Chapter 13: Let’s Capture the Dungeon of the Demon King – Part 5


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「But…how. The Demon Lord was supposed to be a copper-skinned demon with four arms.」

That was a rumour started by soldiers who had seen Logan after Aur rose to the position of Demon King. It benefited Aur enough that he allowed it to continue to spread.」

「And on top of that, I can’t believe that 『Alan’s group』 would aid the Demon Lord.」

「I’m sorry. But we were Master Aur’s faithful subjects from the beginning.」

You’re the only one who believes that; Wikia thought quietly, the rest of them gathered around the throne as if to snuggle up to Aur.

「Well, it’s not like you had much chance of noticing it. I was casting light charms on you all the way through.」

Lilu put both hands on Faro’s shoulders and chuckled maliciously.

「…I suppose you won’t, allow me to just leave.」

Faro asked already knowing the answer, and Aur nodded.

「Indeed. Your work ended up being very useful. Because of you, I was able to reevaluate the dungeon from the perspective of an adventurer, and its deficiencies and strengths have become clear. I am very grateful to you in that regard. Additionally, I have no skilled bandits similar to you among my subordinates. I will reward you reasonably if you agree to join me as a follower.」

「And if I refuse?」

「Indeed…a ghost, slime ingredients, beast food. You can have your choice of ultimate fate.」

Faro breathed a long sigh. She was completely surrounded and all doors were shut. There was no hope of her escaping by herself. Even if she could escape from this room, outside was the beast farm, and passed that was the cube room which would be impossible for her to get through.

「Fine, I yield. I will join Theo…no, you as a follower. But I have just one request.」

Aur mentally cocked his head to the side. For someone who was plotting something, Faro’s expression was full of despair. But her eyes were not shining. If anything, she appeared to be brimming with expectation.

「What is it? Say it.」

If it’s an unreasonable request he can just refuse it. Faro was encouraged by that the thought, and the answer that she gave was beyond anyone’s expectations.

「Wow, amazing!」

Faro let out a cheer at the scene laid out before her.
Moving the throne in the ‘Demon Lord Room’ had revealed a hidden door with stairs leading down to the fourth floor.

This floor was for the residence of the stagehands who aided Aur.

It was completely different in appearance in comparison to the above floors. In the first place, if there happened to be someone who could reach the ‘Demon Lord Room’ and defeat Logan, they would receive treasure on the spot and be guided towards a magical teleportation square to the outside world. Having conquered the Demon Lord of the dungeon and acquired the treasure, there is no doubt that the elated adventurers would unquestioningly choose the path home.

Unfortunately for them, the magical teleportation square will take you to a destination that is 1 mile(approximately 1,600 meters) up in the air once stepped on, and after a graceful flight in the sky, your fate will be the mirror of a ripe tomato that’s been dropped on the ground. There are not many sorcerers who could accurately cast a spell while falling after being launched up in the air. And even if there were, it would be next to impossible to simultaneously have your company and your treasure levitate at the same time, so they would likely have to give up on the treasure.

Treasure-loving wyverns and griffon nests await right underneath. This arrangement allows for the retrieval of treasure on top of sending food.

In any case, no consideration was put into enemy invasion when building the fourth floor, so its structure differed greatly from the others.

The streets were made to be wide and straight, ensuring that one could never get lost. There were no traps anywhere, instead, there were magic lamps here and there that gave the place an evening glow. In fact, there existed a pseudo day and night cycle through the adjusting of light depending on the time.

The stench of death and even miasma was shut off with a barrier, leaving it just as clean as any town on the surface. Houses lined the area and the demi-human under Aur’s rule went about their business.

「Ah, Sorcerer, I see that you’re being waited upon by a large group of women again.」

「Ah, it’s Master Aur!」

「Oh, Lord. …The new trap is complete. Take a look next time.」

As they walked down the streets, a variety of races came up to Aur to talk to him. Dwarves, fairies, cyclops. Any who have the necessary intelligence and skills useful to the dungeon are allowed to live in this place.

Kobolds busily carried building materials up and down the streets, the small figures of gnomes and hammer-wielding giants could be heard bartering angrily, a small pixie and a fairy maiden nymph were in a corner, chatting away merrily. It was a demi-human village if there ever was one.

「That’s impressive, this dungeon has a town both above and underground.」

「A kuduk like you will be quickly accepted down here.」

「I’m going to live here too?」

「…no, you will live over there.」

Aur continued to lead the group on down a large street and opened the door at the far end. The fourth floor was shaped like a donut, with large roads spreading outwards like radial rays, and side roads running concentrically. And in the center of that donut, was a room with stairs leading to the fifth floor.

One reason that the path to the fifth floor is so easily found, is to be able to protect the residents of the fourth floor in the unlikely event of an intrusion. Every one of them is a warrior capable of fighting, but more than that, they were brought to live here because of their skill in smithing and sorcery.
It would be a waste to have them lose their lives fighting an enemy strong enough to reach this depth.

「Welcome back, Aur.」

They found Yunis waiting for them in the room leading to the fifth floor. If an intruder were to enter into here, Yunis and Ellen were to engage them in full force. Anyone getting past them would mean reaching the extent of Aur’s dungeon.

「You’ve done well in my absence.」

Aur thanked Yunis and handed the talisman to Faro.

「You will need the talisman in order to travel to the fifth floor below. Do not lose it.」

Aur watched as Faro nodded and put the talisman away inside of her clothes, before opening a hidden door to a staircase leading to the fifth floor. After descending the long flight of steps and passing the barrier with the talisman, they reach the area formerly known as the 『residential area』 that Aur and his lovers lived in. The fifth floor.

「Thank you for your work today. You can all return to your rooms.」

Upon hearing this, Lilu and the others stared at him without moving. Aur sighed and added.

「You’ll have your rewards tonight. Rest your bodies well, and cleanse yourselves.」

And at that, the expressions on the ladies’ faces turned to that of delight and they scattered about in the directions of the bedrooms, bathrooms and the dining halls as they fancied.

「Well then, let’s continue.」

Aur turned back to face Faro, and they walked side-by-side down the road.

Near the entrance were the quarters of Yunis and the others with fighting abilities, which allowed them to quickly respond when needed. And descending southward lead to the central plaza. The fountain constructed in the center of the plaza provided a constant stream of fresh water from an underground vein, which was often used for drinking water or to lightly wash one’s face.

Roads stretched out from the central plaza in all four directions. Towards the eastern side was the cattle shed, Elf quarters and the bathhouse. While the cattle shed had been expanded repeatedly, ultimately, only regular cattle were reared here, and magical beasts were all sent to the third floor.

Cows, horses, sheep, chickens, and goats were reared in the shed, which allowed for the acquisition of fresh eggs and milk whenever needed. Mio would take Imp underlings with her to help take care of the livestock in the morning and then go play with the beasts in the evening. Recently, the Elf’s have also started to help her in their free time.

Going west from the central plaza leads to the cookery and dining hall. The sacrifice maidens live in rooms here under the supervision of Spina. Every day they make meals, clean the dungeons, put away the dishes and sometimes service Aur. The labor is quite demanding, but they are allowed a small salary, and while they are not permitted to leave, they may request purchases be made within their means. And they are mostly satisfied with the arrangement.

To the south is Aur and Lilu’s rooms as well as the room for summoning. There are multiple layers of magical protection stretched around the summoning room, so that in the rare event of a hero forcing his way inside, there would still be enough time to prepare.

The dungeon core lies directly below the central plaza, enshrined in a room that is reached by descending the fountain. While connected to the dungeon, it would be no easy task to enter due to the current of the water. Additionally, the water current from the underground veins were calculated to be able to smoothly carry magical power. Of course, no one but Aur knows of this location.

「…it’s amazing.」

Faro said, struck by wonderment after having seen the entirety of the dungeon. It was not an unusual thing in itself for dragons and sorcerers to utilize caverns and lava tunnels to create dungeons.

But to dig one up from scratch at this scale, with an entire city underneath as well, was something that even Faro who was a seasoned adventurer, had never seen before.

「Yes. I’m satisfied. Having seen such a grand dungeon, I will have no regrets. …Do with me as you wish.」

「Good. Now follow me.」

Aur said, and began walking towards the northern path. Faro followed after him with the look of someone headed to an execution platform.



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