Chapter 13: Let’s Capture the Dungeon of the Demon King – Part 3


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The harpy’s nest was in the hole that was formed in the middle of the wall. Perhaps the harpy’s got the branches and the leaves from the outside, but they were spread across the ground and it was actually quite comfortable to step on.

『Maou-sama, our reward, rewardd.』

『Let’s do something, pleasurable?』

『I will sire, Maou-sama’s, child.』

After he Aur got carried into the harpy’s nest, they immediately pressed their bodies towards him. For the better or worse, these harpies did not know of self-restraint.

Their countenance was that of an innocent child, they had curly blonde hair and big eyes. Their mouths were full of sharp fangs lined up against each other, but if they only opened their mouth slightly, all you could see was two cute looking fangs.

Contrary to their facial features, they had abundantly large pair of mounds and in contrast, they had a small and constricted waist. A golden colored bush was hiding their secret garden and half way down their thighs completely resembled that of a human girl.

Instead of an arm, they had large brown wings that grew from their shoulders. From the middle of their thighs downwards, feathers covered their legs. From their knees down they had small scales and slender feet that resembled a birds’ feet.

When Aur reaches out to the armpit of a harpy to raise her body, it was surprisingly easy to do so. When comparing their legs to humans, it was quite short and taking into consideration how petite they were, they were naturally light. The weight of their bones were quite different from creatures that walked on the ground.

When Aur raised her body, love juices began to trickle down from the Harpy’s crotch. They are known for their avariciousness more than anything else. Whether it be their appetite or their libido, they will greedily consume anything that they desire without knowing restraint.

『Nnnn, Mnnnn~!!』

The harpy he held in his arms was facing away from him in a seated position as he pierced into her. The remaining two harpies had their secret place fiddled with Aur’s fingers. The three of them were flapping their wings lightly to balance themselves as they started to drool with satisfaction.

The harpy that had a penis buried inside of her brought her face closer to Aur’s neck and started nibbling on it.

『…… Ugh, yucky~』

And then her face frowned.

『My body is currently made out of wood so… … Next time, I will enable you to drink blood.』

『Is that true~? Really?』

『Can I please bite on your hand?』

『I really want Maou-sama’s child~.』

Each of the harpies were excitedly chattering as they let their desires flow forth. But Aur wasn’t just here merely to enjoy a love affair with them.

『You may bite if it’s only a little. In return, try to remember something for me. Have you noticed anything strange around here recently?』

To Aur’s question all the harpies responded with a “Ummm” as they pondered about it.

『Recently, there hasn’t been many humans.』

『There was something white in the forest.』

『There was some sparkling shiny water over there.』

And they unanimously spoke their pieces of information at the same time. Even if you could say their intelligence was relatively high for a monster, they were only to the level of small human children. However, considering their strong inquisitive nature and their ability to see even in the dark, along with the fact that they had wings. These harpy girls had more information to share then he originally thought. As long as Aur could interpret their words it would all be good.

The reason why the number of men decreases in the area recently was probably because Aur had captured Figura Kingdom. Although adventurers didn’t really belong to any particular country, there are a lot of people who are afraid to turn the king of a whole country into their enemy.

However, sooner or later, there will definitely be adventurers who possess the ambition and competency to dare to try and defeat Aur and take the kingdom into their own hands. From a long-term perspective, the faster that Aur expanded his power, the more that the miasma would accumulate and spread in his dungeon.

The white being in the forest may be referring to the white elves. Harpies don’t really have a concept of east, west, north and south so he couldn’t ask them for a specific location, but if he tried to search for them, he may be able to find Ellen’s enemies. While imagining how wide of an area the harpies tended to scout their territory, Aur jotted these pieces of information down within his mind.

Nevertheless, what could the shining water be referring to? The harpy’s wings pointed in the interior of his own dungeon. If there was something that existed outside of Aur’s knowledge, it was necessary for him to begin investigations on the matter.

『This is your reward. Take it.』

『Ahh~! Aaahhh!』

When Aur shoots out his seed into the harpy, the harpy flapped her wings in a disheveled manner as she enjoyed herself. The harpies knew no shame nor morality. She thrust out her tongue while dripping saliva all over the place. She coveted the pleasure.

The harpy had lost her consciousness to the pleasure and he lifted her body up from him. Instantly the other two girls swarmed around his crotch.

『Don’t let it touch your teeth.』



While licking the semen that was leaking out of his cock, the harpies replied to him in a cheerful manner. Aur’s seed contained a large quantity of magical energy and to these girls, it was like being able to take in the sweetest nectar into their hungry mouths.

Neither their technique or skills were anything special, it was like they were licking their favorite candy with their tongues so it didn’t feel particularly good or anything. However, they had adorable faces and when watching them press their faces together and rub their tongues all over his cock, Aur felt mentally satisfied.

While enjoying the feeling of their voluptuous tits with both his hands, his semen was about to be licked clean. Aur was thinking about which of the two harpies would receive his penis next, that’s when the harpy on his right sunk her teeth into his member.


And then she frowns at the feeling of wood transmitted to her teeth.

『I told you that you weren’t allowed to use your teeth!』

Although he didn’t really feel any pain, it wasn’t visually pleasant to see. Instinctively going limp, Aur was shouting out at them.

『I’ve kept you waiting.』

Being supported by the three harpies, Aur dropped on to the ground from the air.

「Wh-What were y-you doing!?」

Faro was blushing as she shouted. What did Aur do? It was completely obvious just by looking at the white fluids flowing out of the crotches of the three harpies. Harpies didn’t have a habit of wearing any clothes so nothing was being concealed.

「After all…..」

Wikia puckers her eyebrows as she stared at Aur.

「I went to gather information. It seems that there is some sort of shining water beyond here.」

Without minding about the reactions of the girls, Aur continued to speak.

「Also, I’ve brought a souvenir.」

Saying this he passed on a big jewel right to Faro.

「Eh, what is this!? ……is it agate? Why is it so big?」

「It seems that the harpies had this stored within their nest. I’ll give it to you as a present. Please take it as an apology for making you wait.」

Like the majority of flying monster species, the harpies were extremely fond of shiny objects. From gold coins to jewels, to any random stone, as long as it was glittering, the harpies had a habit of bringing the item back and storing it within their nest.

Aur chose the biggest agate amongst their treasures and compensated them with silver coins. The harpies were overjoyed as the number of shiny things in their possession increased and handed the agate to Aur.

「Wouldn’t this at least sell for 10 gold coins……? Are you sure I can take it?」

「Ahh. It doesn’t really worth much to me.」

「……. y-you lady-killer.」

「Isn’t this half-ling a little too naïve?」

「That looks good, I also want semen as my present…..」

「I understand he had an objective, but this gramps is making me irritated」

Looking at Faro who obtained a large piece of jewelry, the group of women were secretly gossiping about Aur in a whisper.

「So, do you have any knowledge about this “shiny water”?」

When Aur asked her the question again, Faro finally snapped out of her delirium and placed the jewel inside of her bag.

「Ah, yeah. They are probably referring to the “fountain of recovery”?」

The “Fountain of Recovery” was a place that was a few minutes away from the harpies nest. There was a small room at the end of a narrow passage and inside of this room was a spring of sparkling blue water that gushed forth.

「Is this a restoration spring?」

Aur confirmed the properties of the water by placing his hand in the fountain. It seems that the water originated from underground and it was a collection of water that seeps out as a result of excess water in the ground. However, it contained an overabundance of magical energy within the water.

「If you were to drink this water, your body would feel at ease and if you were to submerge your body in this spring, all your wounds would heal, even your magical energy would recover. It is a mysterious fountain of water. Well, even though it will run out of water after a while, occasionally this kind of thing would erupt within a dungeon.」

Faro was narrating while scooping up and drinking some of the water.

「This place has accumulated magical energy.」

「I see, as expected…」

Wikia scanned the surroundings with her “Magic Eyes” and spoke her thoughts. Aur nodded at her words. Aur’s dungeon was designed to take the magical energy from the dragon veins that intertwined along the lands like a spider’s web, after all, it was a design that was capable of carrying the dungeon core through complex interconnected passageways.

However, due to the fact that the kobolds and dungeon leeches expanded the first and second level of the dungeon chaotically, a deposit of magical energy was birthed in this place. When one of the waterways flowed into this dungeon passage and was immersed in a huge amount of magical energy, they merged together and the water was filled with hundreds of times more magical energy than it normally would, thereby creating this fountain of water that was higher in magical energy than usual.

「Wouldn’t it be bad to leave this as it is?」

Lilu asked Aur in a low voice. Because it wasn’t in a particularly important place, it wasn’t really that bad, but it did not change that this was a troublesome thing. In saying this, it was impossible to completely control the movements of both the kobolds and the dungeon leeches, and it was even more impossible to just stop the flow of the underground water.

「However, Teo, you probably shouldn’t drink so much.」[1. Nef brief recap, Aur was disguising himself as Teo in front of Faro the girl Half-Ling]

Faro called out to Aur in a worried manner.

「Why do you say that?」

「This happens more often than not to low rank magicians……. But they can fail to properly judge the amount of magical energy they have left.  After coming here, you probably used a lot of magical energy right? If you reach this place and have half of your magical energy remaining and then proceed to completely recover your magical energy, by the time we need to go back along this path, your magical energy would have run out. Moreover, this fountain of water may have already dried up.」

「I see…. Is this kind of fountain easily found in dungeons?」

To Aur’s question, Faro shakes her head.

「It’s extremely rare. If you find one, you can only consider yourself very lucky and one should not hope to consistently come across it. Furthermore, it’s going to become even more dangerous so we shouldn’t stay here for too long.」

「Danger…. ahh, I understand.」

Aur stands up and leaves the fountain. After all, this fountain could be used by creatures other than just human beings. In fact, this spring was probably actively being used by the monsters that lived within this dungeon.

In that case, Aur also judged that there was no need to stir up trouble.

「Alright then, shall we get going?」

Nodding her head, Faro goes into thinking. To the best of her knowledge, this was as far as most adventurers could venture into the dungeon.  However, with Teo’s capability of speaking demonic language and his special “negotiation” ability which was freely able to manipulate the demons in this dungeon, along with the highly skilled girls that used to be in “Allan’s Party” they ended up encountering good luck at being able to replenish their vitality and energies at this fountain of recovery.

Considering all these conditions were optimal for them, it may be the case that they will be the first group capable of reaching an unprecedented area within the dungeon that has yet been truly explored. She was also an adventurer at heart, seeing the opportunity to explore an unknown area brought equal amount of fear and yearning that roused her strong interest to proceed onwards.

Unware that she was heading towards the edge of a cliff, the small thief looked forwards and her chest swell with anticipation.



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