Chapter 14: Let’s Give the Hero a Cruel Death – Part 5


                                      Translator: Smaturin                Editor: Nefarian                                 

『The Hero of Lead』Zaitlead. Described as a mighty warrior and a match for a thousand men, he is the son of King Wolf, and though he himself is a Hero without peer, his name is not very well known.

The reason for this is that unlike his father, he preferred to avoid warfare and instead focused on his position of hunting monsters in remote regions and the stamping out any civil disorder. There was also the 『Curse of Lead』 that had been cast on him.

What this meant was that he was not affected by magical spells of any sort, but neither could he cast them. While at a glance, being able to repel magic may sound useful, however, it was not only offensive magic that had no effect.

If he was wounded, not only healing magic, but elixirs would have no effect; he would not even be able to receive status reports through magic transmissions while on the battlefield. No matter how much miraculous power was infused in a legendary sword, it would turn into nothing more than a piece of steel in his hands, divine blessings also had no effect.

Yet, the curse was one that he had cast himself. He had discarded magic as a tool of the spineless, denying it. Stubbornly honest, he was said to outmatch his father the king in bravery, yet he continued to fight in remote regions where his name would not become well known.

While the troops on both sides drew back, he walked leisurely towards Aur’s camp, the soldiers watched with bated breath. If Aur used all of his military force, he just might be able to win. But the losses would be enormous. Even if he won this battle, he would not be able to continue after that. Instead, Aur chose to handle it with the best of his best.

Zaitlead was a big man at 7 feet (nearly 200 cm) in stature. Lightly resting on his shoulder was a sword that would dwarf most great swords, a sword whose blade was as long as he was tall, he wore a thick breastplate, gauntlets and a full set of armor.

His arms were thick as trees, his craggy, rugged face did not much resemble Yunis’, but the hue of his red hair and emerald eyes were a perfect match to hers.

「You are the Demon Lord, Aur.」

Zaitlead looked down at Aur and said in a low voice. It was a monotonous voice, with no emotion to be sensed.

「I am. And you must be Zaitlead, the Hero of Lead. It seems the stories of your strength were true.」

Aur said. Zaitlead nodded without so much as a smirk.

「Yes. I am Zaitlead Raven Ru Ela Grandiera. I see that my sister has been enjoying your hospitality.」

Zaitlead flatly introduced himself with his full name and then turned his gaze towards Yunis. She was holding her sword ready and her steady eyes were locked on Zaitlead. As a test, Aur tried to cast a curse on Zaitlead with his real name, but it had no effect at all. It was no lie that magic of any kind was impenetrable for him.

「We are going home, Yunis.」

Said Zaitlead frankly, Yunis pointed her blade towards him.

「Older brother…I, cannot approve of what father is doing. Even if they are not our race, people are people, too…」


Yunis’ words were unusually polite as she made her case, but Zaitlead interjected.

「I have no interest in your plea. I received just one order. To 『bring you back』. If you refuse, I will carry you by force.」

「…that’s, exactly what I hoped for!!」

Yunis’ hand let out an explosion of flames. Zaitlead only slightly narrowed his eyes, otherwise, he did not move. As the flames touched him, they were not able to inflict a single burn on his flesh, and they went out in an instant.

However, at that moment when his vision was obscured by the flames, Yunis had moved into his blind spot. With a speed that no ordinary person could follow, she swung her sword down towards Zaitleads shoulder.

The sound of metal rang loudly, Yunis’ blade had been repelled. Without moving a single step, Zaitlead had blocked her sword with his gauntlet.

「So you are still relying on children’s toys. In the end, Magic is merely the art of devils. How many times have I told you, it misleads and twists the world, it is no more than a shrewd little trick.」

Zaitlead said as he raised his gigantic sword.

「I will show you what real power looks like.」

Zaitlead swung the sword towards the ground. A violent current of pure destructive force whirled and tore the atmosphere. The blade that was supposed to have been a mere piece of steel had split the earth, the rift continued far into the distance.

Fortunately, Yunis was able to dodge the blow. But if she had not, whether the attack was met by sword or armor, it would have surely been cut in two.

However, Yunis was not one to falter so easily. She moved spryly like the wind, as if dancing in the air, she slashed at him from every angle. Zaitlead, on the other hand, did not make any unnecessary moves, he saw through her feints and fended off the attacks.

It was an awe-inspiring offensive and defensive battle. Now that Yunis had gone all out, the speed of her movements could not even be followed by Ellen, let alone Aur.

In comparison, Zaitlead’s movements were slow, but the fight had already surpassed the notion that slower movements would result in being hit. It was a perfect kind of slowness, with the weight to repel blows without speed, the keeping of movements to a minimum and being able to read your opponents movements as if predicting the future.

Ellen had drawn an arrow for support, but there was no question of her letting it loose. The Dark Elf who was said to have the skill to best a thousand men could only watch the unreachable heights that this battle between heroes existed in.

Zaitlead, who had been fighting defensively up until now, suddenly diverted into an attack. Yunis blocked it with her left arm and thrust her sword forward.

Zaitlead’s great sword had slashed Yunis’ arm open, releasing a stream of blood. Yunis’ sword shallowly rested in Zaitlead’s chest, soaking the blood.

They were an even match with a sword. If one was struck by an attack, the other would catch them off guard and land a blow as well. But the gap in weapon and physical size was hopeless.

Yunis was only slightly higher than Aur’s chest level, a small girl. While Zaitlead was a large man whose head seemed to reach the heavens. Their weapons were a light short sword and a heavy great sword, the difference in reach was plain to see.

「Haa, haa, ha…!」

Yunis panted heavily as her entire body dripped with blood.

「Surrender. You cannot beat me.」

Zaitlead said cooly. He too was covered in countless wounds, but unlike Yunis, they were shallow and hardly even bled.

「…That might just be true. However, what about two against one?」

Aur’s magic healed Yunis’ wounds in the blink of an eye. This was not like the time he fought the soldiers at Figuria Castle. There was only one enemy, and he had plenty of magic prepared.

「…How pitiful. Do you think you can beat me with that?」

Zaitlead swung his sword. There was no way for him to avoid the blade and Aur’s body was severed in two, leaving the apparition to return to its original wooden form.

「Didn’t I tell you, magic is mere child’s play. You cannot defeat me with such…」

「Then, how about this.」

Cutting off Zaitlead’s words, Aur once again revealed himself. Without answering, Zaitlead raised his sword. Taking advantage of the opening, Yunis rushed forward and thrust her sword out. Zaitlead twisted his body to dodge the attack, but the point of her blade gouged into his body; blood sprayed.

「If you attack me, you leave yourself open to Yunis. If you attack Yunis, I will heal her wounds.」

Aur appeared behind Zaitlead, who was holding his wounds and backing away from Yunis.

「It may be child’s play. …but, can you still win against it?」

And then another figure that was Aur appeared from another direction. It was not an illusion. If it was, Zaitlead would have seen through it in an instant. Because regardless of shape, he was impervious to magic.

They were all substitute forms. They were Aur, and at the same time, they were not Aur. It was even possible for him to move several of them at the same time as long as they were visible to him.

「Now, let us compare. Will your strength be the first to be drained, or will it be these substitutes.」

Aur gave a mischievous grin.



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  2. Man, Fantasy novel characters always suck against anti-magic stuff. If something is immune to magic, you just don’t target it.

    Target the ground with water spells, and he dies from being unable to swim upwards in full lead armor. Even if he somehow dries up magic water, you literally just teleport real water from the ocean or cause explosions in the sky and thus cause rain.

    Or you melt the ground with fire spells, and he boils alive inside his armor. Even if he can solidify magic created lava, you could just pull up real lava from deep underground.

    Or you remove the air from around him using a tornado, and he suffocates. I doubt he negates the lack of air from spells.

    Or drop a rock from 10,000 feet on him and let him get flattened. If he disintegrates magic rocks, you throw a real rock up there using magic.

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      Sure in both cases he can cancel the magic, but just like melting something under him he would need magic to cancel out the effects.
      An object in motion will stay in motion after all, even if you cancel the force that started the motion

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