Chapter 15: Let’s Paint a Chaotic Picture of Hell – Part 4


Translator: Smaturin


High waves, low waves.

Ceres’ conscious was tossed about like a small boat between two waves, coming forward and pulling back.

Her eyes could not focus due to the intense fatigue she felt, her thoughts were scattered into a thousand shreds and would not merge together. She could only devour the high waves and moan sweetly, and shake her ass and plead when the low waves came. It was just those two.

Her entire body was covered in his seed, memories of a distaste for it were now far off, passed oblivion. Her inner thighs were dripping with thick, white liquid around both of her holes, her eyes were overcast, lightless. Her mouth was half-open, the uncertain expression on her face gave her an appearance that was far from what you would expect from a beautiful elf princess.


She felt the sensation of the warm liquid pouring into her as a high wave, and just as her instincts demanded, she raised her voice in craving of that pleasure. She could no longer even think about what that meant, she could only shake her ass and plead for more.


It had been a while since Aur last pulled out of her, and she let out a thin cry. He would have ejaculated while inside of her nearly ten times by now, but she of course, had no memory of this. She could only cry at the loss of what had fulfilled her body, she tensed her weakened legs and thrust her ass outwards.

But instead of the pleasure that she had anticipated, the engorged penis was thrust in front of her eyes. Ceres filled her mouth with the semen and precum covered thing without hesitation, sucking, licking it all over.

She had not had what could be called a meal ever since she had started to have intercourse with Aur. The only thing that has entered her mouth was his seed. As it was infused with large quantities of magic, it contained enough nutrients for her to survive, and there was plenty of it.

She had been struck with a sense of hopelessness rather than anger when he had told her to satiate her hunger with it, but she could not live for a whole week without eating or drinking. As she reluctantly drank it, she quickly became accustomed to the taste. She even began to find it pleasant.

Because Aur would ejaculate more of the thick liquid the more he was pleasured, she would passionately service him, licking his meatstick up. As his hot member would invade her ample breasts, she would push them together with her hands, and as if fanning the flames of Aur’s lust, stick her tongue out and lick the tip of it.

Then she would rub her cheek against the shaft and lick up the sacks full of seed. Her fingers, thin like white fish, would rub his member. Her lips that were like wild strawberries would travel up the shaft, slowly tasting it.

And vulgarly, she would stick out her tongue and open her mouth wide, enveloping the head in her mouth. At the same time she would caress it with her tongue as if tracing something, then her cheeks sunk inward and she sucked tightly.

「Mmm, mmmm…」

Ceres’ eyes thinned as she loudly drunk the nectar that erupted from the tip, she swallowed all of it. What she had spat out at first, now felt more natural to savor over the tongue before drinking. Now her body would move on its own without thinking.


After drinking much of his seed, Ceres let out a satisfied moan as her body was pulled. She did not fight it, she rolled over on the sweat covered bed and opened her legs wide.


She let out a moan as she felt the sensation of his engorged member entering her from the front. And in a sluggish movement, she wrapped her legs around Aur’s back, she thrust her hips into Aur’s, forcing herself towards him.

「We are nearing the end of the promised week.」

Aur suddenly whispered as Ceres pleaded to be pleasured.

However, she did not understand the meaning of his words, she continued to pull Aur inwards with her legs, pleading for him to be deep inside of her. Ceres preferred to be deeply penetrated rather than have her shallow places rubbed. She felt fulfilled when she was penetrated, deep within.

「Are you certain? Evan is waiting.」


With that one word, Ceres returned to herself. The fog that overcast her conscious dissipated, her four limbs that had been numb suddenly felt heavy, a tremendous weariness overtook her body.

But even so, she had regained her reason.

「Evan… I have not yielded to you…! Release Evan and everyone else!」

The eyes had regained their light, her lips were pursed, there was a strong will present in her expression. She was covered in sperm, but the brilliance that seeped from within her had a strength that covered everything else.

「…I am surprised. You had that much power left in you.」

Aur’s eyes had widened. That Ceres, who had been so dreamy and had greedily pleaded to be pleasured would return to herself at the mere mention of the man she loved, he could do nothing but admit that the love of elves was impressive. It was no wonder that they would give most of their lives for that love.

「Very well. I am defeated. …I will allow you to meet Evan.」

Aur ordered his servants to prepare hot water, and after cleansing both himself and Ceres, slowly allowed her body to rest.

When she awoke and regained her energy, Aur guided her through the labyrinth and towards Evan’s cell.

「Oh, Master… Have you lost?」

Intercepting, Lilu asked as she looked fixedly at Ceres with round eyes.

「Yes. As would be expected for a white elf princess, I was no match for her.」

「You went at it for seven days straight, did you not? Incredible…」

Lilu looked impressed as she led Aur onwards and opened the wooden door.

「This one surrendered after three days.」

Ceres became speechless at the sight laid out before them.

Several succubi were flying in the air, in the center was Evan, lost in the moment of ravishing a succubus. His cheeks were thin and hallowed, his eyes were vacant and shone dully as they gazed at the succubus. Only the thing that was between his legs stood up strongly, it repeatedly thrust in and out of the succubus’ privates, splashing a cloudy liquid everywhere.


Even when she called him, he continued to drown himself in the act as if he could not hear.

「Evan, wake up!」

「Uh, ha…kk..a…gh.」

Ceres shook his shoulder and called his name, but he did not respond and continued his intercourse with the succubus.

「Evan, I was victorious! We are now freed from this place! Evan!!」

The pained voice of Ceres received no response from Evan, his pupils remained vacant as his hips kept moving.

「It is no use.」

One of the succubi said with a snicker.

「This man has already sold his soul away. If he can continue having sex, he would not need anything else, that is what he said.」

「He even said that you could not compare to us, when we asked about his lover.」


Ceres fell into despair where she was standing. In front of her, Aur’s member was presented to her. She instinctively put it in her mouth.


Then she realized that she had another man’s penis in her mouth right in front of Evan, and she tried to pull away, but Aur’s hands held her in place. Evan continued to ravish the succubus, as if not caring that his lover was sucking another man in front of him.

「Your heart has indeed been victorious against pleasure. But your body is a different matter.」

Aur grabbed Ceres’ breasts and taunted her crotch with his foot. And with just that, her thighs became wet, flowing with nectar.

「I doubt you would feel anything with Evan in you now. I took time in remaking you to specifically fit me. Well, Evan seems to have lost both his body and heart to the succubi, that is just what humans do. It is something that you elves, who love a single partner for hundreds of years, would not understand.」

Evan was not unfaithful. He had been taken against his will by the succubi, whose whole purpose in existing was to deceive men, there are none who can resist. Aur was confident that he could match them in skill, but Ceres had prevailed. She had tremendous mental strength.

But she had expected the same strength from her partner. That was her mistake.
Betrayed by he, who she had believed in, her heart that had been scrapped thin was completely shattered now.

「Ohh…Master, you haven’t had me in quite a while.」

Lilu embraced Aur’s arm teasingly.

「I would like to know the reason that you called new succubi here instead of allowing me to entertain Evan.」

Lilu said with a giggle. Aur replied bluntly.

「You are quite lacking in appeal as a succubus. I did not think it was possible for you to break him.」

「Hmph, is that so? Why don’t we find out right now, if I have enough or not!」

With a heave, Lilu sandwiched Aur’s head with her breasts.

「I am saying that those kinds of abrupt responses are why you lack a womanly appeal. Can you not seduce someone less directly?」

While the two were succubus and summoner, the two acted almost like lovers. Ceres looked on with envy.

「But I would understand you.」

Not missing her gaze, Aur whispered gently to her.

「This body has ceased to be human. While no match for an elf, I can live for several hundred years as well. I would be able to understand your feelings.」

Ceres had no choice but to accept the hand offered her. She understood in her mind that it was a path that Aur had laid out. But there was no other path for her heart to take. She knew too much of the warmth of another to continue bluffing in solitude.

And so the bond between the people of the forest and the white elves was completely severed, and both became the subjects of Aur.

「Lord Aur.」

After Ceres and Evan were returned to their rooms, Aur started to head towards his own room after a long period of absence, when Mary appeared in front of him.

「…What is it.」

「Sophie is…soph…」

「What happened to Spina?」

Mary, who shared the same homeland as Spina, continued to call her…Sophia, her real name.

Her big eyes filled with tears as she looked up at him, Aur put her on his knee and faced her. Mary had a good understanding for her age, she understood that Aur was busy.
She would usually never bother him at a time like this, she wouldn’t talk to him if it wasn’t important.

「She’s gone.」

And this time, her hesitance brought forth a disaster. Had she brought this news to Aur sooner, perhaps their fates would have been different.

「Sofie is nowhere, for a long time.」

But it was much too late.



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