Chapter 13: Let’s capture the dungeon of the demon king – Part 6


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「Take off your clothes and lie down on the bed.」

Aur ordered after she had cleansed her body with a damp towel, she took off her clothes with a meek expression, then lied down on the bed and closed her eyes.

Faro had the low stature of a child, but when shed of clothing, her body was that of a fully ripe woman. It would be more accurate to say that she resembled a human woman that had been miniaturized. Her body had curves, her stomach was tight and her breasts were reasonably large.

Aur gazed at her for a while, before removing his own robe and bringing his fingers towards her tightly closed inner thighs. At that moment, Faro opened her eyes and sat up; she stared at Aur.

「Wa, wait, wait, wait! Why are you touching me there!?」

「That’s a strange thing to ask…It is you that will be in pain if it is not wet.」


Faro became silent upon hearing this unexpected answer; she finally understood what Aur was trying to do.

「You, you aren’t going to put a curse on me, to make me like a doll that will do anything you say!?」

「I will put a spell on you so that you cannot resist, but I have no intention of taking away your will. If I did such a thing, your wit and skills would also be lost. Why did you think I had you remove your clothing?」

「I thought you were going to carve the magical runes directly into my skin…I mean, uh, why are you doing this?」

「You ask very strange questions. It is obviously because I want to.」

While it is also more effective to have the spell flow into the womb, that was the main reason.

「…Aur, so you’re a pervert?」

Faro said as she suddenly stood up and looked at Aur’s member.


「All human males said that only perverts were aroused by someone like me, and they never gave me a second look.」

Aur’s face hardened at Faro’s words.

「…I’m not a pervert. I just have a slightly wider playing field.」

「Ah, now that I think of it, you were even doing it with that Harpy. …Can I touch it?」

Faro didn’t wait for a reply and took Aur’s member in her hand.

「It feels strange to the touch. It’s soft yet, hard…and it’s hot.」

「Is it that different from male hobbits?」

It was not the first time he had met a hobbit, however, his knowledge didn’t extend to that part of the males. Aur had to ask if there was that much of a difference.

「Maybe? It’s my first time seeing one.」

Faro shook her head to the side and replied nonchalantly.

「I left home when I was 19, I haven’t met another hobbit in the 15 years since I left, and humans and elves never looked at me like that. This is my first time being bedded and seduced. Does that make you happy?」

「…I wouldn’t call this seduction.」

To a human, 34 is an age bordering on middle age, but the hobbit lifespan is little longer than humans. They reach adulthood at 33 and are considered middle-aged when they turn 50, 19 would the equivalent of 10 for a human. So even at 34, she had just entered adulthood.

「Hmmm. Well, it doesn’t matter. May I lick it?」

Once again, Faro did not wait for an answer and began to lick the length of Aur’s penis. Twice, thrice; she took stock of it, then opened her mouth wide to envelope the whole head with her mouth.

「Fe…irf faffe…」

「Don’t talk with a full mouth.」

「…weird taste. It’s salty, and bitter.」

Faro said as she pulled her mouth away.

「This thing will emit semen if you make it feel good, will it not?」

「Yes. One of these days, I will teach you to make that happen with your mouth. But today…」

Before Aur could finish, Faro put Aur’s member into her mouth once again. Her eyes looked up to see his expression, her tongue lapped, she rubbed and stroked him with her hands.


「I can’t understand…what you are saying.」

As Faro talked with her mouth full, her tongue pressed against him; Aur moved ever so slightly. Faro did not miss it, her eyes thinned into a smile.


Faro watched Aur’s reactions as she lapped, rubbed, gripped and petted Aur’s penis. No one would ever say that Aur had an expressive face, but the sharp bandit did not let anything escape her notice.


「Mmph. So, this feels good.」

Faro laughed salaciously as she licked the frenulum. Her small hand rubbed Aur’s penis up and down and with the other hand, she softly petted the sacks full of sperm. Her instincts were unbelievable for a virgin.

「How about this…」

Faro traced her tongue along Aur’s shaft, then she gobbled the rest of his glans into her mouth. Without stopping, she began to suck the tip, hard, the sounds of suction were loud; her saliva mingling. Aur’s hands held Faro’s head down, his hips pushed into her.

「I’m coming…swallow it…!」

Faro drank the cloudy liquid that spewed into her mouth with a loud, throaty gulp. She contained all of the overflowing liquid in her stomach, and as if wanting more, continued to suck at the tip of his penis, even drinking the last drops from the head.

「Heh… It’s a weird taste, but it’s not that bad.」

Faro said and laughed while licking the remaining sperm on the corners of her mouth. While surprising, given their size, hobbits are known for being heavy eaters, eating as much as five full meals a day. On the other hand, they are apparently not very fussy about taste, the amount is always prioritized. It seems that Aur’s seed was to her liking.

「I’ll let your lower mouth drink a load as well.」


As Aur put his hand on Faro’s thigh, she casually opened both of her legs.

「…I would have thought a virgin would be more likely to struggle a little.」

While he took no special pleasure in toying with an unwilling woman, there was mild exasperation in Aur’s voice.

「Hmmm. I won’t say that there is none…but more importantly, I am curious to know how it feels like.」

Faro’s eyes shone with the same fiery light of curiosity as the time when she requested a tour of the dungeon.

「In that case, I will teach you what it is like.」

Aur pushed Faro down on top of the bed and violently penetrated her where she was not even wet.

「Gyah…!! Oooowww!! Ow, owowowoowow!」

Faro let out a cry. Aur’s beastly manhood forced its way into her small frame, fresh, deflowered blood ran through the cracks. Tears fell from Faro’s eyes as the burning pain reached her gut.

「It hurts, Aur, it hurts! Stop!!」

「Isn’t this what you wanted to know? How is it, the pain of losing your purity?」

「Who cares about purity? It simply hurts! …ggg..gaaaaa!」

Even a slight back and forth movement from Aur sent a piercing pain through Faro’s body; she screamed. But even then, Faro was so tight that Aur wasn’t even able to thrust back and forth much.

「I haven’t even got half of it in yet. You have to receive the whole thing.」

「I can’t!! It’ll tear, I’ll die!」

Aur put his arms under Faro’s underarms and picker her whole body up as she screamed.

「Don’t worry. If you do die, I’ll have you resurrected in the church on the surface.」

And in that sitting position, Aur let go with his hands and in an instant, dropped Faro so her hips met his.


Faro let out a soundless scream from the sheer pain and shock. Aur ignored her, he repeated the movement of picking her up and dropping her, piercing, deeply.

She lost the strength to cry out, and when her body grew limp, Aur released his seed into her and cast a spell of submission. He then cast a restoration spell and healed her wounds. While still connected, Faro dazedly opened her eyes. Apparently, she had fainted.

「How was the pain of being deflowered?」

「…Horrible. I really thought that I was going to die…」

Faro said, annoyed.

「But, it doesn’t hurt anymore.」

「Mmm…now that you mention it…」

Aur’s member was still deeply implanted into Faro. That part that would have been easily torn again after healing, was accommodating Aur in a painless, firm grip.

「It’s because I healed you while it was deep inside, stretching it. Your vagina is now completely reshaped to fit my penis. All that pain, you are unlikely to ever forget it. A pain so strong it’s carved into your soul and your flesh; it will be like a spell that binds your consciousness to my will, the evidence that you are my property.」

A chill went up Faro’s spine at Aur’s one-sided declaration of ownership.

「That’s, severe.」

However, perhaps it wasn’t so bad. This master, he was able to show Faro a world that she could not have seen or known on her own.

Perhaps he could show her a sight that no human…no, none that live on the surface, have ever seen.

The hobbit girl’s heart leaped at the thought, that sight that spreads below the precipice. She smiled.



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