Chapter 15: Let’s Paint a Chaotic Picture of Hell – Part 3


Translator: Smaturin

「Release me this instant.」

The first words to come from the lips of Ceres, the white elf princess, was a prideful order. Though in truth, she was a princess only in name, as their settlement was much too small in scale to be called a country. At most it was a village, with a mere gathering of peoples as their population.

But Ceres’ appearance was distinguished, even among the white elves who were known for their beauty. She at least had the bearing of a princess, if nothing else. While being a white elf herself, Sharl looked only like an innocent young girl compared to Ceres, who was equipped with the appeals of a ripened woman.

Her arms and legs were long and thin, her height was almost the same as Aur’s. Her appearance was refined and beautiful, like a well-calculated work of art. That beauty had not been lost even while the forest had burned around her. Her skin that had been scrubbed in hot water shone brightly like a pearl.

The two lumps that protruded under her ragged prison garb were generous compared to the average human, and for the usually slender white elves, her breasts would have been seen as exceptionally large.

「…Do you understand the position that you are in?」

「Of course I do. You are a base, evil and shameless lot. You should repent for your deeds this instant, and let us go free.」

It seemed that Ceres was serious with her demands.

「Shameless you say…that may be so. However, the thing about humans is that they are all the same once peeled of a single layer. That includes that man you love, Evan… No, I would say that even elves all are fundamentally the same.」

「You make a mockery of us! Evan is not like you! He is strong and kind, no one is so brave and virtuous as him. What would a cowardly scoundrel like you…!」

「Well then, prove it to me.」

Aur saw that Ceres had taken the bait before cutting her off.

「I do not believe in any such thing as love. It is merely a deception that accompanies lust. If you insist that such a thing as true love exists, prove it to me. If you are successful, I will accept your righteousness and grant you your freedom.」

「…What will you have us do?」

Perhaps she gained a vague understanding of what Aur wanted, as there was fear in her question.

「For one week, I will ravish you. You will be defiled and disgraced, you will cry and yield. If even then, your love continues without change, I will accept it as a true love and let you two go.」

「…And if I refuse this proposal?」

「You two will await your deaths, without ever seeing each other again.」

Ceres let out a deep sigh at Aur’s answer; she made her decision.

「Very well. But this body is already Evan’s. It is not for me to make this decision on my own. Allow me to meet with him just once. If he agrees, I will accept this challenge of yours.」

「…You have my permission then.」

Aur gave the order to Ellen, and Evan was brought to stand in front of Ceres’ cell. Both of Evan’s hands were bound and attached to a chain that did not allow him to get any closer to Ceres. But the two rejoiced in their reunion and whispered words of love to each other.

When the terms of the 『challenge』were explained to Evan, he was astonished and went mad with rage. But when made to understand that it was their only means of survival, he accepted it solemnly.

「Ceres. No matter how much you are defiled by this evil, your light will not fade, not even a little. I swear my unchanging love to you.」

「Yes, Evan… I will not succumb to evil. I will show that crafty Demon Lord with his twisted nature, what is really the most powerful and beautiful thing in this world.」



「Now, that is quite enough.」

Aur had become annoyed by the fact that these two young lovers could be in their own world, even in a situation such as this. He pulled Evan’s chains back and handed them to Ellen.

「Well then, you should look forward to one week from now.」

And he ordered for Evan to be sent back to his cell before he himself, entered into Ceres’.

「Now, I think I will have you right here and now.」

So saying, Aur pulled out a medicine bottle from his pocket and handed it to Ceres.

「And what is this?」

「An aphrodisiac. I have no intention of bothering with foreplay every time.」

「I…What makes you think that I would drink such a thing!?」

「It’s an aphrodisiac, not a love potion. All it will do is forcefully excite your body. Is the 『most beautiful thing in the world』 that you spoke of, easily defeated by a mere drug?」

Aur said in a taunting voice, Ceres was at a loss for words.

「There is even a contraceptive agent combined. You should drink it if you do not want to get pregnant.」

「You should have said that in the beginning!」

Ceres pulled the cork from the bottle and poured the liquid down her throat. She frowned at the bitter taste and burning sensation that erupted in her throat.

「Now, I think that I will have you service me over here, while we wait for the drug to have an effect.」

Aur sat down on the bed and immediately pulled out his member.


「I am telling you to caress it with your mouth and hands.」

As Ceres looked at it with an expression of disgust, Aur brought out his own hand to take Ceres’ and make her grasp it.

「Don’t use your teeth. If you do, I’ll have the same done to Evan’s body with a blade.」

The tension in her head from the disgust disappeared at those words, and she became calm.

「Move your hands at a constant speed. Your tongue should go up and down, it should cover everything.」

Even as Ceres’ head was being pushed, she nodded and frantically caressed Aur’s member with her hands and mouth.

「…You are not very skilled. It will have to do, I will just enjoy this in my own way.」

Aur grabbed Ceres’ head with both hands and thrust his hips forward into her mouth as if ravishing her privates.

「Mmmm, nnm, mmmg…!」

Ceres let out a muffled scream as the depths of her throat was violated, but Aur ignored her and continued the attack on her mouth.

「I’m coming… You will drink it all.」

And then he shot all of his seed down her throat.

「Mm….gu, ga, ha…!! Gheh.., go, hhh….!」

Ceres coughed at the abundant semen, she pulled her mouth back and vomited it out on the floor. The indescribable bitter taste and rawness assaulted her nostrils, she was enveloped in an unmatched feeling of disgust.

「I told you to drink all of it… No matter, you will be forced to drink it later. Now, it seems that the aphrodisiac has started to take effect. Lie over there and spread your legs.」

Still coughing, Ceres laid her blushing body on the bed. Aur appeared to be very confident, but Ceres was also confident in her ability to control herself.

「I will enter now.」

Aur spread Ceres’ legs wide apart, he instantly thrust himself into her privates. True to his boast, his was fatter and harder than Evan’s, and her body which burned with the aphrodisiac felt an intense rush of pleasure.


Ceres did not make any futile attempts to resist it, she accepted the pleasure as it was. Due to their beauty, elves were often captured by humans and turned into slaves. Ceres was especially beautiful from a young age and had learned how to act in such a situation.

You would only lose your strength if you forcibly tried to resist the pleasure. It is better to accept it and to wait for an opening where you can escape. And perhaps it was because of the aphrodisiac, but Aur’s act of intercourse was, ignoring the physiological disgust, capable of giving her a strong sense of pleasure.

But it was only through intercourse with Evan, that her heart could be fulfilled. No matter how much pleasure she was given, Ceres knew that sense of joy. There was no possibility of her losing her heart.

「Mmm, aa….aaaann…m, mmm…」

Aur began to move faster, perhaps because he was pleased as Ceres began to raise her voice in a sweet moan.

「I’m coming…receive it all!」

It gushed with a force that could almost be heard, Aur’s seed discharged into Ceres’ womb. Her body accepted it with a shudder, she sighed in relief.

Six days left. Her people would be saved if she could bear it.
The Demon Lord was nothing, within the sheets he was only a man.

As she was thinking about this, her body was turned over.


「I will take you from behind next.」

Without waiting for an answer, he gripped Ceres’ hips tightly, and once again thrust his curved member deep inside of her.

「Ahh…wha, why…are you…again…」

「That is a strange thing to say.」

Aur returned an evil smile as Ceres raised her voice in bewilderment.

「Did I not say that I would ravish you for seven days? Why, hardly a koku* has passed.」

「But…surely, you jest?」

Ceres asked, her voice quivering.

「I do not. My lust is tireless. I will have you for the entirety of that one week, 84 koku*(168 hours).」

In that instant, all of the composure was drained from her expression.

*koku: archaic unit for measuring time.



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