Chapter 12: Let’s meet with the Residents of the Demonic Cave – Part 3 


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The first floor of Gnome’s store is a shop and the second floor is her living space. She labelled her shop as “CLOSED” and invited Aur to the second floor.

「Well then… Please allow me to serve you.」

Kneeling on top of the bed, she respectfully takes out Aur’s cock and crawls her tongue over it.

In the end, Aur decided to buy Gnome with money. Her mentality was even tougher than most demons and he judged that this form of payment will be more stable and reliable than forcing her into a contract.

Her prices are 10 gold coins a week. Although it is quite the amount, but considering that Aur had direct control of the revenue from the income earned at Figuria Kingdom, this amount meant nothing to one such as him.

With this amount of money, Aur was able to make Gnome side with Aur, allowing him to track the movements of any major adventuring parties and not only that but she would also cover up any information that may become disadvantageous for him. On top of that, she also mentioned that he could do what he pleased with her body, so Aur decided to try her out.

Gnome was so full of confidence with herself when she offered her body as a “Commodity” and when she was refused in such a flat manner, she wanted to regain some of her wounded pride and that was how the current situation came to be. 1

「You are quite skillful at this aren’t you? Weren’t you supposed to be a virgin?」

「All the commodities in our shop are all first-class goods so…」

Gnome smiles brightly and wraps Aur’s dick around her breasts. Grabbing a bottle from the side, she smeared the viscous liquid onto his member.

「What is this?」

「It’s lotion. If we do this…. Look, how does that feel?」

Slimy and slippery, Aur’s penis easily rubs across her cleavage. This felt different from a vagina and also different from inserting into a person’s mouth, at such a soft yet pleasing stimulation, Aur became even more rock hard.

「Amazing, as expected of the Demon King, it is such a splendid thing….」

Her cheeks blushing red, Gnome holds the tip of his cock against her mouth. Just like that, she using her hand to firmly squeeze and massage his cock with her breasts and at the same time, using her tongue and mouth to crawl over the tip of his penis and suck on it.

「Y…..You’re good.」

A startling pleasure runs up his spine and Aur groans out. Gnome smiled with her eyes and continued to serve him making lewd sloshing sounds. At the same time, she uses her large breasts to wrap around Aur’s penis and stroke it in alternation.

「Kuu……. I’m letting it out, drink up…..!」

「Mnnnnn………! Nnngu nnnn…..」

Gulping sounds resounded as his semen was spurted out deep inside of Gnome’s throat.

「Mnnnnn…….. Nnbuuh」

But because it was just too much of a quantity she reached a point where she could not drink anymore, she goes into a coughing fit and the cloudy fluid drips down her mouth. Even after separating from her mouth his cock still continued to spurt out the semen and it got on to her face and hair polluting it with his white fluids.

「I-I’m very sorry…… It’s an amazing quantity…. moreover, it’s very rich.」

Scooping the semen that was attached to her face and placing it back into her mouth, Gnome muttered this out as if she was in a trance. However, Aur sees through the fact that this was all just her acting. His purpose in doing all this was to break her composure. Similarly, Gnome was also trying to achieve the same objective.

「Then I’m going to put it in. Spread your legs.」


Gnome was seemingly embarrassed, however she generously opened her legs. Beyond her thin bush which was hiding her special spot you could tell that there was no dark pigmentation and that it was a beautiful pinkish colour.

「Although you mentioned that you were a virgin, it seems to be true. Are you sure you’re fine with this?」

Even though there is no reason to doubt Lilu’s diagnosis of the girl, her demeanor and techniques made one think otherwise.

「Yes. I had already planned to dedicate it to the person who paid the highest price so….」

Gnome spreads that area with her fingers and shows it to Aur.

「Please, feel free to take my virginity.」

Aur nods and starts rubbing against her vagina to become familiar with it and then he grabs her waist and plunges straight into it.


As one who expect she must have experienced the pain, Gnome’s face frowns.

「I’m alright, please enjoy my body.」

However, she gives him a courageous smile and she uses her legs to wrap around Aur’s waist and voluntarily invites him deeper inside of her.

Her small body was strangling Aur’s cock and since it had just been torn it was narrowing on his member like a vice. But on the contrary, this extremely tight sensation gave him a tremendous amount of pleasure instead.

「How does it feel?」

Nevertheless, the tightness of her hole was not simply because she was a virgin or because she had a small body type. Gnome was putting in the effort to manipulate her stomach muscles in order to increase the amount of pressure. Even though she may be a virgin, her sex techniques had been honed and it was obvious that she had trained in the arts.

「Kuuh, this is….!」

Her vagina was squeezing him and it was trying to make Aur spurt out his semen, the tightening of her vagina made Aur moan out. If he had not been accustomed to having sex with Lilu, he would have already cum by now. The desires in his body welled up and his mind was screaming at him to spurt out his cum inside of her, however Aur silences those thoughts.

To make Gnome submit to him, he could not use magic nor aphrodisiacs, the only way was to make her climax with his own effort. If he were to use some kind of magic or aphrodisiac, Gnome’s eyes would immediately notice it. In that scenario it would not be possible to make her submit. On the other side of things, Gnome was trying her best to guide Aur to reach his peak, so that she could assert her dominance in the relationship.

In other words, this was a battle of sexual techniques.

「Ahh, Aur-sama…..」

When he poked deep inside of her, Gnome swung her head as if she was feeling really good. However, this was also just an act. Apart from her techniques, her body was without a doubt a virgin since moments ago. Her erogenous zones had hardly been developed and even if you poked inside of her, she shouldn’t have felt all that much pleasure.

Because of this, Aur started to turn his attention to her clit. While rubbing inside of her vagina, he used the love juices flowing out of her vagina inside of lotion to apply on his fingers and start peeling back the protective foreskin of her clitoris, he then began to gently rub against her sensitive pit.


This seems to have some effect and Gnome leaked out her voice for the first time.

「Ahh, that feels good, please do it more…..」

In saying that, this doesn’t make her flustered, instead she further invites Aur acting very bewitchingly. Aur uses one of his hands to corner her clit and the other hand to crumple her breasts.

「Ahhhn, it feels so good, Aur-sama…… Ahh it’s so wonderfull」

Gnome thrust out her chest and writhed her body. There is no doubt that she was feeling it, but she was still composed. Meanwhile, her vagina was still clinging and tightening on Aur’s member.

While holding back the pleasant sensations, Aur went into thinking. Even though she is a virgin, this level of skill in bed was really strange. However, Lilu determined her to be a virgin and even Aur could tell that she was and this is not something he doubted. He could even grasp the degree of sexual development of her vagina.

But, it was also a fact that if she was merely practicing by herself, this level of skill was something that she was too accustomed to performing. This is the attitude of someone who knew the ins and outs of men and often kept them company. Aur thought about it this far and he came to the correct answer.


Suddenly, Gnome shouts out in a high pitched voice. It wasn’t an act; her coquettish voice was too sudden. And just now, Aur’s fingers were buried into her butt hole.

「A, ahh….. t-that place is….」

「Having your rectum cleaned out so well, as expected of a top-ranking merchant, you’ve prepared very well. On the contrary, I’ve managed to even place two fingers inside of it without hurting you.」

「A-Aur-sama, t-that place is….. not allowed, it’s the wrong one.」

Gnome’s voice clearly went up in pitch and she was becoming flustered.

「What’s wrong with it? Your spot right here is feeling really good right?」

When Aur starts to twist and bend his finger while moving his hips at the same time, just with that her body trembles and quivers, immediately spouting her tide. It’s likely that this spot of hers has been thoroughly trained and developed, it was perfectly wrapping around Aur’s fingers, trapping it in place not willing to let it go.

「Did you develop your ass while still remaining a virgin? I don’t know who did it, but this is a fairly interesting discovery」

「Ahhhh, please show mercy….」

Turning a deep shade of red, Gnome was shaking her head in a reluctant manner. It was obvious that she was trained against her will by someone other than herself. Perhaps some aristocrat raised her and used her as he desired, and either after escaping or being set free she obtained freedom as an individual woman and started to live her life as a trader.

Aur pulls out his fingers, he holds her body and rotates her so that she was crawling on all fours.

「However, abusing your weak spot like this reduces the entertainment value. Therefore, I will teach you the pleasures of this spot.」

「Ahh, no, you can’tt!」

Just like that Aur pierces her from behind. Normally if you were to do someone in the ass, the natural body position would be in this form. Even though she wasn’t being inserted in her ass, Gnome remembered the memory of the position and she was trembling in pleasure.

Once a body has tasted the pleasures of the flesh, it is not so easily calmed down. In fact, once her body felt the pleasure of being fiddled with, she desired those sensations even more and she was in agony.

「Here I go….!」

「Ahhhhhh! Aur, samaaaaaahh!!」

Gnome who was trying to escape from him was being held tightly by the waist with both his hands and Aur spurts out his semen deep within her. This was the fake semen created by magical power in the body of the wooden doll. It won’t be able to create children, but it can deliver a tremendous amount of semen as a tradeoff.

「T-This much…….! Incredible, it’s so hot……uhnn! It’s spurting inside…. of me!」

「I’m not done yet!」

Aur pours the semen and continues to pound his waist.

「Ah! Ahhhh!! T-This is amazingg……! it’s poking me, ah…..! I…… I’m cummingg, ah…..! My pus… is cumminggggg!!」

Gnome splashes out another tide as she reaches her peak and her body loses strength. Even after she reached her orgasm, Aur did not stop spouting his semen into her and he was pouring so much that her stomach was beginning to swell and bulge out.

「Ah…. Haaaah….」

When Aur pulls out his thing, Gnome’s figure could be seen, her face was full of both drool and tears and she was lying on her side on top of the bed. *Blub blub*, there was a sound of his thick and cloudy fluids dripping out of her crotch and dirtying the bed sheets.

「Next I will make it so that you can cum just from taking it in your vagina. As long as I continue to pay you, you will be my possession. Is that good with you?」


Gnome answers back with a hoarse voice that was barely audible. Seeing this, Aur nodded approvingly.

There is not much immediate significance to this battle. Whether they win or lose, the deal will still come into effect and it’s not like this will make either of them lose themselves to lust as neither of them were people that are easily controlled.

Nevertheless, Aur recognized that the both of them were trying to win a match against each other. Or possibly it could also be that they lived in similar circumstances and each of them had stubborn minds that held a high sense of rivalry. Seeking an advantageous position, being cautious and being cunning, these were traits that both Aur and Gnome shared with each other.

「Well then, I shall come again. I will make the payment at that time.」


Putting on his clothes, Aur grabbed his bag and shouldered it over his back, Gnome sends him off to the entrance of the store.

「Aur, the arrangements have been met~」

Lilu was already waiting for him outside the store and comes running over.

「Please also make sure to secure the last contract firmly.」

「The last contract?」

Lilu looks at him confused and he also tilts his head.

「Didn’t he promise me that the next time I would be able to cum just from vaginal penetration?」

Gnome smiles radiantly and Lilu’s temple became stiff.

「Aur…….? What does she mean by next time? Who was the one bragging about how they were not going to be involved with complicated women~?」

「……. it’s merely a type of deal.」

「….Humph. Well, it’s not like I care. Geez, you old pervert.」

「Considering that you are demon who has lived unscrupulously for hundreds of years, you have no right to say this to me.」

「Unfortunately, I am at the very least under Aur’s age.」

When she saw the two of them quarrelling in this sort of manner, Gnome suddenly felt a bad premonition. With her gift which is the “Eye’s of truth”, she had already figured out that Aur’s true age is 83, she also already figured out that Lilu was a demon. However, in that moment she felt something was off.

Gnome started to scrub her eyes to make sure she was seeing things correctly, Aur looked suspicious somehow and she asked a question that was on her mind.

「By the way, you have that baggage on you, are you possibly going to a trip somewhere?」

Seeing that Aur was prepared for some kind of journey, Gnome asked this question.


Aur nods and preps his staff. Carrying the baggage on his back and holding on to his staff, people would only recognize him as a young magician ready to go on an adventure.

「I’m going to go on a little trip to defeat the demon king.」

Aur shows a wicked grin as he said the words.


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