a reddish hue just like a regular human skin, it portrays that the skin is young and fresh.

Even the face started to fix its rugged looks and its eyes starting to shine with a glint of intelligence. A mouth and nose also began to appear. The doll quickly turned into a human that looked like Aur.

「What’s this, I totally can’t tell the difference?!」

Even Lilu who was right in front of him, could not tell which one was the real Aur. But because they were wearing different clothes, it was something that she was barely able to notice as a difference.

「From my previous experience, I’ve come to realize that it is dangerous for me to go outside. That’s where this comes into play.」

「The theory behind it is that it is not much different from moving a real body. The difference is that I can abandon this form and return to my original body.」

Both Aur’s spoke unanimously.

「That’s amazing, with this Aur can work for two people’s worth of jobs?」

Lilu was purely admiring him, but the two Aur’s shook their heads.

「If I am in close proximity to the body I can move accordingly, but I can’t think for two people, nor can I use magic with this body. This clone is only useful for scouting. If I move far enough, I will be unable to control my original body.」

「Ohh….. Is that how it is?」

Lilu started touching his body double presumptuously and looked a little disappointed.

「More importantly, didn’t you have a reason for coming here to wake me up?」

「Ah, that’s true」

After hearing Aur’s words, she remembered her original purpose in coming here.

「There is something particularly strange going on.」

Aur’s dungeon had a variety of entrances. About one third of them are “vertical holes” that descend directly to the second floor of his dungeon, the rest of them are entrances to his first floor.

Eventually there was one of these entrances that existed close to a human village.

「What is… this..?」

Aur inadvertently places his hands on his forehead and muttered. In front of him was a simple door made out of wood. There was no gate, nor anyone guarding the door, instead there was this big sign. Written in big letters was the message:

『Welcome to Aur’s town!”』

「Well, rather than a town, it’s more of a village don’t you think?」

「That’s not the issue here.」

Wearing a robe and a hat Lilu was hiding her wings and horns and she was pretending to be a human. Aur looks at her and moans.

「Since when did something like this get built?」

「It wasn’t that long ago. It’s only just recently.」

The one who answered Aur’s question was not Lilu but another young man.

「Nice to meet you! this is the “Demon King’s City: Aur Town”. Welcome, both of you. Judging from the looks of it, you guys are two magicians? It is an unusual combination.」1

The man with brown hair spoke with a charming smile as he approached them. From how agile he moves, he was probably an adventurer or someone with a thief job class. Wearing leather armor he had a dagger at his waist.

「Who are you?」

The man obviously looked shady and Aur was glowering at him as he asked the question.

「Woops! I’ve been impolite. I am Keith, I usually act as a guide for people like you who have come to this town for the first time. In any case, this is the territory of the Demon King. Don’t you think it’s a dangerous place? Even though things may appear this way, I am in fact quite famous around this area and have a couple of connections. What do you think? I can give you a discount.」

Aur and Lilu both looked at each other. While he did not seem to be trustworthy, he did not seem like the kind of unscrupulous person to try to trick Aur and take all of his possessions. This is what Aur judged about him.

「Fine. I will be counting on you then.」

Aur took out a silver coin from his pocket and flicked it towards the man with his finger. The coin flies in a parabola arc and he catches it deftly with one hand.

「A silver coin, how generous of you. May I ask for your name?」

「My name is Theo. This is Raz.」

Aur gave him a false name. There was no hesitation in his tone of voice and for a second, even Lilu did not notice that he was lying, but Aur himself was clicking his tongue inside of his own mind. Although he had prepared his own false name, he didn’t think he needed one for Lilu, so he was put on the spot and what came out was “that” particular name.

「Okay, Theo and Raz. Then, I will guide you both so please follow me.」

Keith talked in a friendly manner and passing through the gate he enters the town.

「Heyy, isn’t Raz…..」

「It’s your name. Don’t reveal anything.」

Lilu was asking him in a whisper and Aur did not want to over complicate things and just spoke plainly. Lilu understood his intentions and closed her mouth.

This was the name of the mentor that Aur killed. It was a name that he came up with in the spur of the moment. What kind of person was she? And what was she to Aur?

While thinking about these kinds of things, Lilu chased after Keith’s back.

「This town is a little different from an ordinary city, because there is no one that owns a private house around here.」

Walking through the main street, Keith was explaining facts about the town.

「There is not that many people who settle here. Well, there is roughly around 20-30 people perhaps? Most of them are merchants and they do business with the other adventurers. This town is a city for adventurers that wish to challenge the Demon Kings Cave」 2

All of those on the road here were adventurers that were fully armed. Meanwhile those wearing robes and those that looked like magicians like both Aur and Lilu were standing out in this crowd.

「The huge building close to the entrance is the Inn. Those without money are allowed to stay free of charge in the stables, it is a store owned by the merciful Martha-baasan. On the opposite side is Ox’s bar. It is a pleasant shop where all the best drinks are gathered. If you guys want to find some comrades, you should probably make a visit. Food can be found here as well, there are also some food stalls over in that area over there.」 3


When Lilu repeated the word, Keith just shrugged his shoulders.

「Yea, the merchant usually comes by here in a horse-drawn carriage to buy some food but he only does this once a week. Other than that, there are rarely any adventurers who have horses around here… Therefore, stingy people and or poor people normally sleep in the vacant stables on top of the straws.」

It may not be the best sleep to recover your energy, but it will at least keep you safe from the rain, is what Keith explained…

「The building next to the Inn is the brothel. Although it may be a bit pricey, it is the only establishment of pleasure within this city. … Well, you probably don’t need to go here though.」

Keith steals a glance at the plump breasts pushing up from under Lilu’s Robe and was showing a lecherous smile.

「Over there are weapon shops, armor shops and also blacksmithing shops lined up. If there is a small chip on your blade or some easier repairs that need to be done, the blacksmith here can do the repairs for you. If the item is completely broken, then you would need to either visit the weapon shop or the armor shop to buy a new one.」

「Would they be able to create any custom-made equipment’s?」

Keith raised his eyebrows to Aur’s question.

「For the time being, that kind of request isn’t done. The people here already have their hands full with just basic repairing. Theo, you look like a magician but do you perhaps use a sword as well?」

「No, that’s not it.」

Aur had a seemingly cheerful expression on his face and Lilu was trying hard not to burst into laughter. He was comparing his own Dungeon with this town. The Dwarves in his Dungeon are all capable of making high-quality custom made equipment and he seemed to be proud of the fact.

「Hmm? Well anyways. On the other side of the street, there is a magician’s shop and also a church. When you need some magical items, people generally enter the Magician’s shop and if you have a wounded person or even a dead person, people generally go to the church.」

「Is there someone here that can use revival magic?」

Aur was surprised and asked Keith the question. It is not impossible to resuscitate the dead. However, it is a very sophisticated and advanced form of magic.

「Ah, I am not really familiar with magic, so I don’t really know in great detail, but apparently the area around here seems to be surrounded by a large amount of magical energy and people find it easier to cast large-scale magic. Depending on the severity and cause of death, if a number of reputable priests perform the ceremony, it is possible to revive a person if for instance they had a simple stab to the heart. Although, if their body got destroyed into tiny little pieces, then naturally that would be impossible to revive and even if they could, it would cost an extremely high price. Furthermore, even if they fail the revival process you still have to pay them back.」

“I see”, Aur understood the gist of it. It would seem that the magical energy was leaking somewhere from within his Dungeon.

「What exactly is the Magician’s shop.」

Lilu did not really understand the concept of how people were going to sell “magic”.

「Mn, you, yourself are a magician so haven’t you visited one of these shops before? They bless your sword with an enchantment, or sell items that are filled with simple magical spells….. Well, it is extremely helpful for people like me who aren’t capable of using magic ourselves.」

Keith walked deep into the main street and then he pointed at a huge building that was ahead.

「Finally, that is Gnome’s store. She is the boss in this town.」4


  1. Nef: He is saying it’s an unusual party combo, normally there is a warrior type class that goes with the mage, but they are going double mage combo.
  2. Nef: They are calling it cave, I guess they don’t classify it as a dungeon/labyrinth
  3. Nefarian: Baasan = grandma/grandmother, and comrades = party members
  4. Nef I haven’t read ahead, hopefully Gnome is the name of a guy, if he isn’t I’ll change it in the next chapter haha, (this has been edited :P)


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