Chapter 2: Let’s attack the Neighbourhood Village! – Part 1


Caution to People under the Age of 18: This Chapter of Maou no Hajimekata contains themes or scenes that is not suitable for young readers, thus only read beyond this point IF you are 18 or above.

「Uuuu, I thought that I was a goner……」

Lilu’s whole body was covered in semen from head to toe, she was sprawled along the floor whilst giving Aur a spiteful look.

「Don’t be stupid, there is no such thing as a succubus dying from sex, right?」

On the other hand, Aur who had already let out buckets of cum did not seem tired in the slightest.

「Are you a monster? Just how much did you let out….?」

「Didn’t it feel good?」

Aur was smiling broadly, whilst Lilu was pouting and turning her eyes away from him. Lilu tasted true pleasure for the first time in her life, until her legs became weak and she was unable to stand, Lilu was continuously violated by Aur all night long. There was no need to talk about her vagina, her mouth and asshole were all covered in his semen, and when she didn’t have the energy to move anymore, it was shot out all over her body making it dirty with his cum.

There was no dissatisfaction in the act at all. To begin with even within the contract, Aur was entitled to embrace Lilu at any time he wished, even without the contract, she is a sexual creature the succubus who wouldn’t have any complaints. In fact, experiencing this kind of pleasure for the first time in her life, made a big impression on her and it was a delight for her.

However, the fact that she was made to feel pleasure by force of magic, and being played with however Aur wished, caused a certain amount of damage to her pride as a succubus, and it was not possible for her to openly admit that it felt great.

「Come on, don’t sulk so much. It is not like I merely played around with you without accomplishing anything.

If you open your eyes a little, you will see that this is also part of the dungeon making process」

「…….Why would something like this have a connection with creating a dungeon?」

Lilu recovered a little physical strength and raises herself to a seated position.

「The dungeon core takes magical energy from the Dragon Vein. Although the rate of accumulation is not that great of an amount yet, it is more than enough to recover one’s energy and allow a limitless use of magic. If one was to supplement their physical strength with the magical energy, then it would almost be permanent. It is possible to have sexual intercourse with you indefinitely」

Aur revealed the trick to why his sexual stamina had been so abnormally high. He was able to return his body’s condition to a few hours before hand in order to regain his strength. Whenever he felt drained, all he needed to do was return his body condition. In doing so, he acquired an infinite amount of stamina. Although it took a considerable amount of mana to operate this particular spell, it was no comparison to when he had to make himself young again.

「However, this is only possible if we are right next to the dungeon core. Within about 30 feet. If it is not within that distance, I would not be able to take the magical energy from it. This is where you come in」

Aur places his hand on Lilu head and utters a short incantation. The moment he did this, the magical energy inside Lilu’s body was absorbed by Aur, and in no time at all her bodies strength was returned to her, moreover the semen that was covering hew body blew away.

「Just like this, my magic has been stored in your body along with my energy.

Because you are a demon, you are able to accumulate magic in your body, several times the amount compared to the average magician.

You will act kind of like a mini dungeon core that is movable」

Lilu’s forehead was frowning and stiff, Aur paid no heed to her troubled expression.

「In the future, it’s not like we can just stay near the dungeon core forever. However, I am helpless without any magical energy nearby. Nevertheless, as expected of a demon, in order to accumulate magical energy within your body to the maximum potential it took the whole night. Well if this amount of energy has been gathered, we should probably be fine for the time being……..」

「Don’t joke around with me!!」

Aur’s words were interrupted, Lilu screamed as her fist was raised in the air.

「Ahhhh, mou, I really want to hit this idiot! Although the contract restricts me from harming you, I really want to hit you!!」

「Wh, why are you so angry!?」

Although Aur just wanted to explain the facts based on necessity, that explanation only threw oil into the flames and made Lilu more angry. She was sulking for the moment, and she was completely angry and fired up.

Not only was her role of tempting man completely nullified, her way of life as a succubus and her pride was completely trampled, moreover, she was only needed as a “magical tank” to store energy, and this made her completely fumed. To Lilu, it was like Aur denied her existence.

「How annoying! You lecherous scum! For all I care, you should just go violate a goblin! You dungeon idiot, you pretentious old man dressing like a youngster!」

Lilu single-mindedly let out all of her vile vocabulary and ranted it in front of Aur. This was because, she was not limited by the contract and could spout as much abuse as she wanted.

Holding this much anger towards a man, was a first time for Lilu as a succubus.


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  1. Somehow I don’t see the relationship between the act and storing magical energy, all that effort and when he took them back, all he needed to do was just a pat on the head.

    Whatever happened to meditation and channeling the chi by placing your hand at their back like old style kung fu.

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