Chapter 15.5: Dungeon Commentary


Translator: Smaturin

Dungeon status post Chapter 15.

Number of Floors: 5 dungeon floors
Miasma: 80
Notoriety: 85
Saved up Magic: 45 (Units: 10,000/day)
Magic Consumption: 30 (Units: 10,000/day)

New Facilities:
A prison that allows for the holding of a large number of captives. It comes with special reinforcements as compared to the solitary cells, there is an increased likelihood of the prisoners working together to escape.

New War Potential:
Logan in Zaitlead
War Potential: 12
Consumption of Mana: 2
The appearance of Logan, the low ranking demon after he took possession of Zaitlead, the Hero of Lead’s body. While the ‘Curse of Lead’ that nullifies all sorcery is now gone, his strength remains. While he may not be a match for the Hero Zaitlead himself, he boasts enough power to beat the average Hero, and the magic need to main it has decreased.

War Potential: 17
Not an underling to be precise, but specially recorded as one who was used.
The oldest and strongest dragon that boasts overwhelming power. Its fighting capabilities as a single unit are undoubtedly unsurpassed in this world. While she does not have any noteworthy abilities besides the intensely potent poison combined with her breath and blood, her size, the strength of her scales, her power, her sharp claws, everything are threatening.
Convered to war potential, Wolf was around 15, but he was able to beat her in a bid that cost him his life.

Ceres(White elf)
War Potential: 8
Maximum Magical Capacity: 7
A princess to the white elves, among the fairy elves of the forest, they are known for governing the brighter aspects, such as the blessings and comfort of the forest. Her skills with magic and a bow are said to be a good match for Ellen, the dark elf. She boasts a strength that you would not expect from such a slender form. Furthermore, she has a higher capacity for storing magic compared to the dark elf.

White elves and the people of the forest.
War Potential: 6
Maximum Magical Capacity: 2
Ceres’ subjects and their allies, the people of the forest. Both are masters with the bow, but the elves can use magic on top of it. They are a rank below the dark elves that Ellen commands, and two ranks below Ellen or Ceres in terms of ability, but they make up for it with their large numbers.

War Potential: 2
Consumption of Mana: 0.1
Maximum Magical Capacity: 10
Female demon. They generally have abilities that equal to Lilu.

Lesser Demon
War Potential: 9
Consumption of Mana: 3
Lesser demons that were called as an addition. They have the same degree of strength as Logan when he is not possessing Zaitlead, but their appearances and abilities vary. And that includes their sexual tastes, which include young boys, scatophilia and zoophilia.

The Present Dungeon
The miasma has grown thick, only well trained humans are able to move in the lower floors, while demons and evil spirits can walk without being burdened. It is now at a level where corpses will arise and walk as undead unless dealt with, not just in the dungeon but even near the entrance.
Aur’s notoriety spread like thunder, unless you were very far in the countryside, there were none that heard the Demon Lord’s name and did not shiver.
The minstrels all sang his sagas, the heroic poem of King Wolf’s last stand would remain popular for quite some time.



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