Chapter 16: Let’s Punish the Fools – Part 5


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Aur’s eyes continued to blink after the hard slap. A red handprint flared on his cheek.
Lilu, who should not have been capable of hurting him, had just hit him, and the steely faced Spina was crying loudly. Lilu was now smiling, he had no idea why she had been moved to such unprecedented anger a moment ago.

And more importantly, he had just been awoken by the use of his 『real name』. It was not about whether someone knew it or not. But there should not have been anyone left on this world who could do it.

「It is because you were not strong enough, that Spina went berserk out of concern for you! You are supposed to be our master, you need to act the part and carry yourself with ease as if you are invincible!」

Aur was at a loss for words at this ridiculous outburst. Lilu rephrased it so that he could understand.

「You are getting her back? Yunis.」


As Aur firmly nodded, Lilu put both hands on her hips and nodded back, 「Very well!」
There was something terribly nostalgic about that gesture to Aur.

「…You…are you…Raz…?」

Aur asked, looking deeply into Lilu’s face. There was something about her expression that seemed both different and the exact same.

「…Aur, your bad habit of using too much of your magic, it has not changed a little.」

Lilu laughed mischievously, she gave Aur her hand and helped him to stand up.

「The summoning of demons. It is much like fishing. From the demon world, we can see the race being summoned and the amount of magic being used. The demons can see this, this sorcerer looks promising, this one is no use, they say as they choose to take the bait or to ignore it.」

Lilu chuckled as she recollected the events of a year ago.

「“Aur, you had used a degree of magic usually reserved for high ranking demons, just to summon a succubus. It had the opposite effect and everyone became cautious and would not bite. …But for me, there was something very nostalgic about your amber colored magic.」

Lilu put her hands on both of Aur’s cheeks and looked into his eyes.

「I remembered it after having all my magic sucked out and regenerating myself with your magic. Radix Fullman, who had betrayed her student and offered her own soul to the devil, she had become…a succubus in the demon world.」

It was something that could be considered a coincidence and yet also felt inevitable. Raz had taken Aur in as a student as he held a magic most similar to hers, Lilu had been drawn to a magic whose properties felt similar and become Aur’s familiar.

「But even so, I am not Raz. Much of Raz’s memories have come back to me, but I am still me. Your familiar, Lilushana.」

「…I see.」

Aur replied simply. It was not that he was still haunted by her death. But he felt something, it was as if the thing that had been blocking a path in his heart was starting to slowly melt away.

「Well, Raz was a clear-headed, composed, a mature woman. Even if you may look like her your personalities are nothing alike.」

「Hmph, that is rude! She may have seemed that way, but she stretched herself quite a lot, that woman! She may have acted cool in front of her student, but inside, she was often shaken, you know!?」

「Stop that now, do not tarnish my memories.」

As Aur and Lilu began to argue, a long-absent expression of warmth appeared on Aur’s face. And then he looked at Spina who stared at him awkwardly, and without a word, began to walk forward.

His hand clenched into a hard fist, which he brought down over Spina’s head.

「We are going home, Lilu, Spina.」



Spina happily nodded, even as she held her head with both hands and had teary eyes.

「Sophie! …?」

After they returned to Aur’s labyrinth, Mary saw the approaching Spina and ran towards her with a smile that went ear to ear. But halfway, her feet stopped. She looked up at Spina with a suspicious expression.

Perhaps she had sensed that Spina was no longer human as she once was.

「Are you…really Sophie?」

As Lilu came forward to explain, Mary asked with a voice full of suspicion.

「Your breasts are bigger than before.」


Spina’s expression froze with a force that could nearly emit sound.

「…Uh, what are you saying? I have not changed at all…」

「Lies. They are definitely bigger!」

Aur instinctively looked towards Spina’s breasts. But it was hard to distinguish the size as they were covered by her robes.

「..We…well then, they must have gotten bigger while I was away. It is not a strange thing at all…」

「That would not happen. They did not change for a whole year. It won’t change now.」

「…so, you used your ability of turning into a slime…I suppose.」

「Ahh, I am sure that she can at least change her build however she wants.」

Aur and Lilu nodded in satisfaction as Mary continued stubbornly. Upon hearing this, Lilu’s expression surpassed its frozen state and became something more crazed.

「Ah, it’s Sophie.」

Mary said happily when she saw that expression.

「How much will you humiliate me before you are satisfied? Mary!!」

In an instant, Spina transformed her whole body into a slime and her tentacles shot out like arrows. Mary screamed giddily and easily dodged them. It appeared that for her, what felt abnormal to Spina was the commendable attitude and larger breasts alone, the transformation into a slime was just treated as something ordinary.


Lilu said as she looked on at the heartwarming scene.

「Raz. She was happy up until the end.」

「…Is that so.」

To Aur, those words did not carry much meaning. It was something that occurred seventy years ago. The time he spent with Raz was beginning to fade in his mind, becoming an important, yet far away memory.

And so Aur looked far away and said:

「I will do…」


Lilu had missed what Aur had whispered and turned to face him.

「I said, you too.」


Lilu nodded, and a smile that was bright enough to make flowers bloom appeared on her face.




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  2. Thats kinda awkward when it turns out that the succubus you had boned in most various ways is actually your teacher.

    • She was his lover.

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      Aur and Lilu nodded in satisfaction as Mary continued stubbornly. Upon hearing this, Lilu’s expression surpassed its frozen state and became something more crazed.
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