Chapter 13.5: Dungeon Commentary


                                      Translator: Smaturin                Editor: Nefarian                                 

Dungeon status post Chapter 13.

Number of Floors: 5 dungeon floors
Miasma: 55
Notoriety: 60
Saved up Magic: 40 (Units: 10,000/day)
Magic Consumption: 14 (Units: 10,000/day)

New Facilities:
Dungeon Core LV 4
The dungeon core has grown to the size of 1 large floor. It can store up to 50 million Magic. Furthermore, when in danger of destruction from an attack, it will automatically utilize its internal Magic to shrink and regenerate.

A village that seemingly sprung up near the entrance out of nowhere.
There are rows of shops that offer substantial support, making it a permanent station for some adventurers.
As a result, the level of Miasma has increased greatly. It has also become a fixed source of income.

Floor 2: Direct Entrance
A pit leading directly down into the second floor. It attracts wyverns and other aerial beasts.
Because it is virtually impossible for adventurers to invade from here, the existence of the pit has no effect on the defensive capability of the dungeon.

Spring of Regeneration
A spring that naturally occurs within drifts of Magic. While there are times where it is an aid to adventurers, it also heals monsters and has caused adventurers to overestimate their own strength and lose their lives in the process; ultimately, it enhances defenses.

Mysterious Labyrinth
A labyrinth that changes shape every time you enter due to dungeon leeches and kobolds. It prevents careless traversing and confuses invaders.

Traps LV 1
Primitive traps made by kobolds and goblins. That being said, it is incredibly difficult to avoid them in the dark labyrinth where your view is often obstructed. The traps often prove to be fatal when inexperienced invaders are fleeing from enemies.

Traps LV2
Advanced trap set by Aur that were developed by dwarves. Each is equipped with enough destructive force to deal a lethal blow. On top of that, they are difficult to detect even for a seasoned bandit.

Demon Lord Room
A hall at the end of the third floor. Here Logan will impersonate the Demon Lord and take on any who enter. Should he be defeated, a magical teleportation square for your return will appear. However, this magical square is a trap. Carelessly stepping into it will teleport you high into the sky, giving you a taste of an aerial adventure.

Residential Area
The sector in which Aur, his lovers, and collaborators live. Miasma is removed through a barrier and it exudes a sense of order and cleanliness.

New War Potential:
War potential: 6
Low ranking dragons that have just two legs and a pair of wings, but no arms. Instead of breathing fire, they are equipped with a poisonous tail and have the fighting ability that is fitting for the name of dragon, in spite of being a lower rank. Their intelligence is not very high, being similar to that of a smart dog.

Gnome (Merchant)
War potential: 5
Maximum Magical Capacity: 1.5
Big breasted loli merchant. She cannot use any weapons or magic but has the bare minimum fighting ability through the use of charms. However, she suffers a substantial financial loss every time she defeats an enemy. She descended from parents that were slaves and had her ass tapped while she was still a virgin. But she was able to make money through her gift of appraising anything, the “Eye of Truth” and was able to escape her situation by buying her freedom.

War potential: 8
A suspicious looking bandit who works as a guide in Aur’s Town. While he looks continually suspect, he is generally well-meaning and serious about his work. He is a rare person that in spite of living in an adventurer’s town, rarely explores the dungeons and also lack a steady job. He was not joking when Aur asked him “Introduce me to a talented thief” and he suggested himself, for he did have abilities that could be called first-rate. However, Aur rejected him on the grounds that he was male.

War potential: 6
Maximum Magical Capacity: 1
A hobbit bandit with first-rate skills. She is low on pure fighting ability but outstrips Keith with the deftness of her fingers and the way she deals with traps through observation. While her observational skills are high, her ability to infer any conclusions from it is low, which is her only fault.

War potential: 3?
A ghost who was once known as Georg. He haunts a room in the labyrinth and attacks anyone who steps foot into it. However, if you cut him with a sword made of a soul then he will lose a degree of strength. However, he will not feel any pain and it is still difficult to deal a fatal blow. He is quite adept with a sword and has become a practice partner for adventurers, and they have started to call him 『Teacher』.

Dungeon worm
War potential: 4
A creature resembling a giant earthworm. Because it mainly subsists on magic, it will eat soil from the dungeon which contains high volumes of magic and then excrete it, changing the shape of the dungeon, making it a very troublesome beast. On top of that, sorcerers apparently resemble a delicacy to them, and they will often perform an attack where they suddenly burst from walls, floors or ceilings and eat sorcerers before disappearing back into the wall. In order to prevent this, adventures will generally protect sorcerers by putting them between bandits or monks in a defensive formation.

Gelatinous Cube
War potential: 5
A square-shaped slime that will swallow up anything. Because they are colorless and transparent, people may not notice if they are filling up an entire room and will accidentally walk into them. If little time has passed since the last victim, there may still be remnants of metal weaponry and bones floating that were difficult to dissolve, which would make discovery slightly easier. Fire is the only way to deal with them. However, because their wounds immediately fill up again, it is incredibly difficult to kill them completely.

War potential: 5
2-meter humanoids that resemble an upright lizard. Contrary to appearances, their intelligence is equal to that of humans and they are a generally mild-mannered and simple race. It is possible to negotiate with them if you can communicate. Nearly all of their race are skilled fighters that are equipped with armor, shields, and swords.

War potential: 4
A monster that has the appearance of an old woman. They resemble humans at a glance, and while they can speak in human tongues, it is incredibly rare for one to survive through negotiation. Human flesh is a delicacy to them, and they prefer to eat the flesh carved off of a person after they have tricked them with deceitful words and then paralyzed them with a spell. On the other hand, their head-on fighting abilities are not high, and while they do display surprising agility for looking like an old woman, they do not pose much of a threat to a seasoned adventurer.

War potential: 5
A race with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse. While they have the intelligence to match humans and can communicate with them, they are incredibly violent and talks tend to turn sour, making negotiation difficult. If there are women in your party, it is best to either flee or choose to fight without hesitation. More than their temper, they are known for being a gathering of lecherous men and there is a high probability of being raped if you let your guard down. Furthermore, each of them is skilled with the bow and can also handle a club, making them a dangerous foe to have to face.

War potential: 3
A monster with the sweet face and body of a girl and the wings and feet of a bird. While they have the face of a human, their intelligence is low, making conversation difficult. They are very covetous and will steal any unattended belongings that contain food. Their fighting ability is not very high, so they avoid directly attacking targets and will instead throw rocks from outside of your reach, making it difficult to defeat them. It is best to throw them some food and then flee while they swarm towards it.

Cave giant
War potential: 5
A giant that lives in caves. It reaches 3.5 meters in stature and is equipped with a ragged cloth and a club. True to appearances, their intelligence is quite low, but the overall toughness and blows that their huge forms are capable of are awe-inspiring. Their personalities are also incredibly violent, and they are likely to attack you unless they have a very full stomach. It is best to deal with them with psychological magic or to escape into a narrow passage.

War potential: 4
A type of sprite that has the upper half of a beautiful woman and the lower half of a fish. They are the easiest to communicate with among the creatures in the labyrinth, and will generally not antagonize you unless attacked first. However, their entire bodies have a high concentration of Magic, which is highly valuable and makes them a ceaseless target for adventurers. Be warned that a mermaid that has experienced assault first-hand or witnessed a friend being attacked in the past, may attack you even without provocation.

Mio(Beast trainer LV20)
War potential: 0
Maximum Magical Capacity: 0.1
As a result of having to take care of numerous beasts, Mio can now control a large variety of them as if they were her own limbs. She is like a rare character you occasionally encounter on the third floor. While she has no fighting ability herself, she is able to raise the war potential of every beast by 1 point. Because she always has several beasts tagging along with her that she can freely control, her war potential is about 7 to 8.

The Present Dungeon
Due to a large number of adventurers entering, the Miasma has strengthened significantly. It’s changed to a denseness that causes the spirits of the dead to naturally transform into evil spirits by themselves. Furthermore, the ecosystem within the labyrinth is now well established, forming a pyramid: corpse > rats and bugs > goblins > other monsters and giants > social demi-humans. At this point, all defensive facilities are mostly complete, making the defenses of Aur’s labyrinth almost impregnable. It would require more than a few Hero class individuals to break in. His notoriety has grown significantly; to the degree that any who are aware of recent rumors would know his name. Minstrels who have turned his exploits into songs have started to appear here and there.



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