Chapter 16: Let’s Punish the Fools – Part 3


Translator: Smaturin

It was a remnant of an age where all mystical arts that used supernatural powers were called magic.

Witchcraft, thaumaturgy, the paths of evil, miracles. That which had many names was studied and categorized by numerous sorcerers and summarized into a single learning known as sorcery. And all of the old ways that existed before it were now seen as unwieldy, vulgar arts and were soon forgotten.

But even so, there were deep-rooted arts that remained among civilians. Witchcraft.

It was considerably less efficient compared to the other forms of magic, its applications were very limited and it was difficult to use. But there was one reason that it survived amongst civilians and not sorcerers.

And that was that it was 『easy to feel through the senses』.

Witchcraft is, to put it simply, a general term for 『Magic that uses relevancy』.

Similar things are alike. Things that were the same are connected.
If you want rain you would mimic it by splashing water on the ground to call the rain.
If you wanted to kill someone, you would put that person’s nail or hair into a doll and drive a stake in it.

Of course, if someone who was not even a sorcerer did such a thing, there would be a very low likelihood of them achieving their desired effect. But people would believe that it held power, and that belief would combine into a power in itself, which was used by witches.

Among them, what is called imitation magic uses the relationship of 『similar things having similar properties』.

And now.

Spina had strengthened her relation to Aur by experiencing the『unreasonable coercion by a master』 that was the root of Aur’s being.

Master and student, student and master. Their relationship had become obscured, Spina had utilized that to forcefully cast a spell on Aur.

While witchcraft was inefficient and lacking in effectiveness, Spina herself had immense amounts of magic stored within her. And unlike Aur, who stored his magical energy in an exterior object known as the dungeon core, Spina had stored everything inside of herself. And with the force of that immense supply of power, she had completely stopped Aur from being able to move.

「Master…oh, master… I do admire you…」

Spina twisted and turned, and then separated into two. As she had now become a creature that existed between a slime and a human, she could freely move between her slime form and her human form. Even more, she was able to separate her body into multiple forms.

Unlike Aur’s substitutes, these were all the real Spina, they had each had an independent intelligence and a united will. Once Spina had ripped Aur’s clothes off, she began to lovingly lap at his member. At the same time, the other Spina sweetly threw her arms around Aur’s shoulders and sucked at his lips.

From behind her, a throng of Spinas was now wiggling out of the slime’s surface. Naked, they trapped Aur as they caressed his body. Before he knew it, Aur was surrounded by naked Spinas.

Aur’s mouth was full with Spina’s wet tongue, he could not even let out a sound. Aur tried to abandon the substitute and return to his body, but he could not. He would be required to have access to even a little pool of magic in order to leave this body. But as soon as Spina sensed his attempts to draw magic, she would suck it all up.

His soul would naturally return to its original body should the substitute be destroyed. But Spina was not likely to do that. She intended only to spend eternity with him.

「Let us love together for eternity… Master.」

Spina pushed Aur onto his back, and slowly lowered herself onto his prick.


Spina let out a cry as Aur filled her womb. The sensation was not that of a slime, there was no change from when she had been human. The only difference was that this time she had multiplied many times over.

「I will serve you, master.」

As Spina held Aur inside her womb, she lifted her body just a little. The head of another Spina came in from the side and began to lick the parts of the shaft that was outside of Spina’s body. And yet another Spina came and slowly began to lick the sperm filled sacs. From the side two Spina’s pressed Aur’s arms between their breasts, they sucked at his fingers as if they were his cock, carefully tracing their tongues, they pleasured him with their mouths.

Aur’s mouth was completely sealed by Spina’s lips, even his tongue was tangled with Spina’s as if serving the insides of his mouth. His body was supported by the hands of another Spina, one whose breasts were heavily pressing into him.

In that heavenly hell, Aur ceaselessly discharged his seed. Normally he was capable of complete control over his ejaculations, but the flow of Spina’s magic was interfering with it, and he could do nothing.


With swooning voices the Spinas all let out rapturous sighs in unison. Each had their own ability to think, but their senses were shared, they could unite their wills. They would never fight amongst each other, they all existed for the existence known as 『Spina』.

「I will always…always be by your side, master.」

Spina dismounted Aur and bringing her face towards his crotch, began to clean him with her tongue. Three Spinas crowded their head around Aur’s penis to service it, the other Spinas cleansed his arms, feet, breast, every part of his body with their tongues.

「I will not ask that you love me alone. But please, allow me to always…always be by your side.」

As Aur’s member began to rise once again, Spina put it inside of her vagina and allowed her body to rest on his breast. And like that, her form began to blur, it slowly enveloped Aur’s body. Her whole body had melted, and a fog began to fall within Aur’s consciousness, he experienced a pleasure like that of becoming one with Spina’s body.

「Stop this, Spina.」

A very familiar voice rang in his ears. Within Aur’s fading awareness, her form appeared in his vision, it was his most faithful familiar…Lilu.




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