Chapter 3: Let’s obtain Passive Income


「Well then, for the time being, we have assembled the fighting force」

Men and women of all ages were standing in front of Aur as they bow their heads. The group is filled with people of various ages and sexes, furthermore, they were holding a variety of weapons such as farming tools, pieces of wood and or broken swords.

There was only one thing in common between them, was the fact that “They were all human corpses”. They are what is normally referred to as the living dead, and they were created by Aur’s magic giving them temporary life.

「You really don’t trust other people, do you….?」

Lilu looked around her surroundings as she muttered. Gargoyles were compelled by the contract to be in complete submission to Aur. They would only move according to the decree given to them, and they would be unable to act of their own accord. This was quite standard when contracting with demons who were in the intermediate level. To begin with they were merely corpses without any self-ego. They were puppets of Aur that moved only when his magic was supplied to them.

The only companion with Aur that has her freewill to a certain extent was Lilu, and even she was restrained in her actions as she had to agree to the many terms of the complicated contract. Being so thorough with selecting his companions, Lilu wondered if something happened in his past that would cause him to have so much distrust of others, however in relation to this, she did not question him about it.

It’s not that Lilu wasn’t curious about his past. It was just that in the contract there was a stipulation of “Do not enquire about my past” written down.

「Now then, shall we go to the next village?」

Perhaps he did not hear her grumbling, or perhaps he heard her but chose to ignore her. Regardless of the case, Aur continued his conversation without answering Lilu’s muttering.

「The next one? Are we going to be attacking another village?」

Aur took all the food and money the village had from the deceased villagers. It wasn’t like the villager was rich however perhaps because winter was approaching there was quite the huge amount of supplies available. Lilu could eat but it was not essential for her to survive, moreover, considering that Aur was only one person, this amount of food was more than enough for him.

「Well, actually the real business starts from now」

Aur shows a smile that causes Lilu to put her hand on her forehead. Although it hasn’t been long since Lilu became acquainted with Aur. This smile of his was only ever shown on his face when something bad was about to happen.


With a characteristic roaring sound as if the space itself exploded, Lighting scorches the ground. The sky was clear without a single cloud to be seen. Don’t even mention lightning, this was a situation where rain wasn’t even going to fall, and yet thunder struck, this was because the thunder was caused by Aur’s magic.

It uses up quite a bit of Magic and the range of the attack is relatively small, the power it poses was also not that high. Nevertheless, it is more than enough to kill a living thing, but it will be ineffective against most inanimate objects such as stone and rocks. Although it was a magic that was quite inefficient, if you used it to threaten others, it was considerably effective.

Naturally the people from the village was surprised by the sudden crash of thunder, and they flocked out of their houses. When they came out to see what was going on, they saw a suspicious man clad in jet black robes, and a woman who was barely wrapped in any clothes, additionally, there was the blood covered undead troops.

「Listen up! My name is the Evil Magician, Aur」

「I’ve been thinking this since the last time you mentioned it but, what’s with you calling yourself an “Evil Magician”?」

「Shush.  If I say it like this, it makes it easier for them to understand」

Aur retorts Lilu in a whisper.

「Greetings, today I have brought a “proposal” for you guys」

For the time being, Aur faced towards the oldest man in their group and began to advance his proposition.

「You want to deal….with us….?」

Compared to the village he had to conquer, this village seemed to have an indecisive attitude. Although this particular village did not have anyone as proficient in combat as the other village, their timidness could also be attributed to the fact that there was an undead army right behind where Aur was standing.

「That’s right. Once a month you will provide me with an abundance of food, moreover once a year you will offer me with a beautiful pure maiden girl. If you comply with my wishes, I will give thine my blessing. Your crops will never experience a bad harvest, furthermore, thine people, will be protected from things like wolves, robbers and the likes of devilkin」

Lilu was quite surprised at his declaration, but decided not to voice out her thoughts.

「That is….. What if, we do not comply with your demands…..?」

In response to the nervous question raised by the villager, Aur raises his hand.  Along with that signal, the undead troops behind him took several steps forwards.

「These foolish people are the ones that did not accept my deal」


Seeing the “Village chief” swordsman who was quite famous in the previous village, a couple of the villagers here raised their voices.

「That old man was indeed quite the celebrity wasn’t he?」

「For a small village like that he was an exceptional talent, that rarely exists」

Aur responded to Lilu’s murmurs.

「If you dare to defy me, what awaits is not something as simple as the release of death.—-it is only hard laborious work, that will continue for eternity. However, if thine agrees to my terms, then what thine will obtain is 100 years of good harvest. For offering me food, you shall receive a rich harvest. For offering me a beautiful maiden girl, your village will be protected from harm. Now then, are thy people wise? Or are thy people foolish?」

The villagers were looking at one another, but it could been seen that the answer had been decided. Without much disagreements, the village people swore their allegiance to Aur.

「Very good. In that case, you shall build an altar in the middle of the village, and dedicate the offering to me on the first day of every month. The offering should consist of one cow, two pigs, five chickens. You shall also provide 50 % of the crops you harvested in that month. Similarly, I will wait for the girl on the first day of the dragon’s month. Listen closely, the girl must be beautiful, and be untainted by any man, a pure virgin girl」

「You are so detailed…..」

Lilu was muttering this softly, but he ignored it as per usual.

Afterwards, the gargoyle is placed in the center of the village to act as a guard and a spy. The fields were blessed with a spell of bountiful harvest, and instructions for how to build the altar were given, after which he took the undead army and left the village together with Lilu.

「Fuu…….When I arrive back here, I feel much calmer」

After spending several days, touring around the various villages and giving them the same arrangement, Aur finally returned to his dungeon.

The end result was that, out of the rest of the six villages, none of them rebelled against him like the first village, and they all formed an agreement with him. There was also some villages that was quite far from his base, however, if he used the magical power in dungeon core to travel, it would not be a big deal to reach it. Also, the altar which was made by the villagers had a transportation sign on it to easily transport goods.

Furniture from the destroyed village was brought into a dull room, and the room became a sort of peaceful space for Aur as he sat down on his sofa in a relaxed manner.

「However, you’ve been a little unexpected. I thought for sure that you would just destroy everything and take whatever you wanted. On the contrary, you distributed some of the magic and guaranteed their livelihood」

It wasn’t as if he suddenly regained his sense of conscience, however, worrying about the villagers was something Lilu quite liked about him to a certain degree. Even though she was part of the devilkin, it was not like she was an incarnation of destruction and slaughter.

「If I did something like that then there would be no meaning to it. Just like a human keep’s domestic animals for their own benefit. If those villagers die and was unable to continue their livelihood, Then I will lose my precious income」

「Ahh, Is that how it is?」

Comparing them to domestic animals, was something that made it easier for Lilu to understand. This is because, to a succubus like her, a human’s existence gave her that exact same feeling. For her, the life-force of a man is something that will benefit her, therefore killing them off excessively is something she would be reluctant to do, moreover, if they would willingly surrender then there is no reason to kill them. However if they were brave enough to bare their fangs against her, then she would also kill them off without any hesitation.

「Aur, you are actually more demonlike than the average devilkin」

「…….I will receive those words as a compliment」

Aur had a slightly disappointed look on his face as he got off the couch and moved towards his bed.

「There is still a mountain of things that we need to do, but for the time being, the difficult part is done. It’s about time to take a rest today…..Come」

「Didn’t you say that “there’s no need for it” for the next while? Besides, soon enough you will get a young girl to come over right? 」

Even though she said these things, Lilu had to obey his orders to approach his bed. Dear me, is she still angry about the other day….? Is what Aur was thinking inside his own head, but it didn’t show in his expression at all.

「The first girl will arrive after two weeks. Well, it’s not like I only wanted virgin maidens just to sleep with them」

Whilst lying down in bed Aur forcibly pulled Lilu’s hands and brought her close to his embrace. There is a total of six villages contracted to him, and because he shifted the date that they would need to provide him with the maidens, he would receive a maiden girl every two months.

「Although the magic that’s built up in your body will be sufficient for the time being, I also have something “pent” up inside of me. Moreover….For a succubus like you whose race solely exist for sex, there is no maiden girl in this world that could compare to you, right?」

When Aur gives his awkward lip service to Lilu, she could not help but to grin as she looked at Aur’s face. Even though it was lip service, it was also the truth, nevertheless, having said something that was obvious to anyone, was to a certain extent, a disgrace towards Aur.

「Moreover, since your body is consisted mainly of magic, if more magic is poured into it gradually, the capacity to store it will also increase. To add to that, your capacity to store magic is larger than any human being by far. From here on out, this will be a frequent occurrence, so keep this in mind」

「Yeess, …..My-Ma-s-ter」

Lilu was whispering close to his ears tickling his ears, Aur was sighing in his heart over and over as he pushed her down. Good grief, I have chosen a really troublesome succubus partner this time around. What he didn’t realize was that Lilu also had a similar impression of him as they made love together.



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