Chapter 2: Let’s attack the Neighbourhood Village!  – Part 2


「With that being said, we are about to go and attack that nearby village……So can’t you cheer up already?」

For Aur it has been several months he has been holed underground, for Lilu, it has been several decades since she was summoned by a human. Aur was pointing at a small village that could be seen far away, whilst telling Lilu to calm down, she always seemed to be in an angry state.

「Hmph, I’m not really in a bad mood」

It was clearly obvious to see that she was angry, and Aur could only let out a sigh.

As one would expect, even Aur noticed that his actions were to blame, however even so he could not think of anything clever to say that would make Lilu cheer up, besides it couldn’t really be helped that in this young body, his instincts flared up, moreover, it was ridiculous to worry so much over a girls temper tantrum so he decided to ignore it.

Even though her speech and actions and even her looks resembled a young and attractive women, she was after all a demon. They were not the kind of beings to let the quality of work be controlled by their sour mood.

「Once again, allow me to clarify. I have come to study various magical spells to a certain extent, but, the majority of my knowledge lies in the research of the dungeon core. It is the thing branch of magic I devoted my time into. Although even in terms of the manipulation of normal magic, I can safely say that I am one of the top users in the whole world. My battle experience is almost non-existent. It’s not like I would lose to a normal villager However, if a skillful swordsmen were to come out, it would be slightly difficult for me to handle. In other words, you are the main fighting force. I’m relying on you」

「……That’s good, I will annihilate them all!」

Lilu was growling in a low voice with a brutal look on her face. Sympathizing with the villagers who were about to be vented with Lilu’s anger, Aur accompanied her towards the entrance of the village.

In the village entrance, instead of the usual amulet which was hanging on the wall, there was a statue of a monster and nearby was a village daughter.

「Alright, in that case she’s our first target……Kefuu!」

Aur suddenly grips unto the root of the neck of Lilu, who was about to go on a rampage.

「What are you doing?!」Lilu’s protest was disregarded, and he spoke to the village girl.

「Hey you there. Bring someone of importance over here. I am the wicked magician Aur, who has come to demand a tribute from this village. If you do not heed my demands, know that only death awaits」


Suddenly hearing such an outrageous statement coming from Aur, the village girl was at a loss of what to do. She had a dubious expression on her face and she was looking at him as if Aur was a crazy human being. Aur chants a short incantation and a ball of flame floats in the middle of his palm, he then fired it into the wall next to the village girl. The sound of explosion reverberates and the course wall which was made out of wood scattered to pieces. Just like that the fire spreads towards the other wooden fences and black smoke permeated around the air.

「I’m not going to say it twice. If you don’t want your whole village to burn down in flames, you better hurry」

When Aur lowers his voice and talks in a menacing way, the village girl flew off her feet and immediately ran towards the interior of her village.

「How troublesome~. Let’s stop trying to converse with them, can’t we just exterminate them all?」

Lilu objects to his actions and says a dangerous train of thought.

「If we don’t have to kill them, they will be more useful. Nevertheless, if they try to disobey me, there will be no mercy……….And it would seem that this village, will attempt to retaliate」

「How would you know something like that?」

「Well let’s just wait and see」

Aur was smiling from ear to ear, and seeing this expression Lilu had a bad premonition resurface. After a short time, a man in his prime who seemed to be the village chief walked out with a cane. His age could not have been beyond 40 years of age. He had light brown hair, and a formidable constitution.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Aur-sama. Please speak of any tributes that you desire…..」

「Ahh, that’s the way. If you don’t accept my demands here, this village will burn to the ground and become ashes」

「My goodness, that is extremely frightening………Please do not be concerned, we will of course cooperate……That’s if it’s fine to USE THIS BLADE!」

The village chief pulls out a dazzling sword out of his cane and swings it towards Aur. it was a hidden sword cane. The village chief closes the distance between them in an instant and aims it straight at Aur’s neck. It was a fatal attack that could completely catch the enemy off guard.

However, Aur actually avoided the blow quite easily.

「Tsk, you avoided it….」

「Lilu, protect me」

Based on the contract that bound her, Lilu moved into action and stood in front of Aur. At approximately the same time, from behind the village chief various men took up arms and headed towards them.

「Hang on! What’s this all about!?」

「From the beginning it would seem that they had no intentions to surrender, that’s all it means. With that being said, their acting skills was really bad. When a man in his prime who can’t even pass for being over 50 years of age, walks with a cane stick, it’s sticks out so much that it became way too obvious, don’t you think?」

The first half of his speech was directed at Lilu, the second half of his statement was directed at the village chief.

「Thanks for the advice. Next time around I will be more careful……That is after I kill you!」

The village chief wields his sword and attacks Lilu. Lilu extends her fingernails to grow long like a sword, and barely manages to catch the blow.

「Aur, this fellow is strong…….! If it’s just me, I don’t think I can beat him, let’s escape!」

「That’s not allowed」

Somehow or another Lilu was barely evading the sword as she whispered in a voice so that only Aur could hear her, however all she got back in return was a stern refusal.

Although right now, Lilu is barely managing the attacks of the village chief, if the men from behind were to arrive as reinforcements, Lilu would not be able to last much longer. In the first place a succubus was not a race that was suited for direct combat. Nevertheless, they would still be able to stand up to the average swordsmen and put up a good fight, however, that village chief is most definitely not average, and is obviously quite skilled.

Kiin! A clear sound reverberates and the fingernail of Lilu was cut in two.

「See you later, Missus Devil. If you want to have a grudge, blame your foolish master. Don’t worry I will send the both of you to the same place soon enough」

The village chief brandishes his sword.

「Do it now, kill him」

In that moment a gray arm grows from the village chief’s chest.


Lilu was confused at the development and let out a surprised voice. Nobody in the scene could understand just what happened, and everyone was staring in blank surprise at such a development and their movements were stopped.

The arm did not grow out. The arm was wriggling around from the hole which was the chest of the village chief, it clearly pierced through him.

The village chief could only raise a cry of death before he fell to the ground.

「The rest of them are a bunch of peasants with no experience in actual combat. I will leave them to you guys, Lilu, Gargoyle」

Taking advantage of their dazed state, Aur leaves from the place.

Afterwards, a one-sided slaughter commenced.

「Hey, since when did you place the Gargoyles around here?」

Several minutes later… After there was no longer any movements from the villagers……when all that remained was the demolished village, Lilu asked Aur this question.

「I had initially thought that you were moving the statue using magic, however that was the real deal, a Gargoyle, right? I was really surprised」

In a word Gargoyle was one of the famous species amongst demons. Obviously the prominent characteristics are its wings and an ugly menacing face, however what made it special was that when it wasn’t moving you couldn’t tell it apart from a stone statue.

Therefore, a lot of statues were built that tried to imitate a Gargoyle, it was used as a sort of protective charm where it would potentially scare thieves and robbers. “What if it were the real thing” those kind of thoughts created a deterrent effect. However, never would they have thought, that the lucky charm who was supposed to be defending their village was actually the one to kill the village chief.

「I left that Gargoyle here roughly 30 years ago」


At such an unexpected answer, Lilu opened her mouth wide instinctively.

「I already noticed around 50 years ago that the vicinity of this area held the dragon veins, so I placed it here in order to secure a foothold. I sold it to a merchant for a low price. 『What an elaborate piece of work, it truly resembles a Gargoyle!』That’s what the merchant said quite happily. Well that was obvious I suppose, because it was a real one after all. And spying the village via the Gargoyle I was able to predetermine the village chief’s capabilities and personality traits. That fellow was a former adventurer, and I heard that his name was quite well known back in the day. I already knew that he would not be willing to obediently follow my order, therefore I just gathered them in one place to make it easier to exterminate them all」

「I see…..In truth you were such a cunning and despicable person」

「I will take that as a compliment」

Returning a smile, Aur finishes his preparation for the magical spell. It was a huge magic formation. On top of the round magic formation that was drawn at the center of the village, the villagers corpses were all piled up on top of each other.

「Now then, shall we begin? This small amount of corpses is troublesome. I will turn them into magical resources」

As soon as he said such a thing, he embraced Lilu towards him quite forcibly and snatched a kiss from her lips. Lilu seemed slightly displeased, but she doesn’t resist.

「…..I’m just saying this in passing but, if I wanted to retrieve magic from you, I could have done so just by holding your hands」

「Ah– Is-that-so?」

She replied to me and a nonchalant manner, but considering the fact that she was turning her gaze away from me, the kiss must have not been all that bad. Was her mood finally going to get better? What a troublesome thing…..Aur thought this about her secretly, but unexpectedly, it wasn’t really something he found completely unpleasant either.

Aur also left out the fact that a kiss via mouth-to-mouth was the most efficient way to get the magic, nevertheless, Aur went towards the magic formation, he sat down and started to chant a long incantation.



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